Generic PnP Monitor Issue- [Solved in 4 Simple Ways]


Though Windows 10 comes with a vast number of features, many users have come across many issues after updating their computers to windows 10. It is the most recent OS and still under developing phase but there are a few alternatives that can help. One of these issues that many users have been facing is the ‘Generic PnP Monitor issue’. PnP here stands for ‘Plug n Play,’ therefore, you might get an idea of what this issue means. This generic PnP monitor issue is generally because of the hardware driver. They are the reason for most of the computer system problems.

Why is that Happening and What is the Reason?

To make it more simple for you, let us explain it easily. Generally, when you plug in PnP hardware into your computer, the hardware driver detects it. You move on without any problem. But when the hardware fails to detect the PnP hardware, you still have a Generic PnP Monitor on the Device Manager.

This means the hardware driver has failed to recognize the hardware device.

But now that you are here, you need nothing to worry about it as we know the right way to solve your problem. We will take you through 4 simple ways to overcome this generic PnP monitor issue.

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4 Simple Ways To Fix Generic PnP Monitor Issues

The following solutions will assist you in resolving Generic PnP Monitor issues and troubleshooting:

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Uninstall The Generic PnP Monitor Driver

  1. Press Windows + X, and the pop-up option is shown in the picture below will be shown on the screen.
    device manager option
  2. Click the Device Manager Option.
  3. Now look for the monitor option and click on it to expand its categories. An option named Generic PnP Monitor will show there; right-click on it and click on uninstall device option displayed there.

monitor option

4. After you have uninstalled the device, click on the action option on the top left of the screen and click on Scan for hardware changes, as shown in the picture below.

action option

5. After you successfully follow these steps, the windows will automatically search for real monitor hardware. This simple solution will help you to fix this issue with Windows 10.

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Try Removing The Monitor Power Cord

  1. First, Turn off your computer and the monitor.
  2. Remove the power cord from the monitor’s backside and the CPU and wait for 15-20 minutes.
  3. After waiting for 15-20 minutes, reconnect the cord on both ends and turn on the power source. As a result, you will find out if your problem is fixed after following the next step.
  4. The last step you have to follow is to turn on the computer and check if the issue has been solved or not.

Try To Update The Generic PnP Monitor Driver

  1.  Press Windows + X, and the pop-up option is shown in the picture below will be shown on the screen.

device manager option

2. Click the Device Manager Option.

3. Now look for the monitor option and click on it to expand its categories.

4. An option named Generic PnP Monitor will show there. Right-click on it and press on the update driver option.generic pnp monitor option5. Now click on search automatically for updated driver software, as shown in the picture below. The system will begin to search for updated driver software and install it.

search automatically for updated driver software This should solve the problem.

If the problem still exists and its isn’t resolved, don’t worry because we still have a solution to your problem and therefore, we can help you solve it!

Go To Windows Updates In Windows Settings And Download And Install All Windows 10 Updates

  •  PRESS Start > SETTINGS >UPDATE AND SECURITY > Press on CHECK FOR UPDATES. (as shown in the picture below)

check on updatesNow download all the windows updates and install them. The final thing you have to do is to restart the computer and hope for the best and check if issue has been resolved.


What is the meaning of Generic PnP Monitor?

This means that your Windows system is not able to recognize the monitor. Typically, the Generic PnP Monitor issue can be caused by an outdated monitor driver or the insufficient capacity in hardware when you are upgrading your system to Windows 10.

How to update PnP monitor drivers?

In the Device Manager window, go to the Monitors category and expand it. Then right-click Generic PnP monitor and choose Update Driver Software. In the next window, click Search automatically for updated driver software and Windows will install the latest drivers on your computer by itself.

Why generic PNP monitor driver not working on Windows 10?

There can be many reasons why you are facing this issue. Corrupted drivers, improper connection, and faulty hardware are some of the most common ones.


That’s all from our side. We hope these alternatives have worked for you on the procedure to fix generic PnP monitor issue.

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