Is IPTV Worth It in 2023? [Explained with Detailed Review]


IPTV means Internet Protocol Television. It is one of the best alternatives to traditional cable TV today but is IPTV worth it in 2023? There has been a massive decline in the last two years in the number of cable TV users.

is iptv worth it?

As per reports, more than 8 million cable TV users have canceled their services in the last two years. Several users did not just cancel their services but also started looking for alternatives. 

One of the best alternatives was IPTV but is it still worth paying for in 2023? You will find this answer and more in this article.

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Why Is IPTV The Perfect Replacement For Traditional Cable?

IPTV is the perfect replacement for traditional cable in many ways. Let us look at how.

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Content Availability

IPTV gives you the freedom to access content from wherever you want. It does not force you to sit in front of the TV. It allows you to enjoy your shows and movies whenever and wherever you like. 

On-Demand Content

In cable TV, you need to purchase the complete package. It does not matter if you are watching all channels or not; you need to pay for all of them.

iptv contentIPTV gives a better option in the form of VOD (Video On Demand). You can select, stream, and only pay for the content of your choice.

Devices Compatibility

Those days are gone when you could only watch your favorite shows and movies on TV. IPTV and OTT allow you to stream from several devices like mobiles, laptops, PC, tablets, etc.

IPTV allows you to stream content from wherever you like. It also offers a variety of media entertainment options you can customize per your needs.

Is IPTV Even Legal?

IPTV can be legal and illegal according to the content it offers. Legal IPTV provides copyrighted content with the permission of the original content owners, which makes this content free of copyrights for them and you.

However, several illegal IPTV does not own proper licensing from content owners, which is not legal. No IPTV is illegitimate until it does not stream any copyrighted, illegal, or banned content.

All official IPTVs are legal and save you a lot of money. They buy copyrights from content owners so you can watch legit content in HD quality. Here is a list of some of the best IPTVs available.

  • IPTV Smarters
  • The Amazing TV
  • Eternal TV IPTV
  • Area 51 IPTV
  • The Players Klub IPTV

Is IPTV Worth Paying For In 2023?

In my opinion, yes. IPTV might be the future of TV if nothing extraordinary pops up. All the latest IPTV providers give you features like

Program Schedules

You could not know about all programs and their schedules on analog cable. You can learn about the timings of TV programs a week or two in advance with IPTV.

Recording of Shows, Movies, and Sports Matches

IPTV will always have your back if you can not watch a match, TV show, or movie on time. You can schedule it to record an event or DIY before leaving for work. Several IPTV providers offer multiple recordings simultaneously. 

Automatic Switching

It is one of my favorite features of IPTV. I can not even remember how often I started watching videos on YouTube and then forgot to watch what I had planned for the first time.

Control The Content

Not only can you choose the content you like to watch, but IPTV also allows you to set up parenting controls. Parental control allows you to control what kids can/can not watch.

HD Quality

You could watch content in HD quality on analog cable too, but you had to buy a bundle or specific channel for that. However, you can buy an individual movie or show in HD on IPTV. It saves a lot of money.

Tips For Choosing A Reliable Provider

Before concluding this article, I want to tell you a few things I keep in mind before choosing an IPTV. 

  1. Always read reviews before selecting an IPTV. You can read the reviews on Play stores, Google, friends, or social platforms,
  2. Compare your chosen IPTV with at least two or three competitors,
  3. Stick to the basics before exploring the features of IPTV. Advanced features might not help much if your IPTV is not fulfilling your basic needs.


IPTV is going to be the future of IPTV for sure one day. IPTV is worth paying for if it fulfills your requirements. I recommend sticking to the legal and official IPTV because of several reasons.

One of the main reasons is to avoid legal action against you. Secondly, people often buy 3-12 months subscriptions to unverified IPTVs, and they shut their services after some time. You might not like the hassle that follows.

You might want to buy subscriptions for one or two months of unverified IPTVs. Also, I recommend using a VPN to secure yourself from hackers, content owners, and the government.

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