Google Chrome Opening New Tabs By Itself


In an era where anything is possible with the internet, browsers are especially useful for searching for answers to endless questions. Google Chrome has emerged as one of the most efficient tools in this field. Along with its browsing features, it offers several add-ons and extensions to make our work much easier, faster, and safe.

The most common reason for this problem is corrupted or malicious extensions installed in Chrome, Improper Google search setting, Hidden malware or viruses, and Corrupted Google Chrome.

Chrome has become everyone’s first choice for all matters. Be it related to work or to satisfy their curiosities. Despite its popularity, Chrome comes with some errors that disappoint its users. Some of them include virus attacks and crashes, and an issue many users are beginning to face is the ‘Google Chrome opening new tabs by itself’ error.

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When Does Google Chrome Opening New Tabs By Itself Arise?

The error might arise in the following situation:

  • While trying to type something in Chrome
  • A tab opens with every click
  • Unwanted sites open automatically
  • A new tab pops up with ads
  • It may also happen due to some extensions

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Solutions To Stop New Tabs From Opening In Chrome

If you face this issue as a user and are looking for easy and simple solutions, you have reached the right place. This guide will give you some of the best solutions to fix this issue.

Reinstalling Chrome

The easiest and most common way is to reinstall Chrome. Some corrupted files may have come with the original file during installation. Try uninstalling Chrome and also make sure to remove the leftover files and registry that can also trigger this issue. Reinstall Chrome and check if the error is solved.

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Adjusting The Search Setting

Another simple method to fix google chrome by opening new tabs by itself is to adjust your search settings.Adjusting The Search Setting

  • Search for anything you wish on Chrome.
  • After the results arrive, click on the settings bar on the top.
  • From the given list, choose search settings.
  • Here scroll down to where results open; a check box will be there named open for each selected result in a new browser window.
  • Uncheck the box and click on save
  • Now results will be opened in the same tab.

Check For Viruses That May Have Entered From Chrome

While browsing, we are redirected to several unwanted pages. These pages might have viruses that get installed in our system automatically and cause these types of errors.

  • Go to the settings tab in Chrome
  • Click on the advanced option
  • Scroll down to the ‘Reset and Clean Up’ section. Select the ‘Clean Up Computer’ option.
  • Next, click ‘Find’ and follow the instruction that is given.

Resetting Chrome To Default

Resetting Chrome To Default

  • Go to the settings tab of ChromeChrome
  • Go to the advanced option.
  • Here, find the ‘Reset and Clean Up’ option.
  • Next, click on Reset settings.
  • To confirm the process, click on reset.

Disabling Background Apps

Several apps run in the background while using Chrome. These may also cause Chrome to keep opening new tabs. To disable them, follow these steps:

  • Go to Chrome and click on Menu.
  • Then open settings.
  • Under settings, go to ‘System Section’ and disable the ‘Continue running background apps when google chrome is closed’ option.


Background appsNow the background apps get disabled and it will fix Google Chrome opening new tabs by itself.

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Removing PUP, Malware, Pop-ups, And Ads From Chrome

  • Go to the control pane to check for unwanted applications on your computer/laptop.
  • If they are present, it is always better to uninstall them.  
  • You can also check for the extensions installed from here: chrome://extensions/
  • Check for any suspicious extensions. If there is one, remove it.


Chrome cleanupIf you did not find any suspicious elements, try using the Chrome Cleanup Tool. It performs a deeper check to detect any malware or suspicious application in the PC. Download the Chrome Cleanup Tool from its website. Install the application and scan your PC to remove any malware present. It will help in fixing the error.

Trying A Different Browser

If google chrome is still malfunctioning, using a different browser like Firefox or Opera might help.

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Here are a few FAQ’s regarding google chrome opening new tabs by itself.

Why Are Random Tabs Opening In Chrome?

The Cookies of various websites can contain some harmful scripts that can cause the automatic opening of tabs. In order to fix this, go to settings then more tools. 

Next, go to clear browsing data. To automatically open the ‘Clear browsing data window, press the Ctrl+Shift+Del keys together.

How Do I Stop New Tabs From Opening?

Firstly, open the browser, select the wrench icon, and then choose options. Next, select the “under the hood” tab and go to “Content settings.”

Click on the “pop-up” tab, select “do not allow sites to show pop-ups,” and then close the window.

How To Stop Google Chrome From Constantly Popping Up?

  • Click on Settings in the Chrome menu
  • Type “pop” in the search bar
  • Click site settings from the given list
  • Scroll down and click on pop-ups and redirects
  • Toggle the pop-ups and redirection option to Blocked, or delete exceptions

How Do I Get Rid Of The Redirect Virus In Chrome?

In Google Chrome, click the three vertical dots near the top right corner, then choose More Tools. Next, click on Extensions. Get rid of the extension you want by clicking remove below it.

How Do I Find A Browser Hijacker?

Some signs that indicate a browser is hijacked are:

  • Searches that are redirected to different websites
  • Multiple pop-up advertisement alerts
  • Slow-loading web pages
  • The user does not install multiple toolbars on a web browser.


If the question “How to stop new tabs from opening in Chrome” crosses your mind again, you know where to find a solution. Anyone can follow these simple and easy solutions without any technical knowledge. We hope that this quick guide on google chrome opening new tabs by itself has helped you fix the error.