{Solved} 7 Ways to Fix Intel Delayed Launcher Error


The Intel Delayed Launcher also is known as iastoriconlgaunch.exe is an application that is used as a startup. While making this launcher, we keep in mind the Intel Rapid Recovery Technology and is a part of it. The Intel Delayed Launcher is a recovery measure. We use it in systems and devices to allow you to operate your computer.

Before any other device’s system files be placed into your operating system through a virus/malware. To simplify, if your device gets a malware that gets into your system during its opening procedure. It will be better for you if you have this feature enabled on your system.

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How To Fix Intel Delayed Launcher Issue

Though there might be a case that you do not use it at all, even then, you should have this on your device, or you might end up losing 30 seconds of your precious time, every time you open your system. We advise keeping this launcher enabled at startup as it is beneficial for the system.

Errors cause a lot of inconveniences and if our screen pops up with a message that there is an Intel Delay Launcher error. You can dismay by this fact and would want to know ways to correct it immediately and efficiently. It would want to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Method 1: Scan For Malware

full scan
full scan

You should clean your hard drive through various scanners like sfc/scannow, cleanmgr, etc. Often the delayed launcher in Intel error has caused due to malware on the system that you are using and needed to take care of at the earliest. You should do this from time to time, and your computer and other devices should be free from such harmful malware that can create problems for other applications.

Apart from this, you should also install the anti-malware applications on your device, if not installed already and use them to detect and prevent the malware from affecting your apps on the device. For example- Malwarebytes is an anti-malware that finds the malware and removes the spyware, keyloggers, trackers, Trojans, adware, etc. from the device that you are using. Thus, the error can be rectified.

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Method 2: Uninstall Programs

uninstall software leftovers
uninstall software leftovers

The programs that you no longer use and are just eating up space should uninstall as soon as possible. They can cause disruptions in the smooth functioning of other programs and cause errors like Intel delayed launcher error. You can use msconfig to autostart the programs that are on your computer and make sure that they are not causing inconveniences to the other programs.

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Method 3: Automatic Update

Updates for the applications on your systems are critical, and you need to make sure that they are in the auto update to prevent any outdated software to create problems and cause errors like Intel Delayed Launcher Error. We update the software of the various apps from time to time through technology upgradation, and the updates check the errors and problems of the previous versions. Therefore, automatic update is significant for any app. There should be periodic backups, to check whether the applications have updated or not.

Method 4: Security Task Manager

The Security task manager is used to display all of the windows tasks that are currently running and being used. It also detects the hidden processes that you embed and are not easily found, for example – autostart entries, keyboard, browser monitoring, etc. Thus, you should use the security task manager to find out the applications that are running on the device that you are using, that you are entirely unaware of.

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Method 5: Check The Last Thing That You Installed On The Device

If you experience a problem like Intel Delayed Launcher error, you should immediately recall the last thing that you had installed on the device.  The thing you are using before the error appeared for the first time. A human brain tends to forget things. It does not have the memory of a computer that it would be able to retain things for a long time. Therefore, for finding this, you can use the resmon command. This command option helps you to find out the cause of the problem. It also helps in identifying the app that is causing the error to occur.

Method 6: Repair Your Installation

Reinstalling Windows can check Intel Delayed Launcher error. A better option is to repair the installation of Windows 7 and the versions before that. For Windows 8 and the versions after that, you should follow DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command. This command helps you to repair an operating system, without you losing any data whatsoever. Thus, it is handy, and we should use it to prevent this error from happening.


Method 7: Check the installation of the software

Intel Delayed Launcher error is widespread because there had been a corrupt download or incomplete installation of the software. You should go to the application settings on your device and check whether this has happened in your case. If yes, then re-download and install the Delayed launcher on your device. Thus, the error will resolve.

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Thus, these are some methods through which you can prevent the error of Intel Delayed Launcher from happening. Please go through the methods and choose the best alternative for yourself. An error can cause because of a multiplicity of factors. The factors like to try to resolve it by using one or more methods, whichever suits you.