In this digital age, for readers who like reading books in a digital format, the Kindle e-reader is a great tool. The portable, lightweight device makes accessing a sizable collection of e-books simple. However, customers may occasionally run into a problem where, despite being connected, Kindle doesn’t show up on PC. Especially if you need to transfer e-books from your PC to your Kindle reader, this problem might be aggravating.

Try to fix this error using a different USB port and USB cable. Connect your Kindle to a different computer. Charge longer. Perform a hard reset. Connect as a camera.

Let’s get concise, simple instructions to correctly identify and resolve the dilemma. Whether you are a first-time or seasoned Kindle user, read on to learn how to resolve Kindle doesn’t show up on pc and resume enjoying your eBooks on your Kindle reader.

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Reasons Why Kindle Doesn’t Show up on PC

A defective USB cable, out-of-date software, or driver problems are just a few potential causes of the issue. Fortunately, several fixes for this problem include rebooting the PC and the Kindle, installing Kindle drivers, and resetting the Kindle. With a more excellent grasp of the issue and the knowledge to resolve it, readers will know why their Kindle device is not showing up on their PC. Let us see what is causing the issue.

Defective USB Cable

One of the leading causes of pc not recognizing Kindle is a lousy USB cord. It will be impossible for your Kindle device to connect to your PC if the USB cable you are using is broken or damaged. If your Kindle device doesn’t appear on your PC, try a different USB cord to see if it solves the problem.

defective usb cable

Your Kindle device may not appear on your PC if not on, which is another possible explanation. Before connecting your Kindle to your PC, ensure it is on and unlocked.

Broke USB

The computer won’t recognize Kindle Paperwhite because your computer’s USB port might occasionally malfunction.

broken usb port

Try connecting your Kindle reader to a different USB port to see if it appears on your PC. If your Kindle device appears on a separate USB port, the USB port that you were using is broken.

Outdated Technology

Your Kindle device cannot appear on your PC without outdated software or firmware.

outdated software

Ensure your Kindle device is on the most recent software release to prevent compatibility problems.

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Driver Problem

Kindle won’t connect to the PC if the drivers are out-of-date. Software called drivers enables your PC to identify your Kindle device.

driver problem

You can get the latest recent driver for your Kindle reader from the company’s site.

Defective Kindle Hardware

If none of those mentioned above explanations explain why your Kindle device isn’t showing up on your PC, a hardware problem might be to blame.

defective hardware

You should have a professional examine your Kindle device.

Fixes for Kindle Don’t Show up on PC

There are various ways to fix this issue of Kindle not showing up on PC and getting back to reading. Also, read how to fix the Kindle application error.

Examine the USB Cable

Connecting Kindle to a PC will be impossible if your USB cable is broken or damaged.

inspect usb cable

Hence, USB devices may not be recognized. A different USB cable might help, so give that a shot and see whether your PC detects your Kindle reader.

Restart Your PC and Kindle

Restarting your PC and Kindle device occasionally helps fix connectivity problems.

restart kindle

Check if your Kindle device appears on your PC after restarting both devices.

Alternate the USB Port

Try connecting your Kindle device to a different USB port on your PC if the one you currently use isn’t functioning.

alternate usb port

This way, you can determine if the error is with the Kindle or the PC.

Verify the Kindle Settings

Ensure that USB connections are enabled on your Kindle device. Follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the “Settings” tab on your Kindle. Select “Device Properties” and then “USB Interface.” settings kindle
  2. Ensure to choose “File Transfer” or “USB Mass Storage.” usb mass storage

Update Kindle Software

Kindle not connecting to PC can be induced by old software or baseband.

update kindle software

Ensure your Kindle device is on the most recent software release to prevent compatibility problems.

Install Drivers for the Kindle

Your Kindle device might not be detect on your PC if the drivers are not load or are out-of-date.

update driver

The most recent drivers for your Kindle device are available for download on the manufacturer’s website.

Your Kindle Should be Reset

You can restore your Kindle device to factory settings if none of the previously mentioned fixes work. Back up your data before resetting your Kindle device because doing so will wipe everything on it. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Choose “Device Options.” 
  3. Select “Reset to Factory Defaults” to reset your Kindle device. reset kindle

Follow the steps illustrated in the image.

Call Amazon Customer Service

You should contact Amazon support if you have tried all the suggested fixes for connecting Kindle to pc.

amazon customer service

They will be able to help you fix the problem or provide you with further information on how to get an expert to look at your Kindle device.


Why Kindle is not showing up in the device manager?

There may have been a lot of factors for your Kindle device not to appear on your PC. A bad USB cable can cause it, a Kindle device that won't turn on, a broken USB port, out-of-date software on your Kindle device, driver problems, or a broken Kindle device.

If my Kindle doesn't appear on my PC, how can I fix it?

The problem of a Kindle device not showing up on a PC can be resolv in several ways. If you need more help, you can use the USB port, check your Kindle settings, update your Kindle software, install Kindle drivers, factory reset your Kindle device, or get in touch with Amazon support.

How can I see if my computer has a USB port?

Try attaching a different device to the same your PC in the same PC to see if your computer will identify it to test the USB port. The USB port is operational if the device is identified. Try attaching the device to a different USB port on your PC if it isn't recognized. To examine any issues with the USB ports, you may also check the Device Manager on your computer.

How can I make my Kindle device's software updates?

To upgrade the firmware on your Kindle device, navigate to the 'Settings' menu and choose 'Device Options.' Select 'System Updates' next, and click 'Check Now.' When an upgrade is available, download it by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

On my PC, how can I install the Kindle drivers?

When you connect your Kindle reader to your PC, Kindle drivers should install automatically. You can manually download and set them up from the Amazon website if they aren't already installed. Look up 'Kindle drivers' in the 'Help' section of the Amazon website. Then download and install the drivers on your PC by following the instructions.


Fix the ‘Kindle doesn’t appear on PC issue’ in various ways. Ensure your USB cable is in good working order, your Kindle device is on and unlock, and your USB port is in good operating order. If none of the abovementioned fixes work, you can attempt a factory reset of your Kindle device or contact Amazon support for more help. 

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