FonePaw Data Recovery Review: Get Deleted Data For Windows & Mac


Have you ever deleted a critical file off your computer and unknowingly cleared your to recycle bin too? I have done this, more times than I can count. It is every user’s precious desire that there was an application to reverse the deletion they often cause unintentionally. We finally have a way to change the automatic suppression, we devise users do. FonePaw Data Recovery Wizard is a quick and easy way to recover all of your deleted audio files, documents, images, videos, and emails in a jiffy so that you don’t get those mini heart attacks every time you have shoved an essential paper down the trash can. FonePaw is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac devices.

What Exactly is Data Recovery?

The process of recovering data files that have been accidentally deleted from your systems, misplaced or corrupted, is known as Data recovery. Data can be lost due to accidental human errors or malicious attacks on your device. There can be some reasons for data loss can also be a power outage, a formatted hard drive, damaged hard drives. Data loss can be severe or easy according to the degree of damage done

Features of FonePaw Data Recovery System

Below is a list of a few features in provision by FonePaw Data Recovery software.

1. Recovering Material from Hard Drive

FonePaw Data Recovery helps its users to effectively retrieve the corrupted or inaccessible files from your device which have been lost due to data damage or the loss caused when you are defragmenting your files.

FonePaw Data Recovery
FonePaw Data Recovery

2. Recovery from Memory Card and Flash Drive

This smart recovery software is an excellent tool to dig up those files which have been deleted from Hard-disks and SD cards. FonePaw works like a charm with flash drives to retrieve lost files on removable storage media.

Recovery from Memory Card
Recovery from Memory Card

3. Recovery of Data from a Crashed PC

Many a time, system upgrades and bios updates can result in erasing data from a PC or Mac. It may often be the Windows OS that accidentally deletes the data when software updates happen. The DRU (Data Recovery Unit) of the FonePaw Data Recovery software is the one rescuer which retrieves all data when a device has crashed.

Recovery of Data from a Crashed PC
Recovery of Data from a Crashed PC

How to Recover Files using FonePaw Data Recovery Software?

The following 3-simple step guide is to be followed to get the data back.

1. Select Data Type to Scan

Launch the FonePaw application on Windows or Mac device. The homepage of the app is visible. The user can select the data type and hard disk type for the scanning and recovery process.

select data type to scan
Select Data Type to Scan

The user must explicitly mention the type and location if he is looking for a specific data type. In case the user wants to recover data from a removal drive, connecting it to the system will map the drive to the FonePaw homepage.

2. Check the Results of the Scan

After suggesting the path and file type, look for the results of the scan. There are two scanning options- Quick Scan and Deep Scan. The data organization is according to type, format, and saving place. The users can go for Deep Scan if they are unsatisfied with the results of Quick Scan. However, this may take a long time.

3. Select the Data for Recovery

After the scanning and listing of files, the user can select the recovery files by checking the box next to it. There is a search bar to look for files easily. There is also an option to change the preview box by checking a box next to the filter tab.

The FonePaw application is supported by all the leading manufacturers of laptops, such as LG, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, ASUS, etc. The user can check this aspect by trying the FonePaw software trial version.

Is Safety A Parameter With FonePaw Data Recovery Software?

Fonepaw ensures a 100% guarantee of safe usage. FonePaw is essentially a data retrieval service compatible with iOS, including iPods. Big players in this market, like Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton Safe Web, etc have said that it is secure. leading it to be a reliant recovery software. It does not make any changes to the data, and you can expect complete originality on the retrieval of files.

What Is The Purpose of FonePaw?

Various leading companies buy FonePaw as business software for data recovery. As it is 100% malware-free, it does not face any issues with third-party compliance. It is a 40 MB software that embeds in your C/D drives for automatic data backups.


Every now and then we make a mistake by deleting a critical file and clearing it from the recycle bin cache, only to regret that its usage would have been helpful and significant in the days to come. To sum up, the amount of ease of access, FonePaw has brought to this system of data recovery caused due to unintentional damages, is revolutionary. It also thrives on being the go-to application for errors like these in the future. FonePaw is continually improving the smallest loopholes it may find within the software.