6 Easy Ways to Fix Earbuds | Step by Step Guide


Fix Earbuds – When it comes to the most convenient way of listening to music, nothing can beat earbuds. Well, earphones or earbuds whatever you call them are undoubtedly the best to hear what you love. Moreover, it depends on personal preference if you want to go for a wired, wireless or true wireless earphone as each of them have their upsides. But the one you opt for should be top-notch with a reasonable price tag.

The days when earbuds lack in terms of quality as compared to over-ear headsets are long gone. Now the earphones stand shoulder to shoulder with over-ear headphones if you have any doubt just have a look at Sony’s WH-1000MX3s.

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Top 6 Ways to Fix Earbuds in 2019

However, it does cost you a lot to go for such headset so if you’ve already got an earphone and you’re experiencing issues with it then today I’m going to share six proven ways to fix your earbuds.

fix earbuds
Fix earbuds

Before solving any problem, you’ve to find one, and the same is the case in this scenario. To fix the earbud, you’ll have to find the defect, and you should also familiarize yourself with the tools you’ll be using to fix the issue.

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In most cases, these tools will be a knife, scissors, shrink tubing, wire strippers, multimeter, masking tape, soldering iron, and solders. However, as I mentioned earlier, the art of solving the problem lies in finding it so before jumping on to using these tools, you should look for apparent causes.

Firstly, if your headset isn’t working with your device, then you should try plugging it in or connecting it with other devices. It’s possible that there’s nothing wrong with your earphone and it’s just a settings issue or something which is related to with a particular device only. However, it could go both ways you can also try plugging in another headphone in your device to check what is actually going on.

Furthermore, if you notice some sort of dust on your headphone jack, then it’s a good idea to clean it up and give it another try as dust can surely block the connection between your earphone jack and device.

clean earbuds
Clean Earbuds

On the other hand, if you’ve got a wireless earphone, you can go with checking the wireless connectivity options and resetting the headset.

Well, if you try your headset with a different device and it still doesn’t work then maybe it’s the right time to buy some budget-friendly earbuds under 50 suggested by headphonesaholic. Meanwhile, once you’re done with this case, then check out the next one.

If you couldn’t sort it out with the first section and notice some sort of damaged wire. This usually happens with wired earbuds and especially near the jack or plug part. In case you find that the wire connection is broken and can be fixed easily by just attaching them at the right spot then go for it. You can use some tape to hold it up.

However, soldering a connection requires a bit of hard work. First, you’ve to pinpoint the source of the problem. You can do it by playing audio using your earphone, and if one of the earbuds is working it means the other one has got some sort of short, but if both are not working, it means the problem lies near the jack.

Once you’ve found out where the problem lies, we can begin with exposing it. If it’s the earbud, you’ve to open the plastic housing of defective earbud. To do this, you can use a knife, and if the earbud doesn’t come with easy to open design, then you’ll have to use super glue to put the pieces back.


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After opening the earbud, you’ll notice two wires. If both of them seem fine and have a normal connection. The problem then might be with the jack. If that’s the case, you’ll need to remove the barrel from the jack. You can do by eliminating protective plastic. However, if there’s no way to remove it, then there’s no option but to snip it off using scissors.

After opening the earphone, you should remove the older soldering before doing it again. If you’ve no experience in terms of soldering. The best idea would be to watch a video demonstration of the whole process so you don’t end up doing something harmful. Once you’re done with resoldering you should connect all the wires back to their respective terminals (a good idea would be to note them down before taking the components off) as connecting to wrong terminals could fail to solve the problem.

Even after going through everything mentioned above, you’re unable to solve the problem then another device you could use to find the potential problem is multimeter. It’s a device typically in use to measure electric current, resistance, and voltage. You can get it in any hardware store. At last, if you don’t want to buy a new earphone and couldn’t repair the one. You will need to see the repairman.

There are specific ways you could use to extend the life of your earbud as well. Make it your habit to pull out the earphone from the base rather than pulling the cord. You could also wrap a layer of tape around the base to enhance the security level.

Moreover, if you are not using your earphones, you should keep them wrapped in a protective case. Most of the earbuds these days come with one. Additionally, you should clean your earphones regularly. Most of the earbuds these days come with removable ear tips to provide you perfect fit you can use it to clean your earphones as well.

You don’t have to ditch your favourite earphones just because you’ve encountered a temporary problem. Mostly, the earbuds stop working if you don’t take good care of them and use them harshly. So, it’s a good idea to use your favourite pair with care.


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