How to Install YouTube TV on Fire Stick [Complete Stepwise guide]


Youtube TV is a must-have subscription-based streaming platform. It provides amazing features like unlimited cloud DVR space, more than a hundred channels, top entertainment, live sports, etc., with an all-in-one package. You will be able to access these services on your fire stick by using any of the following methods. Let’s get started with How to install youtube TV on fire stick.

You will be able to install Youtube TV on firestick in any of the three below-mentioned ways. You can install official YouTube TV from the Amazon app store. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps for watching live youtube tv on a firestick or a silk browser.

We have gathered a detailed, informative article for you on “how to install youtube tv on fire stick. ’ So, you can get a complete step-by-step guide to installing youtube tv.

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3 Easy Ways To Installing Youtube TV on Fire Stick:

Here are the three simplest techniques on how to install Youtube TV on fire stick.

Installing Youtube TV from Amazon App Store

Follow the listed steps serially and solve your problem of how to install youtube TV on fire stick effortlessly.

Step 1: Once you open the TV, with the help of your fire stick, go to your screen’s find bar.find bar on youtube tv

Step 2: In the search bar, you need to type Youtube TV.type youtube tv

Step 3: Now, scroll down. There will be a youtube tv option on your on screen

Step 4: Based on your previous usage, you will see either of the two options get or youtube tv

Step 5: Click on either of the options you see on the screen. The Youtube TV download procedure will start on your click. Wait till the download has been completed.downloading youtube

Step 6: You will find an Open button on your screen. Click on it and enjoy your streaming services without any youtube tv You are now over how to install youtube tv on firestick query with these simple steps.

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Using Third-party Apps for Youtube TV Live Stream

Under any circumstances, if you are unable to download youtube TV, then you don’t need to worry. Ultimately, third-party apps come to your rescue to access the streaming services. Go through this step-wise guide on how to install Youtube TV on fire stick.

Step 1: Firstly, you should get the downloader app. Once you open the fire stick home screen, you should go to the settings on the screen.settings of youtube tv

Step 2: Now, you can find my fire tv on the screen. Click on it and scroll through the screen to find developer my firetv

Step 3: Once you access it. Again search for install unknown apps on your screen. Once you find it, click and turn it install unknown apps

Step 4: Then, you need to go back to your home screen and click on find on the menu.go back to homescreen

Step 5: You should now click the visible search option and type in Downloader on the screen.on the downloader

Step 6: At once, you will see the downloader icon. Click on the downloader icon to download it.downloader

Step 7: Click on the open button visible on your screen to run the downloader app.allow downloader

Step 8: During the process, if you find any prompt messages popping up on the screen. Simply, click ok and proceed with your ok

Step 9: You should now visit the downloader app’s front page. You need to type in any youtube tv accessing apk files. There are plenty of them, like or url

Step 10: The Apk download begins, and you need to wait till it is go

Step 11: After the apk downloads, there shall be an install option visible on your install

Step 12: Once the installation of apk complete, check the bottom of your screen. You will find a done button. Click on done

Step 13: Usually, two prompts might be visible on your screen. Simply click delete and proceed further.prompts on screen

Step 14: Now, go back to your fire stick’s home page. And go for your apps and channels option on the home screen.apps

Step 15: Scroll down to the screen’s end. You will see the Youtube live tv tv app

Step 16: You can rearrange the icons as per your will and bring the youtube tv icon to the home screen. Select the resolution you desire and open live youtube tv.set resolution

Step 17: Finally, You now to sign in to your youtube account and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.sign in to youtube tv You are now done with how to install youtube tv on fire stick query. Click here if your Amazon fire stick won’t turn on.

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Using the silk browser

Follow these steps and learn how to install youtube tv on fire stick with the help of the amazon silk browser.

Step 1: On your fire stick’s home page. Go to the search option.homescreen

Step 2: Now, Add the term silk browser in the search

Step 3: Thereupon, you will find a Silk browser icon on the browser

Step 4: Finally, click on this visible silk browser icon on your screen. At once, the download begins. Shortly, followed by the installation silk browser

Step 5: In the end, all you need to do now is click on the youtube tv app and, without any delay, enjoy its incredible streaming live tv This solves your issue ofhow to install youtube tv on fire stick.


How to start using Youtube TV on Fire Stick

After the installation of youtube TV completes successfully, Launch the youtube tv app and sign in to the account if you are an existing user. But if you are a new user, press the “try it for free” tv

On the screen, you will receive guidelines. In the end, you will need to put in the activation code. Just go to chrome or any other browser on your mobile or computer and enter If chrome is not working. Click here. 

Then, sign in with your Google account. You will receive an activation code. And then, type the activation code on your tv and click on the next button available on your screen. This marks the end of your activation process, and you can access youtube tv.

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Can you add youtube tv on firestick?

Of course, you can add youtube tv on firestick. Youtube tv works with various streaming players, including Google Chromecast, Roku players, apple players, and fire tv.

Why am I unable to access youtube tv on my firestick?

Youtube TV can be officially accessed on firestick in the US only. But, if you want to access the youtube tv outside the US. You can always take help of VPN and apk files.

Is youtube tv a separate app?

Yes. youtube tv and youtube are two different apps. Youtube is more of a video-streaming app, while youtube tv is more of a subscription-based app for live streaming television.

What are youtube tv charges on a monthly basis?

Youtube provides its basic plan at the rate of $ 64.99/ month which includes 100+ live channels of news, sports and entertainment. It is only accessible in the languages of English and Spanish . Comparitively, the Spanish plan alone costs $ 34.99/ month which includes TV from 28+ channels in Spanish language.


This featured article on how to install youtube tv on fire stick gives you a detailed step-by-step guide. So, you can use youtube tv on fire stick. It provides you with three simple options. It includes using the Amazon app store, third-party apps, and silk browser. Based on the location and other determining conditions, you can use any one of the techniques. I hope the article has solved all your minor queries and also provided assistance on how to install youtube tv on fire stick.

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