How To Fix FFXIV Fatal Directx Error | 5 Easy Ways


We all love playing video games or online games on our PC. Despite its popularity, Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV is a renowned online role-playing game developed by Square Enix. FFXIV on PC faces a lot of issues regarding its performance. A common error reported by the users is the FFXIV Fatal DirectX error. When this problem arises, you get a message, “ a fatal DirectX error has occurred on ffxiv.”


The most common reason for ff14 fatal DirectX error may be due to DirectX 11 in the fullscreen mode. It is not compatible with many graphic cards and setups and thus results in such errors. The ffxiv dx11 error might also arise while using the SLI technology.

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Solutions For Ffxiv Fatal Directx Error

These are some ways in which ffxiv a fatal directx error can be fixed.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

When the graphics card drivers get faulty or are of the older versions, it may result in DirectX errors. Updating the drivers may help in resolving ffxiv fatal DirectX error.

  • In the start menu, select device manager from the given list
  • Press Windows + R key to open a run dialog box, write “devmgmt.msc,” and press OK
  • Next, from the list that appears, select Display adapters and then right-click on it, then uninstall it
  • Follow the following steps that occur to confirm the update
  • On the manufacturer’s website, look for the card and follow the instructions given.
  • Save the file on your PC and run the installation file
  • Restart the PC to complete the process.

Running The Game In A Borderless Window

Editing the configuration of the game file might help in resolving the ffxiv fatal DirectX error.

  • Go to File Explorer and locate Documents.
  • You’ll find a file named “FINAL FANTASY XIV.” Open it.
    ffxiv file
    ffxiv file
  • Here, you’ll find another file named “FFXIV.cfg.” Open the file with Notepad to edit it. Click on the Edit option. Next, open the search box from the Find option.
  • In the search box, write ScreenMode” and convert the number to 2. Save the made alterations by pressing Ctrl + s keys together.
  • Next, rerun the application and check whether the error occurs.
  • You can switch to full-screen mode by pressing the Alt + Enter key.

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Turning Off SLI

SLI is used to support graphics cards and is very helpful while playing games. But some applications don’t support this feature and thus result in numerous errors. Therefore, turning the SLI off might help in resolving ffxiv a fatal DirectX error. 

  • Right-click on the screen of your monitor and choose NVIDIA Control Panel. You may also select it from the control panel
  • In NVIDIA Control Panel, go to the 3D settings menu and select the Set SLI configuration option
    Set SLI configuration option
    Set SLI configuration option
  • After completing the above step, enable the SLI technology option and select Apply.

Restart FFXIV to see if ffxiv fatal DirectX error is solved.

Turning Off CrossFire For AMD GPUs

  • Right-click on the screen and choose AMD Radeon Settings
  • After AM Radeon Settings open, choose the Gaming Tab from the control panel
  • Next, select Global Settings
    global settings on amd
    global settings on amd
  • Here, turn off AMD CrossFire

Check whether the problem is solved.

Adding DirectX9

Despite running the game on Directx 11, adding DirectX9 might help in solving ffxiv fatal DirectX error.

directx 9
directx 9
  • Right-click on the shortcut of Final Fantasy XIV and choose properties
  • Next, a window opens, choose the Shortcut tab
  • Here, at the end of the target path type -dx9
  • The target path will appear like C:/Program Files/FFXIV/FFXIV.exe
  • Now click on Apply
  • Select OK to complete the process

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Does DirectX 12 work with FFXIV?

FFXIV is compatible with DirectX 11 but not with DirectX 12.

How do I reinstall FFXIV?

  • First, back up and save the UI settings by opening the launcher
  • Create a manual backup of %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV to avoid any problems occurring later
  • Uninstall FFXIV
  • Install FFXIV

Does FFXIV support DLSS?

No FFXIV does not support DLSS or FSR, but it does support Crossfire and SLI

How do I repair my FFXIV game?

While playing the game, players can take their equipment in FFXIV to NCPs with “Mender” in their name. These Menders automatically repair any or all types of gear for a reasonable price. On the Map, you can locate Menders by looking for a hammer icon.


The DirectX error can be very irritating while trying to launch the game. Next time you face the final fantasy 14 fatal DirectX error, we hope you can find a way to rectify the problem using the methods mentioned above.