Why is my Google drive stuck on starting upload? How can I solve Google Drive uploads that aren’t complete? Many people encounter issues with Google Drive being stuck when uploading, downloading, compressing, and other processes. Several easy fixes can resolve the problem.

Various problems might cause Google Drive to become unresponsive while transferring files. The most frequent ones are a sluggish internet connection, app cache problems, and browser glitches. You can repair it in several ways, including emptying the app’s cache, uploading files in incognito mode, or disabling your antivirus program.

Google Drive has emerged as the go-to cloud storage option for Android users. It has nevertheless encountered its challenges as well. The most common is when files cannot be uploaded to Google Drive. The notification “Waiting to Upload” will continue to appear. To further understand how to fix the “Google Drive uploading stuck” issue, continue.

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Fixes For Google Drive Stuck On Starting Upload

Here are seven efficient solutions to the Google Drive upload issue and step-by-step instructions.

Uncheck The Transmission Of Files Only Via WI-FI

The main cause of the Google Drive stopped-at-commencing upload problem is this. The Android version of the Drive app only uses Wi-Fi to upload and download files by default.

Due to default configurations, dealing with mobile data in Drive renders the app completely useless. 

Steps to follow:

  1. Launch the Google Drive application. Select the menu bar at the top to access Settings.google drive settings
  2. Disable the toggle for “Transfer files solely via Wi-Fi” by scrolling to the bottom.clear data google drive Stop the uploading procedure. Then attempt once more to upload the same files using the mobile network.

Clear The Browser’s Cache And Content

To access sites more quickly, cookies, browsing histories, and specific other details are saved in our browsers. On the other hand, having too much data may cause problems like the “Google Drive upload halted” issue. Check this out if you are having issues playing videos in Google Drive.

After that, you can try deleting the browser’s cache and data if the upload procedure on Google Drive is still stuck.

Steps to follow:

Launch your preferred search engine. You may access the Settings menu by accessing the menu bar at the edge of the screen.privacy search and services

Select Clear browsing data under Privacy and Security on the Settings screen. Check this out if you want to clear the cache in your Windows 10 using run. After choosing the date range to use, tap precise data.

Sign Back In After Disconnecting From Your Google Drive Account

The “google drive uploads frozen” problem could be resolved by logging out of your Google Drive account and back in again.

Steps to follow if you are utilizing Google Drive for PC: 

  1. Click the symbol in the lower corner of your screen. By clicking the cog icon, you may change your preferences.preferences
  2. Select the Disconnect account tab by tapping the cog symbol on the upper right.disconnect Re-sign in by opening Drive for desktop on your PC. Then, attempt to upload files to determine whether Google Drive starting to upload.

Steps to follow if you utilize Google Drive online:

  1. Click your avatar in the top right corner of your Google Drive page.
  2. In the pop-up box, select Sign Out.
  3. Upload files to Google Drive after signing in to your account once more to see whether the issue persists.

Review The Storage On Google Drive

When it concerns default data storage, Google is liberal. The company provides drive capacity of 15GB. However, the capacity is deducted from the items you transfer to Drive.

You may have minimal to no storage on your Drive. Google Drive is stuck waiting to upload as a result.

Tap the menu bar at the top of the Google Drive app once it opens. Using the Storage option, you can see the remaining storage space.drive storage Here, you have two choices. You have the option to purge files, erase Gmail emails, or make use of a Google One plan. For 100GB of storage, the monthly price is $1.99.


Turn Off Your Firewall And Antivirus Software

Antivirus and firewall might bring the “Google Drive upload stuck” problem. Therefore, if you currently have those services activated, you can turn them off before transferring files to Google Drive.

Steps to follow:

  1. On your desktop, go over to Settings. Choose System & Security.system and security
  2. Select Windows Defender Firewall.windows defender firewall
  3. Select Turn Windows Defender on or off from the left side of the screen.turn firewall on or off
  4. Verify the status of the firewall applications. If so, kindly turn them off momentarily. firwall turn offYou could then attempt to transfer files to Google Drive once more.

Use The Incognito Mode To Upload Content

Try uploading files using the incognito mode as demonstrated here if deleting caches and browsing data doesn’t work to fix the Google drive stuck-on-starting upload issue.

Steps to follow:

  1. Load Google Chrome, and choose New incognito mode from the menu in the corner.incognito window
  2. When you arrive at drive.google.com, sign in using your Google account.sign inTry sending the file again to test whether it will be successful this time.

Switch Off Wi-Fi And Upload Using Mobile Data Instead

Since we typically avoid using Mobile Data and instead access the internet via Wi-Fi, Google Drive’s default settings allow us to transfer data over Wi-Fi.

One cannot upload files via Cellular Data if one does not enable this functionality. Deactivate it nonetheless and try transferring the data via mobile internet.

You may access Google Drive settings by pressing the menu button corner of the panel. After finding a list of choices, scroll down and select Data Usage.google drive in bottom

You will find Transfer Files Only Over Wi-Fi under Data Usage.

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Why is Google drive stuck on starting upload?

Our browser stores cookies, browsing histories, and other information so that we can access websites more quickly. However, excessive data usage may result in issues like the 'Google Drive upload stuck' problem. Then, when exporting to Google Drive becomes stuck, you can erase the browser cache and save data.

How do we fix waiting to upload on google drive?

The best way to attempt the upload, if required, is to reboot the Google Drive application. To accomplish this, go to 'Settings -> App & notification -> See all applications' on an Android smartphone. Search for Drive in the listing, select 'Force Stop,' and then retry your transfer.

How can I prevent Google Drive from continuously uploading files?

Manually terminate the upload task. A prompt window will appear during the backup process for your Google Drive. To manually terminate the upload task, hit Cancel within the prompt's upper corner.

Is it safe to erase Google's cache?

Overall, clearing your browser's cache is secure. By directing your internet browser to erase the cached data that it collected to display a page, you can simply tell it to empty its cache.


Google Drive is a well-known online and offline data synchronizing tool that assists in moving average users’ workspace from their hard drives into the cloud to safeguard their data. The Google Drive stuck on starting upload issue is annoying users. The discussion mentioned above covered numerous causes and solutions. For optimum elucidation, we also have questions about this subject.

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