How To Fix: Kindle Fire Not Showing Up On PC


Amazon’s Kindle has grown a massive fanbase. It has become a reader’s favorite. With bundles of books, be it romantic, fantasy, or even thriller, the Kindle has a lot to offer its users. Over the years, different versions of Kindle have come up, and one such version is the Kindle Fire. Also, learn to fix the computer from sleeping too fast.

Not only does it offer a world of e-books to its users, but this little device also provides services like e-mail, web browsing, video, and music players, a bunch of Android Apps, and even an online content store. Kindle Fire is a great device, but sometimes it needs a connection with the computer/laptop. In this case, many users have complained that their device cannot recognize kindle fire, and a message pops up kindle fire is not showing up on PC.

kindle fire not showing up on pc
kindle fire not showing up on pc

Solutions for Kindle won’t connect to PC

Lately, this problem has occurred mainly on Windows 10 as “kindle not showing up on Windows 10”. If you are one of the users facing the same, some methods might help you solve the same. Also learn the 4 Methods To Fix Computer Doesn’t Recognize Kindle Paperwhite 

Update the Kindle app

The most common reason why this error might occur is that the Kindle app is not updated to its latest version.

update kindle app
update kindle app

It is always better to keep the apps updated; otherwise, mistakes might happen quite often. Also, various users have found this method to help solve it on Windows 10,8,7, etc.

Installing the MTP USB Device Driver

  • Press Windows + X key to open device manager
  • Click on view and select show hidden devices
    show hidden devices
    show hidden devices
  • Find Kindle Fire from the given list
  • Check if the drivers are installed. If they are not present, there will be a yellow exclamation mark next to the app icon.
  • Right-click on it and select update driver
  • Next, click on browse my computer for driver software
  • Select, available drivers on the computer.
  • Next, click portable devices.
    portable devices
    portable devices
  • In this step, uncheck the box with show compatible hardware and check the box MTP USB Device. Install the driver by clicking next.

This method might solve kindle fire is not recognized by Windows 10.

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Connecting with a different cable

Sometimes the cables connected to the devices may turn out to be faulty. This results in the Kindle fire is not showing up on PC.

connect with different cable
connect with different cable

Changing the cable with which the Kindle is connected to the PC may help in solving the issue.

Connecting the Kindle As A Camera

Many users have solved windows ten not recognizing kindle fire by simply connecting Kindle as a camera. You can find this option from the pull-down menu after you connect Kindle to the PC. Another way is to access the option from settings and then storage. You may also connect the Kindle as MTP or USB device.

connect as camera
connect as camera

The purpose of this method is to switch between different modes until the PC recognizes the Kindle fire.

Reinstalling Kindle Driver

  • Connect Kindle to the PC
  • Go to device manager
  • Find Kindle from the list and right-click and select uninstall device
  • After the driver uninstallation, disconnect the USB cable and try connecting it again
  • Now, install the necessary driver.

Reinstalling the drivers might help in resolving kindle fire won’t connect to PC.

Connecting a Different USB port

Every device has some requirements regarding its equipment. One of them is a USB port. Some users have reviewed that a USB 3.0 port often rejects to support Kindle.

usb 3.0
usb 3.0

Therefore, try using A USB 2.0 port to see if the problem is fixed. It depends on the device; hence it may even work with a 3.0 port.

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Performing A Hard Reset

It may happen for many users that the above methods don’t work. If that is the case for you, try this method by performing a hard reset. To do so, press and hold the power button for around 40 seconds to restart your Kindle.

reset kindle fire
reset kindle fire

This step might help in resolving kindle fire is not showing up on PC. If not, try doing a factory reset, but the data will get deleted permanently.

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How do I fix my Kindle not showing up on my computer?

Attach Kindle to a USB port on your PC and power of the Kindle completely. Restart the Kindle by pressing the power button for 40 seconds. Next, turn it back on and see if the computer detects it.

How to switch to Kindle USB mode?

Plug the USB end of the cable into an available USB port connected to your computer and the charger end into the Kindle. When connected to your computer, the Kindle will go into USB drive mode.

Is it possible to connect a USB stick to a Kindle Fire?

Connect the micro-USB end to your Fire tablet and the USB end to your PC. The Fire should then appear as a drive-in File Explorer in Windows 8. Opt to upload content to your Amazon Cloud Drive using the computer, and that content will then be available on your Fire tablet.  

Does Kindle Fire 8 have a USB port?

Amazon says that the new Fire HD 8 is 30% faster and comes with 32 and 64GB storage options. Battery life is 12 hours. Amazon follows an increasingly widespread standard for gadgets by including a USB-C port, which allows the Fire HD 8 to be charged in less than five hours.

Can you use a mouse with a Kindle Fire HD 10?

Amazon Fire tablets may be used with Bluetooth-enabled wireless peripherals such as headphones, speakers, keyboards, and mouse.


Now that you have reached the end of the article, we hope that one of the above methods has helped you solve kindle fire is not showing up on PC. Hence, let the binge begin! When windows 10 not recognizing kindle fire error occurs while enjoying your favorite book or movie, it kills the atmosphere. 

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