How To Find Your Dream Home In Abu Dhabi


Finding property in Abu Dhabi for sale is one thing (and a straightforward part of the puzzle at that). However, finding a home that suits your cravings and your family’s needs is more daunting. So that you do not settle for what you see but find your Dream Home in Abu Dhabi.

Dicey right? You must know that there are diverse property types in the UAE’s capital, and regardless of your specific tastes, you will find something suitable for you.

But how to go about the search is one of the questions people often ask on the internet and worldwide, especially immigrants who are likely living far away at the time of the investigation.

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You Do Not Need To Enter The UAE To Begin your search

According to Emirates Estate, You do not need to enter the UAE or visit Abu Dhabi before starting your property search. You can achieve a lot and by-cut many bureaucratic journeys by doing any one of the following:

Use An Estate Agency Company

You will be amazed at how many estate agency companies are in Abu Dhabi. It means you have eyes on the ground and hands to search based on your specific needs and make

More so, these companies have experience because they understand the complications of the market and can quickly identify a scam offer when they see one. Using an estate agency company will save your time and money.

Otherwise, you would spend on journeys upon journeys to buy a house. And they will also assist you in selecting the best options in the market. However, beware.

Many estate agents are profiteers who value their profits over your best interest. Exercise caution regarding the company you brief for the job.

Use A Real Estate Aggregator Website

The second option is using a real estate aggregator website like the one from which you are currently reading this article. Aggregator websites show you all of the trusted options from multiple developers and providers, and you can choose from them as you continue your due diligence.real estate aggregators

Real estate aggregator websites show you a combination of genuine and authentic listings across the cities of the UAE, their price ranges, their features, a virtual tour in some cases, a 3D explanation of the various properties, their payment terms, and a host of other valuable information.

In either case above, it is essential that you also carry out due diligence in your search. Do not wholly rely on digital tours or virtual representation. Both options above should be preliminary to prevent you from physically walking the lengths and breadth of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, or any area you choose.

It is not a final property guide. Preview the options and choose two to three of the best suitable ones, then start making negotiations. Step down in one visit, inspect all your options, and settle for the best.

Then you should make payment before returning to your home country. Doing so will save you much heartache and ensure you do not overpay for a place because digital/virtual tours can be very misleading.

A Guide To Find Your Dream Home in Abu Dhabi 

There is no ultimate guide for buying property in Abu Dhabi, but here are some tips to help your property home

  • Sort out your finances before you launch: Housing is on another level in Abu Dhabi, and the best way to get frustrated out of your purchase is not to plan your finances. You don’t want to feel hit with a time bomb when you finally find a home that suits all your requirements. But there is no cash or plan to buy it off the market. While carrying out your searches, it is crucial to have the finances sorted because the market is quite competitive. And you may lose your choice of home if you do not have the finances to purchase it immediately.
  • Broaden your reach, and do not tie yourself to only a few: Some people do their searches and buy directly from the developer or the property owner. If you have this direct link, consider yourself lucky because you would have saved the 2% – or less than that agency fee. But there is a twist: you must do due diligence yourself.

Other Guidance

Consider using a mortgage company to settle the finances because they can significantly help through loans and mortgage arrangements. The only downside is that Mortgages will cost you more than a cash purchase would.mortage loans

That is because there are many fees. And levies that mortgages attract are not obtainable where you buy your property directly with cash. For example, you would be paying for the valuation. And registration of the mortgage, not to mention the extra interest that will come with the loan.

And the risk of losing the property if you do not keep your end of the bargain. Buying with cash far outweighs buying with a loan/ mortgage. Meanwhile, buying with money requires months. Or years of savings, except you are a millionaire with extra money.


To this end. The most important tip is to purchase property within your financial capacity/bandwidth without being weighed down by the loan. Or struggle to have a decent life after completing the property.

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