A persistent issue that stops players from joining the multiplayer game’s lobby is the League of Legends critical error. Riot games server outages are not the source of the problem because they originate with the user. One of the most annoying things players in League of Legends (LoL) might run across is the “critical error” notification. The famous MOBA game is considerably less enjoyable due to this sudden breakdown.

To fix the League of Legends critical error, try resetting the configuration folder and deleting the Logs Folder, updating graphic drivers, turning off your antivirus protection and firewall, and using the Hextech repair tool. If the critical error persists, run League of Legends as an administrator, uninstall GeForce experience, reinstall LoL and Riot Games, and restart the PC as a last step

Fear not—we’ll walk you through fixing the League of Legends critical error in simple steps with this tutorial. Let’s examine the root cause of the League of Legends critical problem and provide dependable fixes.

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Reason For League of Legends Critical Error

Issues with game files, graphics drivers, program incompatibilities, or system resource limitations usually cause League of Legends critical errors. If any of these conditions are met when playing League of Legends, you can have an unexpected “critical error” crash that ends the game.

league of legend critical error

You may encounter the error message, “A critical error has occurred, and the process must be terminated.” while playing at any point. This might take five minutes or longer. NOTE: During this period, the procedure could seem unresponsive”. Possible offenders of League of Legends critical error crash are as follows:

  • erroneous or corrupt game files
  • outdated drivers for graphics cards
  • Blocking LoL with a firewall or antivirus
  • inadequate VRAM or RAM
  • Overlays and other third-party programs lead to conflicts.
  • General OS/software issues with your computer

How do you fix League of Legends critical errors?

Even though this error message is rare, it nevertheless exists and occasionally appears. We have some secure solutions if you are among the few who need help debugging this problem.

Method 1: Reset Configuration Folder and Delete Logs Folder

Due to League of Legends’ monthly updates, some patches and fixes may become tainted and kept in the game’s files. Once the game is launched, you may remove and reinstall them.

You can also change the League of Legends language by configuring folders and in-game settings. The procedure for erasing the configuration and log directories is as follows:

  1. Start your PC’s File Explorer.file explorer
  2. Go to the League of Legends default route. Typically, it is kept on the C drive in the Riot Games\League of Legends’ “Program Files” folder.league of legends default route
  3. Use the left mouse button to draw a box in the “Logs and Configs” folder. Next, right-click and choose “Delete.”
    logs and configs
  4. Start League of Legends. This will cause the game files to be reinstalled and produce a new configuration folder for you to access.game files reinstall

Method 2: Update Graphic Drivers

Players may see League of Legends critical error on load issues because of an outdated graphics driver. By upgrading to the most recent version, you can resolve the problem. Resetting the graphics card driver’s settings can also determine the League of Legends bug splat before the loading screen issue. The procedure follows:

  1. Type the terms into the AI Search bar in the center to open the Device Manager.device manager
  2. Click on the display adapters menu. The GPU that the PC is utilizing is shown below.display adapters
  3. Use the GPU’s right-click menu to choose “Update driver”.update driver
  4. Relaunch League of Legends when it’s finished to see whether the critical error warning still appears.league of legends

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Method 3: Turn Off Your Antivirus Protection and Firewall

Antivirus software is unnecessary if you plan to play League of Legends using the RIOT Games Launcher because RIOT is a reliable website. It might be stopping the game from starting.

disable antivirus

Turning off firewall and antivirus software by opening the program and deactivating it from the settings menu is a typical solution for LoL’s serious issues.

Method 4: Use the Hextech Repair Tool

If none of the above-suggested repairs work, you can download the League of Legends application repairing tool from RIOT Games’ support page. For any LoL fault, the Hextech repair tool is considered the finest alternative for troubleshooting.

hextech repair tool

The problem may be fixed by removing the League of Legends application from your computer and reinstalling it using the Hextech menu. If you are playing on iOS and League of Legends is not opening on Mac, using the Hextech repair tool is the best option.

To report issues with MOBA, log in to RIOT Games Support Service. We hope that the League of Legends Critical Error remedies we provided were successful for you. If you cannot solve the error, move on to the next step.

Method 5: Run League of Legends as an Administrator

Significant errors can happen in the 2019 League of Legends when privilege rights aren’t granted. Attempting to run the game as an administrator is an option. This is the method you should follow.

  1. Right-click the League of Legends desktop shortcut and choose properties.
    league of legend properties
  2. Select the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox under the compatibility tab.run this program as administrator inside compatibility tab
  3. To preserve the modifications, tick the box labeled “disable full-screen optimizations”, then click ok and apply.disable full screen optimization
  4. Check whether the League of Legends critical problem has been fixed after restarting the game.run league of legends

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Method 6: Uninstall GeForce Experience

Removing the NVidia GeForce Experience may resolve the League of Legends system problem. You may follow the below steps for the uninstallation process.

  1. Open the Run window using the Win + R keys—type appwiz. Cpl into the box and press enter.run window
  2. From the list of apps, right-click NVidia GeForce Experience and choose to uninstall.uninstall nvidia geforce
  3. Click yes to validate the action and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the uninstallation procedure.

Method 7: Reinstall LoL and Riot Games

Installing League of Legends and its client could be a good idea if you’ve tried every fix on our list but can still not play the game due to that annoying critical issue. Verify that you do not leave behind any configuration files, as they may restore your settings following a fresh setup.

You may reset the entire game by uninstalling both the client and the game. Faults, malfunctions, and ad settings may also cause that severe mistake. If your League of Legends won’t uninstall, try the simple steps below.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall Programs > League of Legends and remove it.control panel
  2. Make sure you treat the client in the same way.
  3. After doing all of this, install League of Legends from scratch.install league of legends

Method 8: Restart the PC

A simple PC restart may fix the League of Legends critical problem. Updating the computer device’s memory enables a more fluid gaming experience.

restart the pc

Alternatively, you may boost League of Legends’ bandwidth by terminating any background activities that use up memory and cause delay before starting the game.


Is a critical error a failure?

Even if severe, critical mistakes do not immediately endanger other road users or property. The Testing Officer must award you a failing score if you commit more than one Critical Error in Stage 1 of your limited license exam or more than two Critical Errors over the whole test.

Why is my League of Legends connection so bad?

If you have WiFi enabled, location of the WiFi router: Your connection quality is affected by the distance and obstructions between your computer and router. This is the primary reason why the connection is poor.

Why can't I log into League of Legends?

Consider restoring your account if you receive an error connected to your password or login. Your machine rejecting the security certificates from our servers might be the root of the problem.

Why do I keep getting critical errors in the league?

Turning off firewall and antivirus software by opening the program (Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, etc.) and deactivating it from the settings menu is a typical solution for LoL's serious issues.


If a critical error occurs in League of Legends, terminate the process immediately. Initial measures worth investigating include checking system requirements, upgrading graphics drivers, fixing game files, and turning off pointless background apps.

It’s crucial to check for updates from your device manufacturer and game developers often. If the problem continues, you may get more information by contacting the game’s official support or visiting community forums.

You can improve your chances of fixing the major mistake and seamlessly returning to League of Legends gameplay by combining these efforts with patience.

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