League of Legends is the most popular and dynamic multiplayer game, created and published by Riot Games in 2009. This dynamic gameplay has accumulated millions of dedicated players. However, unlike every game, there are occasionally technical glitches and errors. One such hiccup players encounter is “League of Legends Error Code 999”.

This League of Legends error message can be because of a slow internet connection, system overload, server issues, or corrupted files. We recommend that players wait and attempt to log into the game again to resolve this issue.

It will fix all the temporary problems with servers. But if you still need help, this instructional guide is for you. We’ll discuss the error in detail so you can continue playing without interruption.

What is the cause of League of Legends Error Code 999?

Here are some possibilities as to why you could be getting League of Legends error message:

league of legends

  • A league connection error may occur due to an unstable internet connection.
  • The error might also happen if your system is having technical problems.
  • You might see this error if the League of Legends technical team works on their servers. In such case you can check their server status.
  • You might also get this error if parts of your game are broken or corrupted.
  • Also, how you set your internet browser or the extra devices can make the game not work, resulting in errors.

How do you resolve League of Legends error code 999?

Here are some potential solutions for problems with the League of Legends error code 999

Restart your computer

If turning off and on again doesn’t eliminate the error, try rebooting the computer system. This might fix the minor issues with your computer that make the error happen.


When your computer restarts, so will your system’s software. This will fix all the temporary errors and restore your game.

Check your Internet connection

To see if your internet is working well, use the below steps:

  1. Open website www.speedtest.net.
  2. Your browser will take you to the page where you can check your internet speed.
  3. Click on the option saying check your speed.
  4. On that page, you must insert the information about your internet. This will include details like IP address.
  5. After you have put in all your information, press GO.

click on go

6. The test will begin and take a few minutes. After the test, you can see the result on your screen.

internet speed

7. Something might need to be fixed if your internet speed differs from when you began the test. Check the problem and figure out what is causing it.

Check your League of Legends installation

Open League of Legends. If you face issues with league of legends not opening check this post.

league of legends poster

  1.  Click the “Help” icon in the top left corner.
  2.  Choose the “Support” section.
  3.  Click on “Troubleshooting Information”.
  4.  Press the “System” option.
  5.  Tap the “Diagnostics” button.
  6.  Select “League of Legends”.
  7.  Click the “Error Log” button.
  8.  Look at the error log for “League of Legends”.

When you notice a code that starts with “999,” follow these steps:

  1. Shut down League of Legends.
  2. Delete League of Legends from your computer.

uninstall league of legends

3. Put League of Legends back on your computer.

Check your firewall settings

  1.  Open your internet program and find the “settings” section.
  2.  In the “settings”, look for “advanced” and click on “firewall.”
  3.  In the “firewall settings”,  see if “public networks” and “LAN” are turned on by having a checkmark.
  4.  If “public networks” doesn’t have a checkmark, click it to put a checkmark.
  5.  Click “LAN” to add a checkmark if it doesn’t already have one.
  6.  If both “public networks” and “LAN” have checkmarks, make sure that “block all traffic” doesn’t have a checkmark.
  7.  If “block all traffic” has a checkmark, remove it.
  8.  Make sure “firewall exceptions” don’t have a checkmark.
  9.  If “firewall exceptions” have a checkmark, remove it.
  10.  If “firewall exceptions” has a checkmark, ensure the “League of Legends” exception has one.
  11.  If the “League of Legends” exception has a checkmark, ensure the port number is “8080.”

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Disable your Antivirus temporarily

  1. Open windows start menu and type Windows Security.

go to windows security

2. Click on Virus and Threat Protection on the left action bar.

select virus and threat protection

3. Click the toggle button to turn off the Antivirus temporarily.

disable anti virus

4. Confirm Yes.

Some users also might get rid of the League of Legends antivirus problem with the following steps:

  1.  Review your antivirus settings.
  2.  Run the League of Legends maintenance program.
  3. Install League of Legends again.

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Turn off VPNs and Proxies

VPNs and proxies may cause the game servers to malfunction and act confused. You can resolve the problem if you disable the VPNs and proxies.

select network and internet

Turn off proxy by clicking on the toggle button and then clicking on the save button.

In this manner, the game may communicate directly with the servers without any third-party servers creating issues.

Get help from customer service

If League of Legends error code 999 continues to rule your screen, you can always contact the customer support service. They can help you with the unexpected platform error league. You can also check this out if you are facing an unexpected error with login.

get help from customer support

You must provide them with information like IP address, the company you take internet from, and the details of league of Legends error message.

They will ask you to do tests like ping or traceroute to see what’s wrong. This helps them figure out what is happening and give you a better service.


Why is my LoL not working?

If you face a 'connection failure League of Legends' or an 'unexpected platform error league' on your system, switch to a different account. Now, close all the game processes and relaunch the game. Clean the configuration and logos folder. Shut down the resource-hungry processes. Whitelist the game in the Windows Defender. If nothing works, reinstall it again.

Why is League of Legends muted?

Users who use offensive language in the game will automatically be muted. This is because of a new update in the game system that can detect foul language. Riot game company made this update to stop slang and make the gaming experience better for everyone.

How do I delete the Riot game?

First, delete the program from your computer. If you use Windows 11, click 'Settings' and 'Apps & Features'. Using Windows 10, navigate to 'Settings > Apps'. In Windows 10, locate the Riot Games Client and select 'Uninstall', In Windows 11, select 'Uninstall' by clicking the three horizontal dots. Use the File Manager to locate and remove any lingering files once you've finished removing them.

Is League of Legends still the most popular game?

Presently, more than 150 million people play League of Legends. There are 130 million players every month. It is played actively by almost 12 million users daily. Many gamers even assert that they exclusively play League of Legends.


As you glue to your favorite LoL game, you might face this frustrating League of Legends error code 999. But don’t you worry! We hope this guide has given you the information and answers you seek.

These problems are common, especially in online games. But as you solve each issue, you become a pro at fixing things and more focused on improving the game.

So, whether you play League of Legends solo or with a team, utilize our method to deal with Error Code 999 and keep having fun. The Fields of Justice are waiting for you; get ready to fight!