As we all know, we have stepped on the boat sailing on the sea of the 21st century, where technology is developing day by day. Wireless networking facilities are becoming a crucial part of life, thanks to technological development. Wifi networks, Bluetooth headphones, wireless bands, and many more are coming into action regularly. Intel Dual Band wireless ac 7260 is one of them. But as no device or technology comes without error, we will discuss Intel Dual Band wireless ac 7260 keeps disconnecting.

Intel dual band wireless ac 7260 has a Bluetooth hardware interface. Intel has launched different dual-band wireless, with each new product being an upgraded version of the previous one, and Intel dual-band wireless ac 7260 is one of them. It had a lot of operating systems to work with, like windows, Linux, and Microsoft windows. Most of its features are not available on Linux. It has a facility of the optimized power model when not in use which saves and increases its battery life for better service, convenience, and mobility. It has a larger capacity of 802.11ac along with more speed and provides better coverage. You can visit the website to know more about the products. But keeping all of these aside, users still face problems in intel dual band wireless ac 7260. And one of the most common problems is intel dual band wireless ac 7260 keeps disconnecting.

Read this article, if you want to find a solution for the problem of dual band wireless ac 7260 keeps disconnecting. It is sure that at the end of this article you will be able to fix your issue.

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Causes Behind Intel AC 7260 Problems

There can be many different reasons behind our error, and some of them are –

AC7260 Driver

The main reason which leads to our error of intel dual band wireless ac 7260 keeps disconnecting can be the problems in the ac7260 drivers. A driver is a device that helps our device to communicate with the operating driver

Our drivers can be outdated or must not be compatible for our intel ac 7260 to work. A corrupted driver can be the reason behind intel dual band wireless-ac7260 is not working.


The properties of the network adapters can have an improper format, leading to the problem of intel dual wireless-ac 7260 issues in windows.

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How To Fix The Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260 Keeps Disconnecting?

Facing a problem in intel dual-band connectivity and don’t know how to solve it. Check out this article, if you also want to learn how to fix Intel delayed laucher error. No need to stress as we have a lot of solutions to fix our problem by following some easy steps like

Reinstalling The Adapter Driver

We can try solving our problem by reinstalling the driver using the device manager.

  1. Start with opening the run dialog box on your computer. You can press window+R to open it.
  2. Now write devmgmt. msc in the given box and click on the enter option.
  3. Now, click on the network adapters option in the device manager. It will expand, and you will see the option of an intel dual driver. Right-click on it and select uninstall from the options appearing. device management
  4. Reboot your device/ computer, and your windows will itself install the default drivers.

CAM Feature

Another way to fix the problem of intel dual band wireless ac 7260 keeps disconnecting is enabling the CAM(Continuously Aware Mode) in our devices. Changing our adapters to a CAM mode can be beneficial. Steps to follow are-

  1. In the search box, type control and open all control panel items on your computer.
  2. Change the default view by large icons to category. Select the network and sharing center option and click on the adapter settingsCAM feature
  3. Right- Click on the option of intel adapters and click on the properties option. 
  4. After this, navigate your “networking” tab and select the option to configure.
  5. Select the transmit power by clicking property in the advanced setting tab and change the given value to 5. Click the OK option


A troubleshooter is a tool in every device that helps us fix various problems. The troubleshooter itself detects the issue and solves it. We can try fixing our problem by using this tool as well-

  1. Open the settings on your device. Click update and security, and you will see the option of troubleshooting.troubleshoot
  2. On the right side, click on the network adapters and press the option run troubleshooter.
  3. Restart pc after some time


Updated Drivers

As discussed in the causes, An outdated driver can cause the problem of intel dual band wireless ac 7260 keeps disconnecting. So it is important to update our drivers using some specialized software. If you try to keep your drivers up-to-date manually, it will be time-consuming as well as confusing.update drivers

So it’s always suggested to use software for it like DriverFix. You can also look for the other software if you want. You need to install and launch the software, which will automatically show the drivers having problems. It can help you navigate a corrupted driver as well.

Configuring Intel drivers

You just need to open the properties option for drivers by following the above step and will need to modify some of the settings and save them. The modified settings should be –

  1. Changing mode to VHT.
  2. Selecting 802.11b/g in wireless modeconfiguring intel driver
  3. 2.4GHz as a band
  4. 1 as the roaming settings. 
  5. And 20mhz for the 802.11n channel width option. After doing all these changes, enable the CAM feature.

Router Settings

An improper router setting can be the reason behind our problem. So it is important to edit the device router settings for the proper functioning of our intel wireless dual-band. 

Rolling Back The Drivers

You can try rolling back your drivers to fix your error. 

  1. Open device manager on your device by right-clicking on the windows.
  2. Click on network adapters and then select AC7260.
  3. Right-click on it and press properties, and press the option driver tab.roll back drivers
  4. A new tab will appear. Select the option of rolling back drivers and complete this process.

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Do we have the facility of Bluetooth with an intel wireless dual band?

Yes, the intel wireless dual band comes with the facility of Bluetooth with it.

Does the process of solving error is cost-efficient?

The process includes small changes in your device settings, which do not require money. If your PC has internal issues, you need money to fix the problem.

Is the intel dual band good to use?

Yes, the facilities it provides are unmatchable. It comes with a wireless card, has a wide range, optimized battery, and many more facilities.

Does the intel band works with 5g?

No, it cannot support 5g network. It can only support up to 2.4ghz.


It can be very frustrating having an issue that you don’t know how to solve. All the methods discussed above can help you fix the problem of intel dual band wireless ac 7260 keeps disconnecting. If still not, then your computer hardware system can have an issue. Also, the intel band you have bought can have internal problems, and you should change it. You can also consult your nearby computer café; they can help you by telling you other options except this.

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