How To Increase The Video Volume? | 3 Easy Ways


For better or worse, the age of silent cinema is long gone. Today’s video production is incomplete without giving the sound of your videos proper attention. When the audio is low quality or simply too quiet, it can significantly harm the experience. Perhaps you have encountered how to increase the video volume of this issue yourself when watching something recorded on your phone.

To increase the volume of a video file, you can use three tools, Camtasia, Clipify, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Turning the sound level up is easy if you have a trusty tool. You can learn more about how to make a video louder on different devices from this guide, but here we will show three easy ways you can try on a PC. Without further ado, let’s begin!

How To Increase The Video Volume? | Easy Ways

To increase the volume of a video, you can follow one of these ways:


Camtasia is a high-quality video editor for Windows and Mac. It has a well-designed user interface with high-quality output. TechSmith has done an excellent job of constantly pushing the development limits while maintaining relatively bug-free software. So, here’s the method for how to increase the video volume with it:

  1. Prepare your video. Start the app and add your video. After that, right-click the clip and choose Separate Audio and Video.separate video and audio
  2. Make the sound louder. Select the timeline track with your audio. Then click on the horizontal green line and drag it up.make the sound louder
  3. Even out the loudness. Double-click the audio line to add points, and then click and drag an audio point to adjust the loudness of certain parts.drag audio part
  4. Save your work. Click the Export button, select preferable options, and save the edited video.export button

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Clipify brings high-quality editing to the general audience. Anyone can use it to create interesting and intricate videos. Experienced users can enjoy advanced features, while rookies can bring their ideas to life using automatic tools. Here’s the method for how to increase the volume of a video with Clipify:

  1. Import a video. Start the program and select the New Project option. Then you may click Add Videos and Photos and navigate to your footage via a file browser or drag and drop it directly from a folder to the timeline.add video or photos
  2. Turn the volume up. Click the Edit button after selecting the video track on the timeline. Then, on the General tab, drag the slider of Sound Volume rightwards.sound slider
  3. Even out the bumps. If you increase the volume across the entire track, some audio parts may become too loud. For making a certain part quieter, right-click on it and then select Add Audio Point. Reduce the volume of the fragment by moving those points down.add audio points
  4. Export the result. To wrap it up, click the Create Video button under the preview window, pick an output format, and then click Create a video.create video

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Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is well-known and well-liked for its enormous depth. It is capable of performing any trick you can think of. However, it is aimed at a more eager audience. If your only editing requirement is to make a quiet video louder, it may be preferable to find a simpler solution. However, if you wish to make the most of video editing, let us try to give it a shot:

  1. Load your footage. Open your video file in any way you want. Navigate to File > Import and pick a clip from your file browser or drag & drop it to the program window.import
  2. Select the video. Choose a clip from the clipboard to work on using the Selection Tool.choosing a video
  3. Set the volume. Right-click the track of audio and pick Audio Gain from the list. Select Adjust Gain by and enter a positive dB value in the new window to make the sound louder and click OK. Alternatively, you can increase the volume by moving the white line across the audio track gain
  4. Save the result. When you’re finished, Save your new clip by selecting Export > Media from the File menu. Your file can be exported in AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, HEVC, and various other formats.export adobe

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You now know how to increase the sound on a prerecorded video with different tools. In case you still need to decide which to choose, let’s quickly rehash. Rather keep things simple? You’ll be well served with Camtasia.

Have the time to learn and a powerful computer? Test out the powerful Adobe Premiere. Stick with Clipify if you require an effective and simple solution for non-technical consumers. We hope this advice was helpful and wish you the greatest video editing experience, whatever the video volume increaser you decide to use for the task.