Funimation is a popular anime streaming site. However, users are reporting the issues of Funimation not working on Chrome.

To fix the Funimation Not Working On Chrome error, use a Separate Web Browser or Use Extensions.

The reasons for this are unclear, but there are several potential causes and solutions to explore. Let’s investigate some of those and figure out ways to fix them!

How Can I Fix Funimation Not Working On Chrome?

Many people are having trouble trying to watch content on Funimation’s website. Most of these errors include a message that the Funimation website is not supported on their browser. There are two ways to fix this issue: using a different browser or an extension for your current browser.

1. Using A Separate Web Browser

You can watch your Funimation content on their website by using another browser. If you still want to use Chrome, there is another way to make it work.

First, you need to find out what browser others with the same issue are using. It is recommended to use Firefox or Microsoft Edge for the time being because they are reportedly working on Funimation’s website.

Download it online if you know what browser you want (Firefox or Microsoft Edge).

After the browser’s successful installation, try to log into Funimation’s website on that browser. If you still have trouble loading their site, continue with these steps.

funimation on microsoft edgeClose Google Chrome and navigate to your file’s/folder’s settings for Firefox or Edge (this may differ for every browser, but the same basic information is used).

After reaching the destination folder, find the executable file for whichever browser you are currently trying to use. Usually, this will be in the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder. If not there, open your computer’s search bar and search for the file.

Once you have found the program, double-click on it to load it. After the loading is complete, you can try to navigate through Funimation’s web pages again. This should allow Firefox or Edge to hold up against Chrome when using Funimation’s website platform.

2. Using Extensions

If you are having trouble with Funimation not working on Chrome, there is another way to get around it. Some extensions can be used on your Chrome browser, allowing the site to work correctly.

Before you begin this process, you need two things: Funimation’s website address for extension downloads and an alternative web browser.

We recommend the User-Agent Switcher for use on Funimation’s site. This will allow your Chrome browser to work with other browsers so you can get around any issues.

Once you have found the extension, install it onto your Chrome browser. Afterward, open up Google Chrome and find the website address for the User-Agent Switcher extension.

use extension

After you have found the address, copy and paste it into the Chrome browser. This will take you to their website, providing a list of other web browsers with which this extension is compatible. Click on the option that says ‘Firefox Compatible.’

A confirmation message will appear once you have selected Firefox as your compatible option. A box will say, ‘Use the selected User-Agent.’ Click on the option that says ‘New User-Agent.’

After clicking on the new user agent, an address bar will be directly under your browser’s new assigned task. Copy and paste it to this address if you didn’t already fill it:

After adding it, a drop-down menu will be under the newly assigned task. Find Firefox on that list and click on it to load Firefox’s website. 

After you have loaded their site, you are free to log into your Funimation account. After logging in, we recommend you return to the User-Agent Switcher extension and change your browser to Chrome. This will make it easier for you to navigate through the site.

Once you have changed your assigned browser to Chrome, try using Funimation’s website again. When using the extension, it should allow you to get around any problems that might occur with Chrome while navigating their site.

After successfully using Funimation’s site through Firefox or Edge, we recommend closing your browser immediately afterward. So that other problems will not arise. This is because some browsers dislike working together and might cause issues loading pages after using two different ones. If any websites don’t work, try alternating them so you can use Funimation’s site instead.

Funimation app

Download the Funimation app on your mobile device (phone or tablet). After opening and logging in, return to your web browser and try using Funimation’s site. If the app and website work for you, then download the app onto all your other devices. This way, your entire household can use the services without any problems.

funimation app

If there is more than one user in your household, it is recommended that you set up a Funimation account for each user. This is because some of their shows will be available to watch but not others, so it is the only way you can be sure to view everything on your account.

If you still have problems logging into Funimation, go back to the User-Agent Switcher extension and add ‘Android’ as a compatible browser. After adding it, try to log into Funimation’s site again. This should resolve the problem.

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What should I do if Funimation needs to be fixed on Chrome?

If Funimation is not working on Chrome, try clearing your browser cache and cookies, turning off any conflicting extensions, and updating your browser to the latest version.

Why is Funimation not loading on Chrome?

Funimation may not be loading on Chrome due to issues with the website, network issues, or browser settings.

Is there a specific Chrome version require for Funimation to load?

Funimation generally supports the latest versions of Chrome, but it's recommended to keep your browser updated for optimal performance. Older versions of Chrome may have compatibility issues or lack certain features require by Funimation. Updating Chrome to the latest version can often resolve loading problems.

Can clearing my browser cache help resolve Funimation loading issues on Chrome?

Yes, clearing your browser cache can often resolve loading problems with Funimation on Chrome. The cache stores temporary data that can sometimes interfere with the proper functioning of websites. By clearing the cache, you eliminate any potentially conflicting data, allowing Funimation to load fresh resources.

Why is Funimation buffering on Chrome?

Funimation may be buffering on Chrome due to slow internet speeds, network congestion, or server issues.

What should I do if Funimation is buffering on Chrome?

If Funimation is buffering on Chrome, try closing other programs that may be using your internet bandwidth, resetting your network router, or upgrading your internet plan.


Suppose Funimation is not working on your Chrome browser. In that case, you can download some extensions onto your web browser. These will work with other browsers to get around any unforeseen issues. Once you have set up your browser to work with other compatible browsers, open it and try to log into Funimation’s site again. Close your web browser if the website works on Chrome but not Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. Further, download an extension allowing your browser to operate together to watch what you want successfully.

If you are having trouble logging onto the site, try downloading an app on whatever device you use. Don’t forget to change your assigned browser to Chrome once you have successfully logged into Funimation and watched what you wanted.