We all love to watch a lot of different movies and different TV shows. There are a lot of streaming desktop applications available nowadays which provides a complete experience of watching any of our favorite show or movie. Some of these applications are paid, and some are free to watch. Hulu is one of the applications, and we will discuss the error “Hulu error code pdev322.” 

Who loves getting errors or any disturbance when watching any series or movie with keen interest? Literally no one. Everyone wants to enjoy quality time without external or internal disturbance while watching something. But what if you are watching your favorite TV show or a great movie on Hulu, and it suddenly shows a p-dev322 Hulu error.

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Hulu: A Streaming Application

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu is also a streaming application with many movie options and hundreds and thousands of different television shows and episodes. Hulu is mainly known for its huge collection of current and new television shows. This application was launched in 2007, successfully added a “Plus” in its name in 2010, and became the first streaming application to do so.hulu

It provides us the benefit of using Hulu on various screens simultaneously. Maximum of five people can access your account using their profile.

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What Is Hulu Error Code pdev322?

Despite all the benefits and enjoyment, the Hulu application provides, it is not an error-free application. Like other apps and sites, Hulu also shows some errors while running. Some are easy to fix, and some require a lot of time and external guidance to resolve.error code pdev322

In this article, we will see that the most common error that the Hulu application reflects is Hulu code p-dev322. Pdev322 is a short-term issue that appears when the servers of Hulu face some problems. 

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What Are The Main Reasons Behind This Error?

Before discussing the different ways to solve the Hulu pdev322 error, we will first see some of the common causes which lead to our error-

Networking Issues

The pdev322 error can occur if your device is facing some network issues or is having an unstable network.network issues

Another network-related issue can be the reliance on the public network found at any airport, station, or workplace.

Outdated Application

Another reason behind this error is that your Hulu application is obsolete and not updated to date. Many devices do not have a required mechanism to update the Hulu application, which leads to the Hulu error code pdev322.

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Data In Cache

The data which is stored in cache or cookies become deceitful after some time.data in cache

And starts causing problems while streaming or watching any movie or show on Hulu.

Issue At Hulu’s End

Sometimes, the issue occurs because of some internal problems in Hulu.hulu not working

Such as server down, internal outage, and many more, which leads to our p-dev322 Hulu error.

How To Solve This Error?

After viewing all the possible reasons for the Hulu error code pdev322, we will now look at various methods to solve this error in less time, which do not require much hard work.

Restart Your Application

One of the easiest solutions one can follow to solve their problem is restarting. Close your application completely, and after a few seconds, try restarting it.restart

You can also restart your computers or laptops and then check whether your application has started or not and if the Hulu error code pdev322 is still there.


As discussed in the causes, internet instability can be the reason behind pdev322. Check your internet connections. You can disconnect your device from the wifi network or any other internet source you are using and again connect to it.wifi connection

You can also try connecting your device to any other internet connection and start your application again.

Removing Cache And Cookies

We have already discussed the store data in your cookies can be the reason behind the Hulu error code pdev322. So to remove this error, we will remove and clean the cache and cookies in our device. Steps an Android user can follow are –

  1. Please select the option of My Apps on your smart tv or android.open my apps
  2. Select Hulu as the application and click on the option of storage
  3. You will see an option of clear cache, click on it, and select clear data.

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Reinstall The Application

An outdated application can lead to this error, and sometimes the devices are not suitable to update.uninstall and reinstall

In this case, you should uninstall the application from your device and then reinstall it from the scratch, log in with your account and see whether the Hulu error code pdev322 is there or not. Read this article ,if you want to know how to fix hulu keeps logging me out.

Download: Hulu

Power Cycling

Power cycling our device can also help to fix our issue. For this, just shut down your device and unplug all the cables.power cycling

After a few seconds, plug all the wires into your power source. Start your device and then application and check whether the p-dev322 Hulu error is still there or removed.

Restart Your Routers

We can associate an inconsistent IP configuration with our Hulu error code pdev322. In this case, try restarting your routers once.routers

Please find the button on your network device to turn it on or off. Turn off your routers, unplug the cable and after a few seconds, connect it back and turn your router on.

Contact Hulu Help Center

Every application has a chat option or other way to help  users solve their issues. If none of the methods fixes your problem, you should contact the help centers and ask them about the subject.

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Is the Hulu application free to use?

Hulu gives a free 30 days trial period, and after that, you will have to pay to keep watching the movies and the shows.

For what purpose the Hulu application is meant for?

The Hulu application is designed in such a way that you can stream different movies and television shows. It just works like Netflix or any other streaming application.

Is Hulu better than Netflix?

Both the applications have their own benefits. Where Netflix is used to watch current movies and all old shows, on Hulu, you can watch all the recent television shows.

Does the process of removing error needs money?

The process of removing error mainly includes some basic setting changes in your pc or wifi and it does not require money. If the hardware or the internal system of your pc has some error then you will require money to fix it.


It can be frustrating for the ones who want to enjoy and relax watching some sort of show or movie, and suddenly an error appears. It will be more frustrating if you don’t have an idea how to resolve your errors. The above-mentioned step should help you in resolving the Hulu error code pdev322. If not, then your hardware or your device’s internal system can have problems.

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