Funimation is a popular anime streaming site. However, users are reporting the issues of Funimation not working on Chrome.

One of the possible reasons for the Funimation not working on Chrome issue is the corrupt cookies and cache. Cookies and cache can enhance the user’s experience and improve performance. To fix the Funimation Not Working On Chrome error, use a Separate Web Browser or Use Extensions.

The reasons for this are unclear, but several potential causes and solutions exist to explore. Let’s investigate some of those and figure out ways to fix them!

Is Funimation Down?

You need to check if the problem is occurring on your end or on Funimation’s end that’s causing “Funimation not loading.” Even though it’s rare, it is quite possible that the problem occurs on the server side of Funimation and that something is wrong with their backend. If that happens, then evidently, Funimation apps and websites won’t work as they are supposed to.funimation down

To check if Funimation is down or not, you can use third-party tools such as These tools are used to determine if you’re the sole person facing a problem (i.e., an issue on your side) or if multiple users are facing such a problem globally (i.e., an issue on Funimation’s side).

If shows that Funimation is down, then there is only so much that you can do other than wait for Funimation to fix the problem. Undoubtedly, an outage on a global or multinational level won’t go unnoticed for long and will soon be resolved.

Common Reasons for Funimation Not Loading

Perplexed with “Why isn’t Funimation working?”. Here are the common reasons for Funimation not loading:

Browser incompatibilities

Browser incapabilities can cause Funimation not to load correctly, and it might work slowly. This is because outdated browsers may struggle with Funimation’s advanced features and streaming technology, resulting in slow loading times or playback issues.browser It is also possible that Funimation is not working on Chrome. Henceforth< to ensure a smooth experience, users should update their browsers to meet Funimation’s compatibility requirements.

Funimation app issues

Funimation app may not load due to various factors like network connectivity problems, server issues on Funimation’s end, outdated app versions, or device compatibility issues. app issuesThus, users may experience loading problems when these factors disrupt the app’s normal operation.

Network connection problems

Network connection problems can cause Funimation not to load and freeze, too. In detail, Issues like slow internet, server outages, or firewall restrictions can disrupt access to the streaming service.slow internet

Hence, to enjoy uninterrupted content, ensure a stable internet connection, check for service status, and adjust firewall settings if necessary.

Browser-Specific Fixes

There are several steps you can take to address the browser-related issues. Here are the recommended actions, with a focus on troubleshooting this issue:

Disabling Conflicting Extensions

Once in a while, browser extensions could interfere with how websites function. If Funimation is not loading correctly, the first step is to disable any extensions that may interfere. To do this:disabling

  1. Open your browser’s settings.
  2. Navigate to the extensions or add-ons section and disable them one by one. 
  3. After each disabling, try loading Funimation to see if the issue is resolved.

Clearing Browser Cache and Data

Accumulated cache and cookies can also disrupt the loading of websites. To resolve this issue:clearing browser cache

  1. Go to your browser settings. 
  2. Find the privacy or browsing data section and remove your cache and cookies.
  3. This helps ensure a clean slate when trying to access Funimation.

Updating or Reinstalling the Browser

When your web browser is not updated, it can cause compatibility issues with specific websites. Therefore, you should search for updates and ensure your browser is using the most recent version.reinstall browser If updating doesn’t work, then consider reinstalling the browser to eliminate any underlying problems. In addition to that, make sure to back up your bookmarks and important data before uninstalling.

Trying a Different Browser Like Opera One

If none of those tips work, it might be worth trying a different browser, like Opera One. This is because different browsers can interact with websites in distinct ways, and using an alternative browser might resolve the issue.opera one However, be sure to import your bookmarks and settings into the new browser for a seamless transition.

Funimation App Solutions

You can employ these solutions on a range of systems, such as Android and iOS. Right now, we’ll center on Android and give you a concise overview of the recommended actions.

Updating the Funimation App

Make sure you’re running the newest Funimation app. If it’s not the latest one, it might lead to issues, like the app not starting correctly:

  1. Visit your device’s app store, like the Google Play Store for Androidgoogle play
  2. Therefore, check for updates in the store for the Funimation app.
  3. If there’s a new version, install it to see if it helps with the “Funimation not working” problem.

Clearing App Cache (Android-Specific)

As time goes by, your app cache can grow and lead to performance problems. If you have an Android device, you can clear it like this:

  1. Access your phone’s “Settings.”settings on phone
  2. Scroll and click on “Apps” or “Application Manager.”
  3. Locate the Funimation app and tap on it.Locate the Funimation app
  4. Select “Storage.”
  5. Tap “Clear Cache.clear app cache
  6. Restart the app and check if it loads properly.

Reinstalling the App

To reinstall the Funimation app on Android:apps

  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “Funimation.”funn
  3. Select the app and click “Uninstall.”
  4. After uninstalling, reinstall the app.
  5. Open the app and see if it loads correctly.

