Google is the fastest and most used browser at present. Google has owned its place due to its added features and deeply rooted privacy. In our daily life, it is a tonic to all relief. From downloading an app to surfing, we all prefer to Google it. Chrome faces no frequent problems, but users sometimes encounter Google Chrome has Stopped Working issue. I suppose it to be no surprise to any reader.

Here are some common fixes for Chrome crashes: try quitting other apps or programs that are running, pause any ongoing app or file downloads, and uninstall any extensions that you don’t need. Check out our guide on how to uninstall extensions for more information.


To Fix Google Chrome has Stopped Working error, try to delete your browser’s history. Also, clear cache and unwanted data.Perhaps, all of us have suffered this problem where suddenly Chrome restricts itself from opening or working. This kind of problem is faced a lot by users of Windows 10. Google Chrome has Stopped Working

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How to Fix Google Chrome has Stopped Working Issue

There can be several reasons behind this abrupt behavior exhibited by Google Chrome, the most common being low-speed internet, loss of internet connection, heavy use of system memory, or even bugs. There are many solutions to the issue mentioned above.

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The different methods for fixing the error are mentioned below:

Method 1: Update Google Chrome or Reinstall the new version

The problems are sometimes reported because of using the older version of Chrome. The solution can be either done by reinstalling Google Chrome or updating it.

For Updating:

  1. Firstly, open Google Chromegooglechrome
  2. Then click on more options present in the top right corner of the window.moreoptions
  3. Finally, click on Update Chrome and restart Google Chrome.update chrome

For Reinstalling:

  1. Firstly, go to the Start Menu and type Control Panel on the search bar.

control panel

2. From the Control Panel window, locate Program and Features.

programs and features

3. Double-click on the entry to open the list of all installed apps. After that, Select Google Chrome and Uninstall it.


4. The program will uninstall. Finally, download the latest version of the browser from the official site.

Note: – I suggest you try updating first. If the problem of Google Chrome Keeps Crashing and Windows 10 still is not solved, then switch to reinstalling.

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Method 2: Delete the History, Cookies, and Unwanted Apps on Google Chrome

Heavy memory usage can be the cause of the problem. To fix it, clear all cookies and unwanted apps from your browser.

To clear the cookies:

  1. First, Go to Settings by clicking on the button of Chrome present at the top right corner. Now, Navigate below the screen to click on Show Advanced Settings.

show advanced settings

2. Then, click on Content Settings, followed by All Cookies and Site Data.

3. Finally, Click on the Remove All button to delete all the cookies.

remove all

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To clear unwanted apps:

  1. At First, Type chrome://apps/ on the browser address bar.
  2. Then Right-click on the target app and remove it.

Restart your Computer and relaunch Google Chrome to see if the fix applies. You can still explore more methods. Also, ensure you’re not facing errors like Err Connection Reset Error in Google Chrome or This Site Cannot Be Reached.

Method 3: Modify the Properties of the Browser

By applying changes to the properties of Google Browser, the fix to the issue of Google Chrome Keeps not Responding issue can resolve. The steps can be lined as follows:

  1. First, Right-click on the Chrome icon.
  2. Then Click on Properties.
  3. Select the Compatibility Tab.
  4. After that, click on the button with the Change Settings for All Users.modify browser properties
  5. Un-tick the option Run this program in Compatibility this program in compatibility mode
  6. Then Check the option Run this program as an administrator under Settings.
  7. Click Apply to save the changes you made, followed by OK. Now you can close the Properties window.

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Method 4: Add Reliable Multicast Protocol

One can proceed with this technique if Google Chrome has a Stopped Working issue. There are a certain number of steps to follow, as mentioned below:

  1. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run Window. Then type ncpa.CPL into the text field and hit Enter.


Under the Network Connections section, right-click the currently working network adapter for Properties.

network adaptor

2. Navigate below to choose the Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol.

microsoft network adapter multiplexor protocol

3. Then Click the Install button below.


4. Select the Protocol option. Then Click Add button. Select Reliable Multicast Protocol.

reliable multicast protocol

5. Finally, Click OK to save the changes you made. Restart the computer and relaunch Google Chrome.

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Method 5: Reset the Chrome

At the time of customization and change in settings, there is a scope of unnecessary changes made to the browser, which restricts it from working. The changes you previously made can lead to errors many times; subsequently, we suggest resetting all the changes made to set it back to the initial point. The steps are as follows:

  1. First, Go to Settings by clicking on the button of Chrome present at the top right corner of it.
  2. Navigate below the screen to click on Show Advanced Settings.

show advanced settings

3. Now, click on Reset Settings.

restore chrome settings

4. Restart your system and check for Google Chrome. This can also help you fix other minimal errors like Your Connection is not Private for some websites.

Method 6: Fixing the error using SFC (System Files)

SFC system files are the feature provided by Microsoft to check the corrupted file. Follow the given steps.

  1. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run Window.
  2. Type sfc.exe into the text field and hit Enter.


3. Microsoft will then scan the error and fix it automatically.

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What should I do if Google Chrome crashes frequently?

If Chrome crashes frequently, update the browser to the latest version, disable conflicting extensions, run a malware scan, or reset Chrome settings to default.

Why does Google Chrome freeze and become unresponsive?

Chrome freezing and becoming unresponsive may be caused by excessive open tabs, outdated browser versions, conflicting software, or insufficient system resources.

How can I troubleshoot Google Chrome's unresponsiveness?

To troubleshoot Chrome's unresponsiveness, close unnecessary tabs, turn off hardware acceleration, precise browsing data, or run Chrome in compatibility mode.

Why does Google Chrome display error messages?

Error messages in Chrome can appear due to network connectivity issues, server problems, incompatible extensions, or corrupted browser files.

How can I resolve error messages in Google Chrome?

To resolve error messages in Chrome, check your internet connection, disable or remove problematic extensions, clear the browser cache, or reinstall the browser.

How can I fix Google Chrome's inability to load web pages?

To fix Chrome's inability to load web pages, restart your router, check proxy settings, turn off extensions, flush the DNS cache, or temporarily turn off the firewall.


All the methods presented before the readers are some of the most used fixes suggested and are efficient. Possibly all the fixes suggested here can solve the reader’s query and help them solve the problem of Google Chrome stopping working.

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