If you have ever experienced the frustration of turning on your computer only to hear that your hard drive makes a clicking noise and wont boot, then you know how frustrating it can be. This can indicate that your hard drive is encountering a few difficult issues.

The number one solution is to back up your data. You can also use diagnostic tools like CrystalDiskInfo to prevent your hard drive from making clicking noises. Replacing the hard drive can also be an effective solution to this problem.

Act quickly and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your data to fix this problem. So, let’s dive into the article in which you will find a solution to this aggravating problem.

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Instructions To Solve The Problem of Hard Drive Makes Clicking Noise And Won’t Boot

It is possible that the printed circuit board inside your hard drive can cause electronic components to malfunction. This can occur due to power surges which can damage the board or the head stack assembly. When these components are damaged, the hard drive can no longer function correctly which results in a clicking or ticking sound.

Let’s learn how to solve this problem on your own-

Backup Your Data

Before attempting to fix your hard drive, This is because there is a risk of data loss when working with a malfunctioning hard drive.

back up

You can back up your data using an external hard drive or a cloud-based storage service. Also, Know about fixing the Seagate external hard drive not showing up issue. backing up your data is significant.

Check the Connections

Ensure that the hard drive links to the motherboard are safely connected. motherboardIf the connections are loose, the hard drive may not communicate with the computer properly.

Use Diagnostic Tools

There are a couple of demonstrative instruments that you can use to investigate the strength of your hard drive. One of the most notable is CrystalDiskInfo. crystaldiskinfoThis tool will give you a detailed report on your hard drive’s health and any issues it may be experiencing.

Use Data Recovery Software

If your hard drive clicks and won’t boot up, you might have to utilize information recuperation programming. The product can recover information from a broken-down hard drive.

A few choices are accessible, including EaseUS Information Recuperation Wizard and Heavenly Information Recuperation. So, know more about the EaseUS data recovery wizard.

Replace the Hard Drive

When in doubt, you might have to change the hard drive. Install a new hard drive to accomplish this. Once you have installed the new hard drive, your data can be restored from the backup.hard drive replace Remember to back up your data before attempting any repairs, and consider seeking professional help if you need help with how to proceed.

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Related Terms While Fixing Hard Drive Makes Clicking Noise And Wont Boot

In this section, we will magnify every point mentioned in the prompt to give you a better comprehension of how to fix a clicking hard drive.

Fixing a Clicking Hard Drive

Fix clicking the hard drive can be complicated, and it is only sometimes possible to do it yourself. In any case, there are a couple of things that you can attempt before looking for professional assistance.fix hard drive

Professionals must repair or replace faulty read/write heads or spindle motors if these components cause the clicking noise. Repairing clicking hard drive is easy this way.

It’s always better to back up your data regularly to minimize the risk of data loss. Seek professional help if you need assistance ensuring that your hard drive is repaired safely and your data is recovered.

Data Recovery by Clicking Hard Drive

Data recovery from a clicking hard drive can be challenging, and it is best to seek professional help. Nonetheless, there are a few information recuperation programming choices accessible. Malfunctioning hard drives can be recovered using software programs.

It’s important to note that data recovery from a clicking hard drive can be risky, and there is a chance that your data may not be fully recoverable. It’s dependably smart to back up your information routinely.

Clicking Hard Drive Fix

Fix the hard drive clicking can be a convoluted cycle, and doing it with someone else’s help is preposterous 100% of the time. In any case, there are several things that you can endeavor preceding searching for capable help.hard drives

Professionals will need to repair or replace faulty read/write heads or spindle motors if these components cause the issue. Endeavoring to fix these parts yourself can be hazardous and may further harm the hard drive.

Tips To Remember While Fixing Hard Drive Makes Clicking Noise And won’t Boot

While dealing with a clicking hard drive, there are a couple of considerable concentrations to recollect:clicking hard drive

  • Avoid attempting to fix it yourself: Endeavoring to fix a clicking hard drive yourself can be risky and may further harm the hard drive. It’s ideal to look for professional assistance, assuming you need more certainty about how to continue.
  • Use information recuperation programming with an alert: Information recuperation programming can be valuable for recuperating information from a clicking hard drive, yet it can likewise be dangerous. Make sure to use it with caution and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Be prepared for potential data loss: There is always a risk of data loss when dealing with a clicking hard drive. Be ready for the likelihood that some of your information may not be recoverable.
  • Consider replacing the hard drive: If the clicking hard drive cannot be repaired or the data recovery process is unsuccessful in avoiding future problems, consider replacing the hard drive.

A clicking hard drive can be a serious issue, and taking the necessary steps to address it is important. Disregarding the clicking clamor or endeavoring to fix it yourself can prompt further harm and potential information misfortune. Instead, it’s best to seek professional help if you need help with how to proceed.


Is it protected to utilize information recuperation programming on a clicking hard drive?

There are several potential causes of a clicking hard drive, including physical damage to the drive, a malfunctioning read/write head, or a failure of the spindle motor.

Is using data recovery software on a clicking hard drive safe?

Data recovery software can be useful for recovering data from a clicking hard drive, but it should be used cautiously. Improper use of data recovery software can cause further damage to the hard drive.

Can I repair a clicking hard drive?

In some cases, you can repair a clicking hard drive. Looking for professional assistance is essential instead of trying to fix it yourself, as this can be perilous and may bring on additional harm.

How is it smart for me to answer if my hard drive is clicking and could boot?

f your hard drive is clicking and won't boot, it's best to seek professional help from a data recovery specialist or a computer technician. They can assess the issue and help you with choosing the best blueprint.

How might I forestall a clicking hard drive?

Regularly backing up your data can minimize the risk of data loss if your hard drive fails. Additionally, avoiding physical damage to your hard drive and keeping it in a cool, dry environment can help prevent issues from arising.

What causes clicking noises in hard drives?

Hard drives involve a few parts that cooperate to store your information. When you hear a clicking fuss coming from your hard drive, it's commonly a sign that one of these parts is separating. This is because the head can't peruse the information on the plate. This can make the PC neglect to boot up, as it can't get to the important information put away on the hard drive.


If you, in all actuality, do have to utilize data recovery software, make sure to utilize it with an alert and adhere to the guidelines cautiously. Recollect that there is generally a gamble of information misfortune while managing a clicking hard drive, so it’s critical to back up your information routinely to limit this gamble. 

This resolves the issue of the hard drive making a clicking noise and won’t boot.

Supplanting the hard drive might be an ideal choice to avoid future issues. By remembering these focuses, you can expand your opportunities to effectively address a clicking hard drive issue while limiting the gamble of information misfortune.