How to Sell Your CEO on the Technology a Business Needs


There are plenty of large companies and businesses, and many of them need technology. To Sell Your CEO on the Technology a Business Needs you to need to know the current trends in technology and ensure its for the company’s benefit. You might have the CEO and lower-level workers who still wield executive power.

how to sell your ceo on the technology a business needs
How to Sell Your CEO on the Technology a Business Needs

It’s usually the CEO or CFO who makes the most critical decisions. If you’re someone lower down in the company but have your CEO’s ear, it might be up to you to sell them on specific ideas that you feel will benefit the business. 

Wondering How to Sell Your CEO on the Technology a Business Needs?

How to Sell Your CEO on the Technology a Business Needs

Technology-related decisions will often come into play. The real question is how to convince the CEO that you need certain new or existing tech forms. We’ll talk about some strategies you might use right now.

Talk to Them About Potential Savings

There are nearly limitless technology forms out there, and your company might benefit from some of them, but not all. For instance, you might feel like selling your CEO on the zero-trust model makes sense. Many individuals in the IT sector think that the zero-trust model should be any modern security infrastructure’s base.

potential savings
potential savings

This model can stop many hacker-caused breaches, and it seems obvious why you’d want to prevent those. It might not necessarily be so evident to your CEO, though.

That’s why selling them on this model, or any technology, for that matter, probably means appealing to their thriftiness. You might mention that instituting the zero-trust model for your company and employees will save an average of $149,000 that each breach costs.

If you talk to a CEO about the bottom line, meaning the company’s profitability, that’s liable to get their attention. That could be enough to convince them to get the technology you feel can help the business succeed.

Talk to Them About Keeping Up with the Competition

Every industry has competitors. Almost no business entity exists in a vacuum and doesn’t have any similar company with nearly the same services and products nipping at its heels.

keeping up with the competition
keeping up with the competition

If you have some technology that you feel your company needs, you might approach the CEO and convince them to get it by informing them your closest or biggest competitors already have it. You can mention how getting this tech will allow you to remain neck and neck with them or pass them.

CEOs sometimes attain their position because they’re ruthless. They want to get to the top and stay there, and they want their company to do the same. Beating the competition can be plenty of motivation if you want some new or existing tech and need the top of the food chain’s permission.

Mention Attracting More Customers

If those strategies don’t work, you could sell the CEO on some new tech by mentioning how you’ll be able to attract new clients or customers once you implement it. Showing would-be customers that you have the latest and best technology is sometimes what it takes to get them on board with you.

attracting more customers
attracting more customers

If you do not have the latest tech, that could be enough to entice a customer to go with a competitor instead. If you can show some concrete figures that back up your assertion, that might convince the CEO.

Mention Attracting Better Workers

If you have excellent technology, you can also probably attract the best workers. You might poach some from other companies, or you may be able to attract some straight out of college.

You can mention that to the CEO. If you can sell your case strongly enough and know you have open positions within the company without a great crop of potential workers to fill them, that might be the formula that leads to you getting the tech.

attracting better workers
attracting better workers

In the best-case scenarios, you should be able to use one of these techniques, or several of them, to convince the CEO or whoever else is in charge that the technology you have in mind is essential rather than optional. Usually, you have the best success chance if you can come up with facts and figures that back up your claim. 

Technology drives business, and getting the newest and latest tech can be what keeps your company afloat. If you’re able to talk to whoever is in charge about that, do so. 

If you can’t convince them, try to get someone influential on your side. Securing that technology might be what raises your company to new heights in the coming year.


With assistance from this article, we hope you can easily convince your CEO to invest in the much-needed technology for your company. After all, you just want to stand up higher in the market no matter your position!

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