Checking for App-Specific Server Outages

Occasionally, app loading issues can be related to server problems on the Funimation side. To check for server outages or maintenance updates:app server

  1. Visit Funimation’s official website or social media accounts for announcements.
  2. It’s possible to check online forums or groups to see if other individuals are mentioning comparable problems.
  3. Funimation may acknowledge server problems and provide an estimated resolution time.

Network Troubleshooting

Network troubleshooting is crucial when facing issues like Funimation not loading. Here are some key solutions to consider:

Checking Internet Connection Speed and Stability

The first step in addressing the problem of Funimation not loading is to ensure that your internet connection is stable and meets the required speed.checking internet connection

  1. While you’re on Funimation, you can determine your internet speed by using online tools like Ookla’s Speedtest or
  2. Funimation recommends a minimum of 5 Mbps for streaming its content in standard definition and 10 Mbps for high-definition streaming. 
  3. If your internet speed drops below these levels, you could face issues like video buffering or taking forever to load. To sort out these speed-related troubles, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or consider upgrading to a better connection plan.

Restarting the Modem or Router

Many network issues can be resolved by simply power-cycling your modem and router.

  1. Disconnect them from the power outlet. disconnect router from the power outlet. 
  2. Consecutively, give it about 30 seconds, then plug them in again. 
  3. This may help clear temporary issues and refresh your network connection. restarting the modem
  4. After the restart, try accessing Funimation to check if the problem is fixed.

Considering a VPN for Region-Specific Issues

Funimation’s content availability may vary based on your geographical location due to licensing agreements. If you’re experiencing issues with certain shows or episodes not loading, then it could be due to regional restrictions.vpn

In such cases, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) might be a solution because a VPN can mask your IP address and make it appear as if you’re browsing from a different location, potentially giving you access to content that might be restricted in your region. Also bear in mind that the use of a VPN might go against Funimation’s terms of service, so be careful.

Account and Video Playback Issues

Coping with “Why is my Funimation not working?” can be irritating, but there are different ways to work through your account and video playback issues. Following are some key solutions for addressing these problems:

Ensure Correct Login Details

To kick things off, make sure you’ve got the right login details. Take a close look at your username and password for any errors.ensure login details Reset your password if it’s necessary. Also, ensure that your subscription is active and your payment information is up to date.

Addressing Video Playback Error Messages

If you encounter video playback error messages, then they can provide valuable information about the issue. Common error messages include “Video Unavailable” or “Playback Error.” Likewise, consider looking into Funimation’s official website or getting in touch with their support for solutions pertaining to the error message you’re observing. addressing video playbackIt might be due to a momentary server issue or a browser or app version that isn’t a good match.

Potential Issues with Specific Content or Titles

Some content may not be available in certain regions due to licensing restrictions.potential issues If you are trying to access a specific title and it’s not loading, check whether it’s licensed in your region. If it’s a recurring issue with multiple titles, it might be a technical problem.

Solutions for Login Issues Related to VPNs or Server Outages

If you are using a VPN to access Funimation, try disabling it and connecting without a VPN. Some VPNs can cause login issues or restrict access to certain content. vpns Additionally, check for any server outage notifications on Funimation’s official social media accounts or website. Server outages can lead to login and playback problems. If there’s a known server issue, the best solution is to wait for Funimation to resolve it.

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What should I do if Funimation needs to be fixed on Chrome?

If Funimation is not working on Chrome, try clearing your browser cache and cookies, turning off any conflicting extensions, and updating your browser to the latest version.

Why is Funimation not loading on Chrome?

Funimation may not be loading on Chrome due to issues with the website, network issues, or browser settings.

Is there a specific Chrome version require for Funimation to load?

Funimation generally supports the latest versions of Chrome, but it's recommended to keep your browser updated for optimal performance. Older versions of Chrome may have compatibility issues or lack certain features require by Funimation. Updating Chrome to the latest version can often resolve loading problems.

Can clearing my browser cache help resolve Funimation loading issues on Chrome?

Yes, clearing your browser cache can often resolve loading problems with Funimation on Chrome. The cache stores temporary data that can sometimes interfere with the proper functioning of websites. By clearing the cache, you eliminate any potentially conflicting data, allowing Funimation to load fresh resources.

Why is Funimation buffering on Chrome?

Funimation may be buffering on Chrome due to slow internet speeds, network congestion, or server issues.

What should I do if Funimation is buffering on Chrome?

If Funimation is buffering on Chrome, try closing other programs that may be using your internet bandwidth, resetting your network router, or upgrading your internet plan.


Suppose Funimation is not working on your Chrome browser. In that case, you can download some extensions onto your web browser. These will work with other browsers to get around any unforeseen issues. Once you have set up your browser to work with other compatible browsers, open it and try to log into Funimation’s site again. Close your web browser if the website works on Chrome but not Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. Further, download an extension allowing your browser to operate together to watch what you want successfully.

If you are having trouble logging onto the site, try downloading an app on whatever device you use. Once you have successfully logged into Funimation and watched what you wanted, don’t forget to change your assigned browser to Chrome. Also, if you notice that the Funimation subtitles are not working, don’t worry—this problem can be fixed easily.



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