Top 5 Recommended Farming Simulator 19 Mods


Modifications, or mods for short, improve the overall gaming experience of a user, particularly in a simulated game. Mods are essential, even in farming simulator games, because with mods, gamers can test a wide variety of maps, tractors, harvesters, seeders, planters, cultivators, and plows, to name a few. However, some game mods may cause the game to crash, and this results in a poor gaming experience.

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Top 5 Farming Simulators 19 Mods

To avoid this scenario, here are the top five farming simulator 19 mods that will provide you with seamless gaming experience.

seamless gaming experience

Farm Vehicles – Tractor Mods

The best FS19 tractor mods have a wide variety of sizes ranging from small, medium, and big. And is one of the famous farming simulator. Erik from Yesmods recommends the International Harvester C Series Tractors (955 XL-1056 XL) as one of the best small tractor mods, while John Deere 6000 Premium Series Tractors tops the chart as the best medium-sized tractor mod. It is way easier to drive it.

international harvester c series tractors

There are several great tractor mods in the big-size category, and these are John Deere 7R Series Tractors, Fendt 900 Vario S4 Series Tractors, and New Holland (Ford, Fiatagri) 70 Genesis Series Tractors to name a few. Apart from tractor mods, there are still other mods under the farm vehicles category, and these are harvesters, self-propelling mowers, and self-propelling sprayers.

Harvester mods further divide into five subcategories. Namely, the combine harvesters combine headers, forage harvesters, potato harvesters, and sugar beet harvesters.

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Other Vehicles – Loader Mods

Like the tractor mods, loader mods also divide into three categories, and these are the front loaders, telehandlers, and the wheel loaders. Some of the best front loaders are Stoll Multi-Grabber (for Trailers, Headers, and Much More) 1.2 and Aloe Frontlader Pack (Trima and Quicke) 1.0.0, while some of the best telehandlers are Manitou MLT 840 Telehandler and New Holland LM7.42 Telehandler

stoll multi-grabber loader

On the other hand, the best wheel loaders are Claas Torion Wheel Loader (1812 & 1914) and John Deere 524K Wheel Loader, but there are several other great loader mods under these three categories. Trucks and forestry are other vehicle mods for the Farming Simulator 19.

Trucks are likewise drilled down further into three categories, namely pickup trucks, European trucks, and American trucks. Under the forestry mods, there are wood chippers, forestry trucks, harvesters, and forwarders, as well as log and timber trailers.

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Tools – Trailer Mods

There is a wide variety of trailer mods, and they are put into categories on the basis of their specific purpose. Under the trailer mods, there are tipper or dump trailers, loading wagons, silage trailers, auger wagons or grain carts, bale trailers, low loaders, or flatbeds, and animal transport to name a few.


The other trailer mods are tanker trailers, mixer wagons, fertilizer spreaders, manure spreaders, slurry tank trailers, and hook lift trailers. By far, Bruns MBA 12000 Lime & Fertilizer Spreader tops the list of the fertilizer spreader while Wilson Pacesetter Grain Trailer is the best tipper or dump trailer.

The subcategories of the tool mod include implements and baling technology. Implements include windrowers or rakes, sprayers, and spreaders, Tedders, mowers, disc harrows, plows and subsoilers, cultivators, seeders, and planters. On the other hand, the subcategories of the baling technology mod include both square and round balers and bale wrappers.

Placeable Object – Placeable Tree Pack Mod

A Placeable Tree Pack mod is a Placeable object that ensures the players that their farmlands include all the trees that they can benefit from. There are several varieties of trees that include in this mode with elms, fir, and birches.

placeable tree pack mod

You can arrange these trees in any pattern that the gamer prefers within his farmland. Additionally, these trees can also be cut down and harvested after some time that they are planted. This allows for an easy profit for the business in your game.

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Scripts – Place Objects Anywhere Mod

As its name implies, this mod is a script that allows players to arrange their barns, equipment, and vehicles. You can arrange them anywhere and everywhere in the farmland. This mod makes it effortless for players to organize their farmland. And create a layout that is not only visually engaging but functionally efficient as well. Thus, this mod personalizes the farmland to the particular gamer.


Mods are necessary to make a simulation game more visually engaging and appealing. If in use for training and further studies. It will provide students with a training experience that is very close to the actual environment. If primarily used as a game, mods enhance the user’s overall gaming experience. Thus, download the most reliable mods for your farming simulator games to be guaranteed having an exceptional gaming experience.


So this was the list of top 5 farming simulator you can use to make your farming experience good, comfortable and easy.

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