Linked Helper Review: An Easy to Use LinkedIn Automation Tool


Starting as a simple lead generation tool, Linked Helper has become a very popular tool which simplifies manual work in LinkedIn though very useful automated services. It is one of the foremost automation tools for linked in with the biggest user base and highest customer rating. In this article of Linked Helper Review, we have tried to review almost all the features provided by Linked Helper LinkedIn automation tool.

Linked Helper
Linked Helper

What is Linked Helper?

Linked Helper is a Chrome plugin and desktop application which can be used to automate various LinkedIn functions. It supports LinkedIn and it’s associate applications like Sales Navigator, Recruiter, and Recruiter Lite. This application assists the user to manage their LinkedIn account efficiently and effortlessly by performing several manual tasks in LinkedIn automatically, such as auto-connecting with people searched via.


LinkedIn, sending invites to connect with people, and messages to connections, and so on. The services from this application solved several sales and marketing issues as well. Excellent service for job seekers and recruiters, Linked Helper stores all data about your connections (Such as contact information, etc.) in your Chrome Browser so that you are able to access them in case of immediate need.

Features of Linked Helper

With its efficient auto—mailing services, profile extraction methods, targeted email features, and several others, Linked Helper can enlarge your network in bulk. Its systematic and labor-saving features are worth mention. Some of its core features are as follows:

1. Profiles Auto-Visitor

You can use this feature in the paid premium account of LinkedIn. It helps in visiting different profiles automatically based on your previous searches.


2. Profiles Auto-Follower

This option helps in growing your LinkedIn network by including your 2nd and 3rd level connections by automatically selecting the people you have put into the queue. When you start following a person, you are to receive more profile views on LinkedIn and thereafter, get more acceptances for your invitations.

Profile Auto Follower

You can control your feed posts by following and unfollowing specific people. By liking and commenting on someone’s posts, you are also able to add them to your network.

3. Auto-Connect Invite With a Personalised Message

Linked helper can collect, select and deliver requests to a large number of people automatically, which allows you to significantly reduce time assigned for manual work.

4. Auto-Responder for Recently Added Connections

Though this application, an introduction message can be prepared which is then automatically forwarded to recent connections.

Auto Responder

5. Message Sequences/Message Chain

Linked Helper allows you to arrange specific people in a queue and then send messages to your connections in a short time span.

6. Profile Endorser

After connecting with people in your network, you can endorse their skills. Linked Helper can unburden by visiting the connections put in a queue and endorsing the skills they have provided on LinkedIn.

Profile Endroser

It ranks their key skills in order, which might help you to gain certain endorsements in return from your groups.

7. Profile Extractor

This feature of Linked Helper review visits the LinkedIn profiles of first level connections which you listed in queues and obtains the information provided in these pages. The feature here allows you to get a CSV file containing all accumulated profile details including the name, data on education, skills, employment details, interests, and mutual connections, along with contact information like phone and emails.

This feature carries out several other functions, such as detecting the people you connected with before a certain time point, distinguishing profiles based on the geographical area so that a customized message can be sent for each specific area, messaging people which over thousand followers or people with only certain skills listed.

8. Companies Extractor

This Linked Helper feature extracts information (such as company name, website URL, domain, industry, headquarters, specialties, products, and services, etc.) from company pages in LinkedIn.

Companies Extractor

This can save your time to find out companies with a specific factor that you require. Thus from the extracted CSV file provided by Linked Helper, you can filter companies as per your requirements. Moreover, from the CSV file, you can find contact information for second and third level connections.

9. Inviter into LinkedIn groups

Linked helper assembles profiles from various sources, such as LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter search pages, lead lists, Recruiter projects, MyNetwork, Alumni lists, Group Member Lists, People who Viewed your profile and even LinkedIn post likers and commentators. It also sends invites and messages to the selected profiles.

10. Message Editor PRO

This tool allows you to use several LinkedIn variables and templates in your messages and invites. You can also upload a CSV file your own custom variables and designs.

How to Use Linked Helper

The first step is to find the Linked Helper extension version in the Chrome Web Store. Download it and unpack the zip file in a specific place on your computer. From Google options list, go to More Tools and find the Chrome Extensions list. Switch on Developer mode and click “Load Unpacked extension”. From the unpacked archive choose folder “build_cloud” and start using the extension in LinkedIn. Open Linked Helper widget and choose the actions you want to perform.

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Linked Helper Plans & Pricing

Linked Helper services can be used at no cost for 2 weeks, after which the charge per month is $15 for unlimited use in a single browser. The other pricing packages for single browser installation are a three month package at $40 (which means payment of $13.33 each month), the 6 month package at $60 (i.e., $10 to be paid monthly) and the 12 months package at $99, i.e., $8.25 on a monthly basis.

All these plans provide unlimited services and cannot be used on multiple computers simultaneously; however, the license can be transferred to another computer. Moreover, the single license permits the user to manage more than one LinkedIn accounts by signing out of one account and logging into another.


Within three years of launch, Linkedin Helper ascends to being one of the leading automation tools which deliver many services at convenient cost structures. The application is easy to install and use, thus relieving you of many time-consuming processes while working with LinkedIn. We hope this article on Linked Helper Review helped you to understand the app better.