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To conduct a Ping Test in LoL, you can use the following methods: use an online checker to check the Ping, use the command prompt in Windows, Pinging a LoL server can do the job most quickly, and entering a customized single game is another effective option.

You must read this article in-depth to learn each method in detail. The content is brief and to the point. When you reach this article’s end, you’ll have all the answers on the LoL Ping Test.

What is the Purpose of a Ping

A Ping in LoL is a visual signage that illustrates to your team that you are trying to communicate. Specific pre-existing pings are part of the game. When you use ping in league of legends, you express situations, usually crises, to the whole team.ping in league of legends

There are pings for particular conditions, such as generic ping to attract a player, caution ping to express potential dangers or threats, retreat ping to communicate backing off, and assist me ping to ask for help.

You can use only six pings in 5 seconds. Any seventh ping would prevent ping until the next 10 seconds and send an alert.

What’s the Best Ping

Every League of Legends player wants a low ping latency in an online game, as larger pings disturb the gameplay.ping in the range of 10m to 70m

The most effective ping in LoL should range from 10 m to 70 m in area. If you go for a ping above 150 m, it becomes a nuisance for the game and leads to its disruption. A ping latency below 20 is the best.

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What is a Ping Test

A League Ping test determines your ping’s latency before your game starts. While the game runs, you can see your existing ping on the screen at the top right corner. But before it is on, you must know your current ping.ping test

If your ping is not visible on the screen during the run time, you can press Ctrl + R. It is the shortcut to show it. It also shows your FPS number.

Pings depend on your internet connection, your firewall, your wifi, and also the servers. The poorer quality leads to a high latency ping, while a low latency ensures good quality. 

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Need of Ping Test

A League of Legends ping test is necessary to check your ping speed. Your ping request must be taken from your server and sent to your partners’ servers as quickly as possible.ping

 A high ping shows that the time and internet consumption is a lot, and the players hate this. It is preferred that the ping is as low as possible.

Methods to Conduct Ping Test

To test LoL ping, there are several methods available that are easy as well as effective. They are tried and tested and listed here for your perusal.

1. Test through an Online Ping Checker

Various tools available on the internet are at your disposal to find out your ping. These online LoL ping testers are suited to your needs.ping test . net

They take much less time and use your IP address and browser details to determine your internet latency. Could you find the best online league ping test?

Visit: Ping-test.net

2. Use Command Prompt

Launch Windows and type Ctrl+ R. It will open the Run tab on your PC. Now, type the string “cmd” in this prompt box. Once clicked, it will lead you to a box.ping-command-prompt

This box is the command Prompt, and you must put in your code ping 104.160.1131.3 -t. It works only for the servers of Northern America. Find your code to open up the ping for another region.

3. Help from the LoL Server

You can ping a local LoL server to conduct a League of Legends ping test. This is the fastest method to find out the ping latency. Furthermore, some of the IP address of Riot Games is available openly on the website of Riot Games.lol servers

To ping them, you must go through the Command Prompt. Launch Windows and type Ctrl+ R. It will open the Run tab on your PC. Now, type the string “cmd” in this prompt box. Once you click on that, it opens up a box. This box is the command Prompt. See this article to get unbanned on League Of Legends.

Now, type ping 104.160.1131.3 -t. This will give you the answer to your League of Legends ping test. Also, learn to fix Err_SSL_Version_Or_Cipher_Mismatch Error in this article.

4. Enter a Solo Match

Before you head out in an actual competitive match, it is wise to start a single game where you are alone and try your ping latency. It would allow you to be safe from the deception of ping. This would give you a chance to try out your ping without anything at risk.lol solo match

All of these methods are used by players all over the world. 

How to Reduce a Ping in LoL?

A faulty and poor ping can result due to many things. However, It can be a bad connection, a bandwidth that needs to be improved, drivers that need to be updated, etc.reduce ping in lol

To reduce this ping, you can try out the following methods:

1. Use the closest server

2. Try using ethernets 

3. Ensure proximity to routers when you are using a wifi 

4. Ensure that your system is running without any obstruction 

5. Close other heavy background applications

These methods can reduce a high ping in the League of Legends.  

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What is the usage of Smart Ping?

The smart ping is a dedicated menu in the league. It contains four kinds of pings—the basic and the caution ones both.

What is the remote shortcut V for?

It is a caution ping. It helps to warn the co-players against any potential threats and hazards.

What kind of ping is 80?

Any ping above the 60 m latency could be better for you. You can keep the latency below 60 m; the best range is anything below 30 m.

What is the best ping latency?

The ping latency of 20 and below 20 is fantastic and almost perfect. It would carry your ping to your co-players very quickly.

How to solve the ping latency of 500 m?

You can bring your ping latency down by using a mix of methods. Use an online checker to check the Ping, or use the command prompt in Windows; pinging a LoL server can do the job most quickly, and entering a customized single game is another effective option.


Now you know what a ping is, why it is needed, what is a League of Legends ping test, what is the most effective ping latency, how to conduct a test of this ping latency, and how to bring it down a few notches.

You are now ready to solve your pinging problems on your own. You won’t need additional methods to test or lower your ping latency, as these are the best methods available. This means you are ready to ping your co-players, caution them, and grab their attention quickly. So go on and Happy Pinging!