The article discusses whether Is YouTube TV Worth It. Nowadays, everyone is utilizing live-streaming TV, so it is worthwhile to take a deeper look, especially now that Google has included YouTube. Although YouTube TV offers some positive aspects, Google still needs much more work to make it a viable alternative for everyone.

Yes, for $65 a month, YouTube TV is worthwhile. Essentially, we’re contrasting a $144 bill with a $64.99 bill. Your one monthly purchase of $64.99 can fit numerous persons and situations because YouTube TV offers six distinct accounts with three continuous broadcasts without increasing the monthly charge.

Finally, there are no significant hidden charges associated with YouTube TV. You can purchase add-ons from other services that give you things like limitless screens or more excellent cloud DVR storage. Read Further to find out if YouTube TV is worth it or not.

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What sets YouTube TV apart?

Is YouTube TV Worth It? For many of us, YouTube TV stands out and is worthwhile because of one key aspect. The unlimited cloud DVR is that.

  • With YouTube TV, you can record any program or movie you choose, and it will stay on your DVR for nine months. 
  • There is no cap on the number of recordings. My YouTube TV collection has taped thousands of hours of stuff.
  • However, other firms give you 10 or 20 hours of DVR storage if they even offer a cloud DVR option. You must pay if you want more. youtube tv
  • Even then, it only lasts for 200 to 500 hours. Nobody else offers unlimited cloud DVR. Although 200 hours may seem like a lot, if your family uses the service, that time may quickly add up.
  • You can watch on three screens simultaneously with YouTube TV and have access to six accounts. 
  • Is YouTube TV Worth It? Sharing YouTube TV with family members is simple without a Google login. You might divide the expense. 
  • Giving you three screens to use simultaneously is more than the industry standard. Most provide two displays with the opportunity to purchase additional ones. Click here to see the 11 Best YouTube Downloader For Mac In 2024 (With Pros & Cons) 

Finally, there are no significant hidden charges associated with YouTube TV. You can purchase add-ons from other services that give you things like limitless screens or more excellent cloud DVR storage.

YouTube TV exclusively provides add-ons for premium networks such as Showtime.

What’s The Verdict On Youtube Tv Versus Cable?

Is YouTube TV Worth It? It was too excellent to pass up, with endless DVR possibilities. Consider reevaluating your circumstances, though, for $64.99.

With four TVs and the need for four cable boxes in the scenario above, you should pick YouTube TV.

The more TVs you add, the more set-top boxes you require, and your monthly payment will be higher with Spectrum TV or another cable TV tv vs. cabel tv

However, if you only have one TV and one user, the ordinary “select” Spectrum TV package might be more appealing to you. Compared to YouTube TV’s 85+ channels, this package has more than 125 channels, and the first year’s subscription costs just $44. (but that will increase to about the same price as YouTube TV).

Additionally, cable TV providers have improved their web presence significantly during the past few years. For instance, you can use the Spectrum TV app to watch online TV with your Spectrum TV subscription.

Although it could be better than YouTube TV, having that option is nice. Is YouTube TV Worth It?

Pricing And Options For Youtube Tv

Depending on your location, YouTube TV offers 85 to over 100 live TV streaming channels, including sports networks, regional stations, and cable tv contents

  • Unlike cable and satellite TV providers, it is a simplified plan without filler channels if it Is YouTube TV Worth It. (music channels are terrible, to be honest).
  • Additionally, YouTube TV has a Spanish-language option, available for $24.99 per month for the first six months before increasing to $34.99 per month.
  • This stand-alone package offers over 28 Spanish-language channels, including ESPN Deportes, Discovery en Espaol, and Fox Deportes, and doesn’t require a regular YouTube TV membership.

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The Actual Cost Of Cable TV

You can reduce your cable TV costs like Dish TV by taking advantage of introductory offers and switching services when those offers expire.cabel tv

  • But in practice, only the most discerning, laborious consumer will go down that road.
  • Most of us continue using the services acquired through that initial plan after the year promotion expires. Isn’t it the primary reason they present the promotions?
  • And how does the actual cable bill look? Is YouTube TV Worth It?
  • Let’s look at an example of a household’s Spectrum cable bill.
  • As you can see, the package makes the Spectrum TV component of the bill at its lowest, $144.45.

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YouTube TV’s competitors

  • Hulu + Live TV and FuboTV, two of YouTube TV’s primary rivals, cost $54.99 monthly. FuboTV has more channels, whereas Hulu + Live TV has fewer. Is YouTube TV Worth It? The catch with FuboTV is that you’ll only occasionally watch most of those channels.huluplus
  • It also provides a little cloud DVR. Just 50 hours of cloud DVR are offered for that fee. Additionally, paying more will only earn you 200 hours.
  • Currently, FuboTV’s most affordable subscription is $59.99 per month. This option, which costs $54.99 a month but has 104 channels, also allows for simultaneous viewing on more screens by paying an additional $5. 
  • Eight beIN Sports channels, roughly. Along with several sports networks, you might need to become more familiar with them. You’ll also get the local channels. Despite having more channels than YouTube TV, it is better. 

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Is YouTube TV a superior streaming TV option to others?

The familiarity factor is YouTube TV's main benefit over other streaming TV services. Although there are some new additions and more well-known channels than other live TV streaming services, it is essentially the same YouTube experience you have used for years.

How does YouTube TV stack up against its rivals?

YouTube TV is an all-or-nothing deal, which is good if you don't want more or less than it delivers. Most of the competitors offer particular packages that you can choose from based on your needs, but this is different from YouTube TV. Is YouTube TV Worth It? It comes with 48 channels out of the box plus, if you'd like, add-ons for ShowTime ($11/mo) and Fox Soccer Plus ($15/mo).

Is Xfinity TV the same as YouTube TV?

One of the top cable TV providers available is Xfinity TV, and one of the top live TV streaming services is YouTube TV. However, they both provide extremely different TV packages. Widely available across the US, Xfinity offers affordable TV packages with top-notch channel selections.

How does YouTube TV function?

Through your web browser, mobile device apps, or streaming devices, YouTube TV streams live TV. It is distinct from YouTube despite having a similar design since it doesn't restrict your watching to posted videos and because it is a subscription service (85+ live channels for $64.99 per month).


Is YouTube TV Worth It? Yes, for $65 a month, YouTube TV is worthwhile. Even if it doesn’t provide many popular live entertainment or sports channels, first-time cord-cutters will like the unlimited DVR, configurable options, and seamless performance.

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