No matter what keeps you from using a tablet to access the Internet without Wi-Fi, you have come to the perfect place. How To Get Internet On A Tablet Without Wifi? This article outlines six different approaches to it. 

Most people believe Wi-Fi is necessary to use the Internet on a tablet. You can get Internet On a tablet without Wi-Fi using USB Dongles, Bluetooth Tethering, Mobile Simcard, Foxfi, etc. A tablet USB dongle is a device that allows you to connect your tablet to the Internet using a USB port (it may be a regular USB, USB C, or a micro USB charging port). It’s an easy way to get online when you’re on the go, and it’s beneficial if your tablet doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi.

There may be events when you have to use your tablet without Wi-Fi, even though it is now practically impossible to picture life without Wi-Fi. The following sections will find 6 viable alternatives to the current situation.

Getting Internet On A Tablet Without Wi-Fi

How to get Internet on a tablet without Wifi? Various methods let tablets access the Internet if you’re considering using a tablet without Wi-Fi.

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Windstream Internet works best and reliably with every device if you opt for the Internet. Let’s examine different methods for connecting to the Internet without Wi-Fi.

USB Dongles

The tablet USB dongle is a gadget that enables you to connect your tablet to the Internet via a USB port. When you’re on the run, it’s a practical way to access the Internet, and it’s beneficial if your tablet lacks built-in Wi-Fi. Check this out if you have any issues with the USB port.


How to get Internet on a tablet without Wifi? Choose a USB dongle that works with your tablet and offers a dependable internet connection from the various types on the market. Also, remember that not all tablets are compatible with USB dongles; consult your user manual or speak with the manufacturer for additional information.

Using Bluetooth Tethering 

How to get Internet on a tablet without Wifi? Sharing your phone’s Internet connection with other devices via Bluetooth is known as tethering. Simply put, it transforms your phone into a mobile hotspot.


You can either utilize an app to turn your phone into a dedicated hotspot or turn on Bluetooth tethering on your phone and connect to it from other devices.

Bluetooth tethering is an excellent method for sharing your phone’s Internet connection with different devices, like a laptop, without needing cables or adapters. It is also helpful to access the Internet when Wi-Fi is unavailable. However, remember that Bluetooth for tethering can shorten your phone’s battery life more quickly than if you were only using it for email or web browsing.

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Use Mobile Simcard

Tablets can be used with sim cards for mobile phones. Although the sim cannot be used to make calls, it can be used to purchase data packages for your tablet.

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After installing the sim, activate your data by following the on-screen instructions. Internet tablet purchases are simple but limited to equipment with a SIM card port.

You can still use your Wi-Fi network even when inactive because it is compatible with all cell operators.

Connectify Hotspot

How to get Internet on a tablet without Wifi? Connectify Hotspot will share your PC’s internet connection with neighboring devices to offer wireless internet access. With the help of this service, you may still use your tablet to connect wirelessly to the Internet, even if it lacks Wi-Fi.

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You only need to launch Connectify Hotspot once the app has been downloaded and installed. With only one click, your tablet will begin setting up an internet connection with nearby devices. You may easily and quickly browse the web on your laptop or any other device after joining the network that this service generates.

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The Connectify Hotspot software is simple to use and works with various devices. How to get the Internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi?
Even if no Wi-Fi is available, you may use this program to connect your tablet to the Internet whenever necessary. Moreover, it permits several connections simultaneously, enabling simultaneous internet access by many tablet users.

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By turning your phone’s 3G or 4G/LTE connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot, Foxfi enables you to browse the Internet on your tablet without a Wi-Fi connection. With the help of this app, your device becomes a wireless router. And it can connect to the Internet and other devices.


All you need to do to use the Foxfi app is open your menu, select “more,” and then adhere to the on-screen directions. They can use your mobile data plan to browse the web by connecting your tablet to a laptop or other nearby device.

How to get Internet on a tablet without Wifi? By enabling you to make the most of your tablet’s internet connection, Foxfi can help you save a ton of money. Web browsing on your mobile device will be secure and safe because all data utilized with this software is anonymous and encrypted.

Wi-Fi Finder

How to get Internet on a tablet without Wifi? To find hotspots and free Wi-Fi in your region, utilize a Wi-Fi finder app.


With this app, you can browse with good internet speed on your tablet without a Wi-Fi connection and see the hotspots nearby. Finding a hotspot nearby is simply because of the maps that most Wi-Fi search programs typically include.

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How can I access the Internet if there is no Wi-Fi?

A few methods exist for connecting to the Internet without Wi-Fi. Utilizing your cellular data connection is one option. Another choice is to use a tethered connection to link your laptop and phone. Finally, you may instantly use an Ethernet cable to link your laptop to a router or modem.

Why can't my tablet access the internet without Wi-Fi?

Without Wi-Fi, using the Internet on a tablet can be difficult. Either there isn't Wi-Fi available where you are. Wireless connectors on particularly old tablets have been known to break down. However, the biggest benefit of using or owning a tablet is the convenience of easy mobile internet access.

Do you need 4G to use a tablet to browse the web?

A 4G connection is required if you recently bought a sleek tablet and wished to browse the Internet. Suppose you want a cost-effective, free, quick, and dependable internet connection. Try to find hotspots and Wi-Fi connections that are free.

How to get internet on a tablet without Wi-Fi?

A tablet can connect to the Internet in a few different ways. You can make a Bluetooth, cellular, or Wi-Fi hotspot connection. And you can use your tablet to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and access the Internet if you have one. You can link your tablet to a cellular network if you have one to access the Internet that way.

Can a tablet access mobile data?

On a tablet, mobile data is available. Your cellular service provider sells you a data package. And you then use the included SIM card on your tablet to access the network.

Are cellular-connected tablets worth the price?

Yes. Tablets without Wi-Fi are useful if you frequently travel and must keep connected to the Internet. Primarily in areas where high-speed wireless or internet connectivity cannot be relied upon.


The article outlines many methods on How to get internet on a tablet without Wifi to the Internet. These techniques include connecting your phone to your laptop via a tethered connection, Bluetooth, or a cellular data connection.

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