The League of Legends delay irritates us because we are already struggling to advance in season 12. But feel free! We’ll talk about the causes of this problem and, more importantly, how you can resolve it by yourselves. Several things can go wrong and cause the ‘League of Legends not opening issue. And it’s crucial to understand how some files can influence others.

This problem can be solved by switching to a different account, closing all game processes and trying to relaunch the game, removing the log folders and Config, closing resource-hungry processes, try to allowlist the game using windows defender. If the problem continues, reinstall the app.

If you’re reading this, there’s enough probability that it’s already occurred. You can remedy this problem by following the easy steps we’ll provide. After that, let’s examine what the ‘League of Legends not opening‘ issue is precisely and how to resolve it!

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How Can I Open League of Legends?

When you press on the League of Legends icon, nothing happens. Neither the player nor the game is visible. Furthermore, no matter how long you wait, nothing changes.

One of the most reliable solutions to the ‘League of Legends not opening’ issue is reinstalling the game. Some other solutions are launching the game from the installation folder, closing all running programs, playing the game in ‘Administrator Mode,’ and more!

There are numerous solutions to fix the ‘League of Legends not opening’ issue because various circumstances can cause it. So let’s begin with the simplest solution and work our way down to the more intricate ones.

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Restart Your Computer

The choice to restart your computer works despite not being created specifically to address League of Legends, not starting issues. The temporary data is removed when you reload your computer. It’s possible some of this storing information was damaged and affected LoL. restartingIt’s preferable to erase this immediately away because it happens frequently. All the LoL programs that failed to launch are closed by restarting your computer, allowing you to start over.

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From The Installation Folder, Launch The Game

Regrettably, it can also quickly become corrupted and stop functioning properly. As a result, when you touch it, nothing happens.league client

The League of Legends shortcut on your screen can be removed or moved. Afterward, go to your installer folder and open the ‘LeagueClient program to start the game. You can also attempt a few other suggestions on this list if this doesn’t work.

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Close All Currently Running Programs

If you’ve already used the LoL icon a lot or if your computer has been operating for a while, there’s a good probability that numerous programs are still running on the host. Closing them might enable League of Legends to launch. This is particularly true if you’ve just visited Steam or Razer Synapse, which frequently triggers the problem.

  1. Right-clicking on your toolbar will bring up ‘Task Manager.’task manager
  2. Any LoL, Steam, or Razer Synapse program should be found and closed. Disable all non-essential apps by going to the ‘Startup‘ page.startup page Leave the Task Manager and open ‘LeagueClient‘ to start the game.

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Play The Game In Administrator Mode

League of Legends won’t launch on some PCs because it needs greater access. If this applies to you, getting into the game as an operator can fix the issue.

However, we sometimes might face the issue that the league client won’t open.

run as administratorTherefore, select ‘LeagueClient’ or the LoL logo from the context menu and choose ‘Run as Administrator.‘ When questioned, ‘If you wish the program to make modifications,’ you can select ‘Yes.‘ Hopefully, the game will begin right away!

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Install The Game Again

If neither of the preceding fixes worked for you, it is advisable to reload the game. It could be necessary to repair some game files if they suffer sufficient damage. One of the most reliable solutions to the ‘League of Legends not launching‘ issue is reinstalling the game.reinstalling

Properly remove the game using the Control Panel before manually downloading it from the official website.

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A Game Client Update

The League of Legends gaming client, particularly the most recent version, is prone to numerous mistakes. Its .dll files can occasionally corrupt without warning. Consequently, LoL won’t launch. You can ease this hardship by updating your game client. Take these actions:

  1. Open the ‘RADS’ folder from the League of Legends installation site.rads
  2. Remove the ‘LoL launcher‘ and ‘LoL patcher‘ folders from ‘Projects‘ by going there. Only delete the ‘aps ms win…dll‘ files in the League of Legends setup folder.dll file error
  3. Clicking ‘LeagueClient‘ will start the client. Let the updating procedure complete.

Hopefully, this would solve your ‘League of Legends not opening‘ issue!

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Replace The ‘Projects’ Folder 

Several files must be hidden in the ‘Projects‘ for the series to start. Fixing them can also fix the ‘League of Legends not starting’ issues for some folks.

  1. Go inside the game’s installation location and open the ‘RADS‘ folder.file
  2. Copy the ‘Projects‘ folder to your desktop and paste it there.paste
  3. Sit tight for the updates to begin before starting the game using ‘LeagueClient.Place the ‘Projects‘ file returned to its original location while the game updates. Decide to retain the first one you changed.league client

You can start the game after the download is complete.

Install The Latest Graphics Card Driver

If none of the options we described above was successful for you, your graphics card is the cause of the issue. We frequently overlook updating our graphics cards. Such glitches, malfunctions, and matters are frequent when the graphics card has become outdated. Therefore, ensure that the drivers for your graphic cards are the most recent versions and that you are using them. We strongly advise downloading NVIDIA GeForce Experience if you use an NVIDIA graphics card. This program is provided free of charge and is official for NVIDIA. nvidia

Additionally, you may attach your graphics card to that to instantly receive driver updates and info. Overall, it is helpful and easy to use.

Additionally, if you have an AMD graphics card, you may open ‘AMD Radeon settings’ by right-clicking on your desktop. Here, you may see if your graphics card has any updates available. The only action you must do following the driver installation is to restart your computer because everything else operates automatically. Here is a guide on Resolving League Of Legends Error Code 999


Why is the league client not loading?

One of the most reliable solutions to the 'League of Legends not loading' issue is to reinstall the game.

Why is League of Legends not opening after launch?

After pressing launch, League of Legends won't open - This is a fairly frequent issue with League of Legends. Close any running instances of Steam or Razer Synapse before launching the game, as these programs are frequently the source of this problem.

The Riot client: is it infected?

My antivirus just informed me that my LoL Client has had a URLmal infection for the fifth period.

Why does my LoL client keep crashing?

League of Legends will have issues connecting with your hardware, such as your graphics card, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc. if you are using an old version of DirectX. The faults that can occur from this range from driver crashes to keyboard or mouse commands not being able to register to sound cutting off.


You can attempt various methods to repair League of Legends if it frequently crashes, from upgrading your drivers to fixing the game’s data. We hope our fixes allowed you to solve the “League of Legends not opening” issue! Like reading this blog? For more such articles, head onto Validedge right away!