Installing a game is hassle-free. All you need to do is hit the button install. The main issue comes up when League of Legends won’t uninstall. Many users struggle with the question: Why can’t I uninstall League of Legends?

If you want to uninstall the game, there are several options: navigating to the Control Panel settings and finding the game folder. After you have found the folder, you will have to open and carry out the uninstallation.

It is a smooth process and should not give you a hard time. But if this might not work, here are the details to move on with the uninstallation process. If you are on any other website, you might want to check this article on why is my Xbox so slow.

Reasons why League of Legends won’t uninstall

Here are the reasons why League of Legends won’t uninstall:

league of legends uninstall

  • League of Legends is not displayed in the programs and features list.
  • You do not have the required permit to uninstall the League of Legends.
  • The uninstallation process cannot execute one of the essential files.
  • An error has taken place, preventing the complete uninstallation of all files.
  • Another application may stop the uninstallation process.
  • After uninstallation, files and folders are still available on the hard disk.

And if you’re encountering a League of Legends RADS error or a critical error, you may need to reinstall the game to resolve any issues with corrupt or missing files.

Discover the steps of the League of Legends, which cannot connect to the server.

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How to Uninstall League of Legends on Windows

Here are some methods you can try to uninstall League of Legends.

Method 1: Uninstalling the League of Legends by programs and functions.

After you install a new program on your system, it goes into the list of programs and functions.To eliminate the program, you need access to this feature.

Follow the steps:

1. Go to Start and search Settings.

uninstall league of legends method one step one

2. Select System.

uninstall league of legends method one step two

3. Select Apps & Features.

uninstall league of legends method one step three

4. Look for League of Legends in the list, and click to uninstall.

uninstall league of legends method one step four

You can also refer the video tutorial below.

Method 2: Uninstall League of Legends using uninstaller.exe.

There is also one of the significant reasons why League of Legends is not uninstalling. Most computer system programs have an executable file such as unins000.exe or uninstall.exe.

Follow the steps:

1. Access the League of Legends directory.

uninstall lol using uninstaller.exe step one

2. Find the unins000.exe or uninstall.exe. File.uninstalling lol using uninstaller.exe

3. Double-click on the uninstaller. Be sure to follow all the rules of League of Legends uninstaller wizard.

Method 3: Getting rid of League of Legends using System Restore

System Restore is a tool/feature in Windows. It helps undo changes to their computers and remove programs that cause issues.

If you made a “System Restore Point” before putting in League of Legends, you can use System Restore to resume previous settings and uninstall the game. Just remember to save your files before you do it.

Follow the steps:

1. Shut the files and do a program run.

2. Go to the desktop, right-click and select properties. You can now see the system window.

system restore one

3. Click System Protection. It is on the left side of the windows. You can see System Properties Windows.

system restore one

4. Click on the System Restore, and the System Restore Window will pop up.

system restore two

5. Choose another restore point and hit next.

system restore three

6. Pick a date and time from that list and click next. The programs and driver may not work after you have reset the date and time. Reinstall them again.

system restore four

Method 4: Uninstalling League of Legends with Antivirus

Nowadays, harmful and damaging software looks similar to standard software. But you know these harmful software are super sneaky. This malicious software gets into your computer system through viruses.uninstall league of legends

Removing them is extra tricky. They can also enter your system and automatically download free files like videos, PDFs, games, etc. Finding these root files to delete them takes a lot of work.

If League of Legends won’t uninstall like other apps, check if that file has corrupted.

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Method 5: Reboot League of Legends to uninstall

If the allocated file to uninstall the game is broken or disappeared, you can uninstall the game easily. You can reinstall the game to fix it.reinstall lol

Run the set-up program from where you first downloaded the game. You will find it in the game folder.

Further, this step will help repair the game after installation.

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Method 6: Uninstall the game using the delete command

If League of Legends won’t uninstall, you can opt for the deletion method. After launching the program on your computer, Windows stocks the settings and information in the record.

You can give this approach a shot to remove League of Legends. Adjust the record thoroughly because any misstep can result in an error.

Follow the steps:

1. To run the command, Click and hold the Windows and R buttons. Write regedit and hit ok.

uninstall lol using delete command one

2. Look for the next registration and find the League of Legends key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWARE_Microsoftraam…

3. Double-click the Uninstall String value and copy the data.

uninstalling lol using delete command two

4. Enter the command. Paste the value into the field and press OK.

5. Follow the wizard to uninstall League of Legends.

Method 7: Use another tool to Uninstall League of Legends

Getting rid of League of Legends by yourself needs computer know-how and a little bit of patience. But doing it manually might not erase everything.

When League of Legends doesn’t uninstall completely, extra and bogus files are left behind in your system settings. Too many files can slow your computer.

So, your best option is to use a unique tool from a trusted company to uninstall the game. It will thoroughly search your computer, locate all the files, and delete them.

How to Uninstall League of Legends on Mac

Sometimes, you want to rest your eyes from all the gaming and take a break. But your determination pauses when the League of Legends won’t uninstall, becoming an unexpected obstacle.

When you want to quit for good, the uninstallation process crashes, creating additional frustrations, especially when dealing with issues like League of Legends not opening on Mac.
uninstall league of legends mac

The process is generally easy, but it can vary according to the computer system you might be using.

These are steps for Mac. You can remove it from your Mac easily without special programs.

Follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Applications folder- You can get there by pressing Command+ Shift + G and typing “/Applications/”.
  2. Drag the game to the trash folder.

mac uninstall lol

3. Press Command + Shift + C and head to MacintoshHD/Users/Shared/Riot Games.

4. After you find the Riot Games folder, put it in the trash folder.

uninstall lol in mac

5. Choose the trash folder.

6. After this final step, you can uninstall the LoL from your Mac.


I can't uninstall League of Legends. How can I uninstall it?

Open Control Panel. If you can’t find it, look for the control panel in your Windows search bar. Choose the program and features. Right-click on the 'League of Legends' and hit uninstall.

Why my riot client won't uninstall?

Many players are having trouble uninstalling the riot client with the control panel. Riot client cannot be uninstalled from the programs and features tab from the control panel. The only method is to delete the root files.

Can I delete my Riot account?

The accounts must meet all the criteria to be eligible for the deleting method. However, you may lose your Riot account if you are inactive for a long time.

How do I uninstall Riot Games entirely?

Users of Windows 11 go to the apps and features section. Find the Riot Client and press uninstall. For Windows 10 users, search for the three-dot menu and choose to uninstall. After you have completed the process, go to the file manager and delete the leftover files.


League of Legends won’t uninstall if you have not identified a quicker and more dependable approach.

However, we were to devise a solution to uninstall LoL from your system. Remember to follow each step to uninstall successfully.

You can quickly regain control of your computer system and successfully remove League of Legends.

If you’ve encountered th don’t panic – you can take several troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.