Amazon Fire TV works seamlessly by connecting to your Internet-connected devices. This is one of the fastest methods to turn a regular TV into a smart one. Firestick is a media streaming system that lets you circulate video, deploy apps, play music, etc., on your TV. It features a variety of apps and services like Kindle Fire that allow you to stream and watch live TV, as well as thousands of movies and shows in  4K, HD, and HDR. The Fire TV Stick is a great media streamer with good performance and many apps. It’s a value-for-money deal. But sometimes the firestick won’t turn on.

If you’re having trouble turning on your Fire TV Stick, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue. First, check if the remote has fresh batteries and if it’s working properly. Second, unplug the Fire TV Stick and plug it back in to reboot the device. Finally, ensure that the Fire TV Stick’s power source is correctly plugged in. By following these steps, you should be able to get your Fire TV Stick up and running in no time!


Imagine you come worn out from work, and you try to relax. You turn on Amazon Fire TV to watch your favorite show. But you can’t, due to the fact the Amazon Fire TV stick is now not booting. However, you don’t want to worry. The trouble is not as serious as it appears. We will show you how to repair this irritating problem quickly.

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Steps To Fix FireStick That Won’t Turn On 

Here we are listing 5 simple ways in which you can fix your firestick.

Check Your Firestick Connections :

Firestick won’t turn on? First of all, make sure that your Firestick is set up correctly. It may sound obvious, but it is a common mistake. Cables can be unfastened over time. If the system seems unresponsive, strive for a unique HDMI port on your TV as well.

unique hdmi port

Also, make sure your Stick is adequately powered, linked to a wall outlet or strength strip, and you are using the unique strength adapter if you have it.

If this answer doesn’t work, strive the technique below.

Unplug The TV :

Firestick won’t turn on? Unplug the TV from the wall while retaining it on, wait for 60 seconds, plug it again in, delete, and reinstall the app. Restart your hearth stick. Attempt these three methods: press pick and play pause simultaneously on the far-off manipulate for 10 seconds. Restart the system from the menu.

Choose settings > device > restart.


Let’s wait for some time to tackle this problem and whether the issue got resolved.

Check Your Network Strength :

Firestick won’t turn on? When you usually receive gradual performance, buffering video, or the main interface not loading at all, your community connection should be to blame.

check network strength

Go to Settings > Network to test your good Wi-Fi connection.

You can also look at the power sign. If it is bad, you will ride slower speeds no matter how speedy your net connection is. This can lead to issues like buffering.

The Device Should Be Up-To-Date :

Firestick won’t turn on? There can be bugs in the software program that affect how it performs. To get around this, ensure your device’s software program is current.

 Amazon recommends always leaving your Fire TV Stick plugged in and linked. This allows mandatory background updates; you shouldn’t unplug the Stick when it is in progress.

automatic updates on firestick

Updates need to appear automatically. However, you can look at if any are reachable and start the system manually if you want to. Go to Settings, select the My Fire TV option, tap on About, and select the Check option for Updates to get started.

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Reset The Fire TV Stick :

Firestick won’t turn on? Finally, the nuclear option. When you have used all the possible methods, and your Fire Stick still suffers from the same issues, you can restore it to manufacturing unit settings.

reset firestick

Set it up once more as if it is brand new!


How can I fix my Amazon Fire Stick that won't turn on?

First, check that the Firestick and the power source are securely in connection with the power cable. Next, try using a different USB port or power adapter. The Firestick may not receive power occasionally due to a defective USB port or power adapter. Perform a power cycle if any of the preceding procedures fail.

Can defective remote cause Fire stick to not work?

Yes, a dead or defective remote battery can prevent your Firestick from turning on. Moreover, try pairing a different compatible remote to see if the issue persists or is with the remote itself.

How can I fix my Firestick's inability to turn on if there is a software issue?

Yes, the Firestick may occasionally not turn on due to a software issue. The Settings menu can work with the Firestick remote to perform a factory reset. Further, remember that a factory reset will delete the Firestick's settings and data, so back up any important data first.

Could my Firestick turn on because of a bad HDMI connection?

First, check that the Firestick and the television or display are secure with the HDMI cable. Try connecting your TV or display to a different port to rule out the possibility of a broken HDMI port. Lastly, test the HDMI cable with another device if you can to make sure it works properly.

Is it possible that my Firestick won't turn on due to a hardware failure?

Yes, there is a possibility that the Firestick will not turn on due to a hardware failure. Professional assistance or contacting Amazon customer support may work effectively in such instances. In addition, if you've tried all of the troubleshooting above steps and your Firestick still won't turn on, there may be a hardware issue. Further, connect with Amazon client care for additional direction and help. Lastly, if needed, they can give specific instructions or start the replacement process.


As you can see, you can clear up these troubles quickly. If these strategies don’t work, contact the Amazon help desk to see if they can assist you with a solution. Hopefully, you won’t need to.


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