What if you want to digitally edit a picture for better results and get stuck with an error? It will become very frustrating. This article will discuss the most common mistake, “clone tool not working.” We will mainly focus on clone tools in Gimp and gimp clone tools not working.

The steps to follow for using the clone tool in Gimp are as follows –

  1. Open the Gimp and click on the file menu.
  2. Press the open option and select the file or image you want to edit.
  3. Visit the toolbar of the program and click on the clone stamp tool.
  4. Use the control button to quickly capture image texture by left-clicking and dragging cursor over desired parts.

With every digital thing available, the digital image editing process can face many errors. One such error is the clone tool not working. We will see the reasons behind this error and will mainly discuss resolving this error for Gimp.

What Is GIMP?

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is one of the famous graphic editing software used to retouch an image and perform different specialized tasks on it.gimp The best part about GIMP is that it is open-source and free to work on. This software is available for many operating systems like Linux, Windows, macOS, etc.

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What Is A Clone Tool?

A clone tool is defined as the function of different digital editing software which helps us to replace and change one part of the image with another to get the desired results.clone tool In essential words, the clone tool removes imperfections from the image. “Rubber stamp” and “clone brush” are the other two synonyms for the clone tool.

How To Use Clone Tool In Gimp?

The clone tool is used in Gimp to edit some unrequired parts of the image and improve its pixel quality. It is straightforward to use the clone tool not only in Gimp but in any editing software or application.

The steps to follow for using the clone tool in Gimp are as follows –

  1. Open the Gimp and click on the file menu.
  2. Press the open option and select the file or image you want to edit.how to use clone tool
  3. Visit the toolbar of the program and click on the clone stamp tool.
  4. Left-click on your image, and while holding the control button on your keyboard, drag your cursor over the parts you want to remove. We use the control button to capture the texture of the image quickly.

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What Are The Main Reasons Behind The Gimp Clone Tool Not Working?

Before finding the solution to our problem, Let’s see the main reasons behind the Gimp clone tool not working.

Correct layer

Sometimes, the layer selected in the layer menu is wrong, which leads to the display of incorrect details and adjustments to the image.

layer panel

The real adjustments are not visible, and the GIMP faces a problem editing the image with the clone tool.

Indexed Mode

The image we selected should be in RGB mode, the default color mode for the display.

rgb color

If the mode specified is “indexed mode,” the clone tool will cause problems, and you will not be able to use it on your images.

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How To Fix Gimp Clone Tool Not Working?

What if you followed the steps mentioned earlier appropriately, but still your gimp clone tool is not responding or is not working.

Do we have solutions to solve this problem? The answer to this question is yes. There are different ways you can follow to fix the gimp clone tool not working issue-

Resetting The Clone Tool

To reset the clone tool in GIMP, you need to follow this simple step.

  1. Open your Gimp software and click on the clone tool.reset tools
  2. Click the arrow circle option in the corner left of your application screen to reset your clone tool. Or you can also press the shift key on your Windows keyboard and again click the arrow to reset the clone tool completely.

Restart Gimp And Your PC

What can be the easiest solution to a computer error than simply restarting the application and the computer?restarting

  1. Close your opened Gimp software entirely and reopen it after a few seconds.
  2. If it’s still not working, restart your PC, and once it starts again, open the gimp software and see if the clone tool is working.

Resolve Gimp Clone Tool Not Working By Adding Alpha Channel

Alpha channel is defined as the component of color, which tells us about the transparency degree in our image. We can try resolving our problem by adding an alpha channel.

  1. Open the layer panel in Gimp and locate “your layer.”add alpha channel
  2. Right-click on it and select “Add alpha channel” to resolve the issue of the gimp clone tool not working. If you cannot add it, it means your image already has an alpha channel, and it’s not the problem.

Image Mode To RGB(Red, Green, and Blue)

RED, Green, and Blue (RGB) is the system representing the colors on the computer display. The mode of our image should be RGB and not in “indexed” mode.

rgb color theme

  1. Open your GIMP application.
  2. Click on your image and then select mode.
  3. Choose RGB from the menu.

Contact Help Center

Every software has its help center to help the users if they face any problems. If all the above-discussed methods are not working in your case, contact the gimp help center, and they will tell you how to resolve your issue.

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Why does the gimp clone tool stops working?

The most common cause behind this problem is the wrong layer is selected in the layer option. It results in the displaying wrong adjustments and the real one being hidden.

Is it easy to use GIMP and clone tool?

Yes, it is very easy to use clone tool in GIMP and the GIMP itself. You just need to follow small steps for every change you want to make in your image and those small methods are easy to grab.

Do I need to spend money to make changes in my image?

Some applications or software can demand money or to buy subscription to edit your image. GIMP is a free platform and you can make the changes easily without any need of giving money


This article is a boon for the ones who love clicking pictures and editing them to get a perfect image.

If you face the issue of your gimp clone tool not working, you should follow the different ways, and in most cases, you will find a solution for your problem unless it’s an internal issue with your PC or GIMP itself.

To sort the internal matters, there is a need for additional guidance. You can take your pc to a nearby computer café or contact the GIMP help center.

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