Is your iPad restarting unexpectedly? This issue can disrupt your workflow and entertainment, creating unnecessary stress. Don’t let technical difficulties slow you down. Keep Reading to solve your iPad troubles today!

A common fix is a force restart. Hold the power and home buttons (or volume down on newer models) until you see the Apple logo. This often resolves the issue.

Force RestartHold the power button + home/volume down until the Apple logo appears
Update iOSGo to Settings > General > Software Update
Reset All SettingsGo to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings
Clear Storage SpaceDelete unused apps and media files
Restore from BackupConnect to the computer, open iTunes/Finder, restore from backup
DFU RestorePut iPad in DFU mode, restore using iTunes/Finder
Contact Apple SupportContact Apple Support for further assistance

Still, if it does not work, don’t worry; we got you covered.

Keep reading to find step-by-step solutions for maintaining your iPad’s performance and extending its battery life. Discover essential tips for overheating, entering recovery mode, and much more!

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Why Does an iPad Keep Restarting?

Several factors can cause your iPad to keep restarting. These might include software issues, faulty apps, or even hardware problems like a problematic battery or charging port. ipadUnderstanding the root cause is crucial to finding a lasting solution.

Common Reasons Behind Sudden Restarts

Software Glitches

Sometimes, minor bugs or software updates that haven’t been installed can cause instability.ipad screen

Faulty Apps

An app that isn’t working properly can also lead to system crashes. ipad appsCheck for app updates or uninstall and reinstall problematic apps.

Insufficient Storage

If your iPad runs out of space, it can struggle to perform basic tasks and may restart.ipad storage Managing your storage effectively can prevent this.

Battery Issues

A failing battery can abruptly power down your iPad. ipad batteryMonitor your battery health in iPad settings.


If your iPad gets too hot, it might shut down to protect its internal components.

Hardware Malfunctions

Issues with the battery, charging port, or power button can lead to unexpected restarts.

Ipad keeps restarting:  how to fix this issue?

If your iPad continues to restart on its own, don’t worry. Several steps can address the most common causes of this problem and restore your device’s functionality. Let’s look into some straightforward solutions to get your iPad running smoothly again. Force Restart Your iPad

This can clear out software glitches. Press and hold the power and home buttons (or volume down on newer models) until the Apple logo appears.

Update Your Software

Ensure your iPad is up to date. software updateGo to Settings > General > Software Update and install any available updates to enhance stability and security.

Manage Storage

To free up space on your iPad,ipad storage settings go to Settings > General > iPad Storage and delete unused apps and files.

Check for Faulty Apps

Identify and remove any apps that crash often or drain the batter and update apps regularly.

Assess Battery Health

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. battery health ipadIf your battery’s maximum capacity is low, consider getting it replaced.

Use iOS System Recovery Software

If the problem persists, use a reliable iOS system recovery tool to address deeper software issues.

Enter DFU Mode

Put your iPad in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode to restore it as a last resort. dfu mode ipadBack up your data first, as this will erase all content.

How to Turn On an iPad While Restarting?

Turning on an iPad stuck in a restart loop can be frustrating. However, certain steps can help interrupt this cycle and restore normal operation.

Check the Power Source

Ensure your iPad is adequately charged. Connect it to a power source using an Apple-certified charger.

Force Restart

If your iPad is stuck in a restart loop, perform a force restart. force restartHold down the power button and home button (or volume down for models without a home button) simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

Enter Recovery Mode

If a force restart doesn’t work, try entering recovery mode. Connect your iPad to a computer, open iTunes (or Finder on macOS Catalina and later), and then perform a force restart.ipad recovery modeWhen prompted, choose the ‘Restore’ option to reinstall iPadOS but erase all data.

Seek Professional Help

If your iPad still won’t turn on, there may be an underlying hardware issue. apple customer supportContact Apple Support for further assistance or visit an Apple Store.

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Why does my iPad keep restarting itself?

Your iPad may be experiencing issues due to software glitches, faulty apps, insufficient storage, or hardware malfunctions. Checking these areas and performing updates or resets can often resolve the problem.

How to do a hard reset on an iPad?

Press and hold the power button and home button (or volume down button on models without a home button) simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. This force restarts the device.

Why does my iPad shut down and restart?

This can happen due to overheating, battery issues, or significant system errors. Keeping the iPad cool, ensuring good battery health, and updating iPadOS are critical preventative measures.


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