10 Greatest Video Games with a Tenth Anniversary


When it comes to free or real money gaming, a lot of people tend to look for new discoveries and innovations and also greatest video games. It seems such solutions will be more qualitative and satisfy customers’ objectives to the full extent. In practice, the efficiency of games that have remained popular for a long time shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Entertainment varieties like Invaders from the Planet Moolah have become significant milestones in the market, and numerous further applications have been created on the lessons they provided. Stay tuned to get acquainted with games that won’t disappoint the most demanded fashionista-gambler in 2022. Let’s get straight into it!

Top-Rated Video Games of the 2010s

Moreover, the competition between the leading choices in the gaming market of the last decade is a tough one. There are numerous outrageous solutions which won’t seem outdated even in the modern conditions of the ever-evolving industry. Here are the most prominent among them and one of the greatest video games out there.

Red Dead series

The Red Dead series from Rockstar San Dier is a soulmate for gamers who are fascinated by adventure and action genres. The first version is Red Dead Revolver, which inspired the developers to introduce two more chapters — Red Dead Redemption and its second part accordingly.


According to multiple reviews, the series’ graphics can be claimed as one of the best-looking among alternatives. Its universe is well-thought-out and designed. Another benefit is that its storytelling lines are divergent. Interested parties are always welcome to participate in side missions with premium characters. For some users, this feature is what makes this series better than all the GTA games altogether.

The Witcher

The list of the best games of the last generation won’t be complete without The Witcher. This series of games is a strikingly good version of RPG adventures with little tricks and modifications from competitive genres.


There are also some deviations from the books and movies, so it will be nice to catch those. It is one of the greatest video games.

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Xenoblade Chronicles

Moreover, Xenoblade Chronicles will enable beginners to enjoy a marvelous anime style of the game, adorable music, and a pretty fair user-friendly leveling-up conditions.


With side quests onboard, players have a chance to develop their skills at a particular pace selected. It is also considered as one of the greatest video games

Into The Breach

Gowing down to classics, numerous users believe Into The Breach is the best of both worlds within the market of tactics games. Although the release in 2018, this solution has a significant vibe of the previous generation software style. The choice of characters, plot, graphics, and music is absolutely divine.

into the breach

With multiple professional rewards for its decent quality and amusement for end-users, the champion is actually a second innovation by Subset Games. It is compatible with numerous operating platforms but doesn’t ease the destiny of players, making them choose and experience the consequences of their decisions. It is also greatest video games.

Visit: Into the Breach

God of War

If you are looking for stunning gameplay options and uncompromising performances, God of War by SCE Santa Monic is your perfect match. Its dynamics leave no chances for boredom.


Fights with bosses and other dangerous creatures of the universe (you will be able to get their detailed descriptions in-game, too) are extremely challenging. It might be far from the simplest solution for beginners, but it’s really worth it.

Visit: Download God of War


Also the Persona series is still good and impressive with its story and entertaining characters. Each chapter has its own peculiarities.


By checking their reviews, you will get the right understanding of what is preferable in your case.

The Mass Effect trilogy

The Mass Effect trilogy is absolutely legendary. Designed by Electronic Arts, this solo-leveling experience is famous for its excellent technical innovations, outstanding visual upgrades, and remastered gameplay navigation.


Also, This series will be the right option for science fiction lovers. With every new chapter, its performance has become better. Thanks to its writing style, world-building manner, as well as realistic characters, Mass Effect has become a robust yet classic format of RPG games.


Despite its seemingly plain graphics, Minecraft has millions of fans around the globe.


The fact that the launch was back in 2011 doesn’t make it less valuable for the audience.

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Dark Souls

Moreover, If you are searching for the giants like Minecraft or analogous Invaders from the Planet Moolah, Dark Souls is the best console game to test. Developed by FromSoftware Inc., it can boast of its unparalleled mysterious charm.


Like several other games on the list, this solution is presented as a series. The feature under consideration demonstrates how it is one of the greatest video games.

Stardew Valley

Compared to other games on the list, Stardew Valley doesn’t seem that special. However, you will be wrong to judge this solution by its book cover. Given its establishment in 2016, it has remained a popular entertainment service for multiple platforms such as mobile operating systems, Nintendo Switch, etc. According to statistics, the average number of its players easily reaches thirty thousand gamers on a monthly basis. This shows it is one of the greatest video games

stardew valley

The variety of games is outstanding. For some more choices, familiarize yourself with the data from the table below.

Game Year of Release
Grand Theft Auto V 2013
The Last of Us 2013
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2017
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 2011
Bioschock Infinite 2013


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Worth Mentioning: Exclusive Discoveries of the Gambling Market

Over the past decade, many games have been introduced to target audiences. Firstly, the variety of styles and genres can’t help but impress. However, this list would be incomplete without another high-end influential power — gambling.

gambling gaming market

Multiple games of this type had decent animations and graphics, which don’t cause any barriers to call them video entertainment. From the moment online casinos were till now, this industry has been gaining momentum. Here are a few solutions that have remained sought-after over the past decade:

  • And also there are numerous positive Invaders from the Planet Moolah reviews. It is the result of the WMS diligence. With its twenty-five paylines and five reels, it is not the most advanced type of slot. In the industry, megaways and progressive slots with hundred thousand paylines exist. Its intuitive interface and excellent features have transformed it into a valuable member of different online casino catalogs.
  • Undoubtedly, the introduction of progressive slots was a huge change in the market. The opportunity to receive a huge prize is what you need for a fun and exciting evening. The gameplay of such games as Hall of Gods or Mega Moolah won’t leave you inactive during the play.
  • Probably, Starburst by NetEnt is the most amazing varietal of classic slots for punting activities. It is still present as an accessible solution to try on the latest casino gambling sites.
  • Released back in 2011, Gonzo’s Quest will be amazing thanks to its Mayan theme and greatly multiplied stake payouts in 2022 as well. Its RTP of 95.97% and one of the best for punters. The original betting amount can be increased by over thirty-seven hundred times. The presence of high-value symbols, free spins, as well as its extreme compatibility won’t leave an impression of an old-fashioned slots machine.


According to multiple expert predictions and analyses, such games as Invaders from the Planet Moolah are illustrations of the current pivotal decade for online gaming and gambling. With new technologies arriving, including VR, metaverse, and other functions, the future generation of software is expected to be even more outrageous and impressive. The range of true classics is likely to be by solutions that are now known as the best games of the 2010s.