Netflix Error M7703-1003: Netflix is a prominent online video site that enables clients to watch different motion pictures, and TV appears through PC, TV, tablets, or cell phones. In any case, once in a while, some error codes manifest, demonstrating that you can’t play the because of specific issues.

The error message ‘M7703-1003’ happens when there are degenerate or terrible modules in Google Chrome. The error message ‘M7703-1003’ occurs when Google Chrome has corrupt or destructive modules. Fix this error, and you can clear your Google Chrome browser data completely.
 Note: Clearing browsing data also works if you encounter the error using other browsers.

Usually, the M7703-1003 error message focuses on a segment of your program that should be refreshed or hindered by a security or program setting. Before starting, ensure you have a decent internet connection and are signed in as an Administrator.

This error and issues like Netflix error code M7111-1931-404 and Netflix Error Code M7362 1269 can happen on both Windows and Linux operating systems. This article elaborates on all the steps needed to solve this issue, so keep reading for a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

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Why Do Users Face Netflix Error M7703-1003?

Clients experience M7703-1003 error messages in both Linux and Windows working frameworks, primarily due to the program designs on their PC. The error message ‘M7703-1003’ happens when there are degenerate or terrible modules in Google Chrome.

error code

This isn’t new and happens constantly in different cases, or the Google Chrome profile is degraded. The expansion of Widevine on Google Chrome for Netflix is additionally known to cause issues, including the specific problem you might encounter—Fixing Netflix Error HTP-998. This module enables Chrome to play DRM-secured HTML 5 sound and video.

7 Ways to Fix Netflix Error M7703-1003

Method #1 Check if the Widevine Module is missing

Widevine is an advanced right-the-board segment in Google Chrome for encryption and secure permit circulation. It additionally assumes the job of ensuring video playback on any purchaser gadget.

Netflix depends on Widevine for playback on the program, and if the module is absent or obsolete, you may be provoked by this error or other errors like the Netflix Error Code UI-122.

  1. Go to the address bar of Chrome and type: Chrome: //components/chrome components

2. After this, scroll down to the end of the page and locate the “Widevine Content Decryption Module.” and click on Check for Update and install all the updates.widevine content decryption module

3. After this, Shut down the device and restart it. This must be done after making all the changes. Try to launch Netflix once again.

Method #2 Reset Configurations of the Chrome

If Widevine is functioning truly to form, you can take a stab at resetting Chrome’s setups. Note that this will delete all your history, store, and other spare things. By doing this, there are no awful records in the designs that are clashing with the program and not allowing it to play Netflix recordings.

  1. Before starting, make sure that the user has made a copy of all the configurations in the device and then transfer them to another folder that you can access later. This is done to restore the negative results later
  2. Clear all the browsing history and the cache entirely before proceeding. Shut down the PC and Restart once you have done all the actions. Try to play something on Netflix.

For the users using Ubuntu, this method will not work. Thus, follow the steps given below carefully;

  1. Launch a terminal window on the device.terminal window
  2. Start typing the commands and get the specific authorities’ help from the Internet. Enter an administrator password to ensure you are proceeding on the right track.ubuntu
  3. Restart and confirm whether the problem persists.

Method #3 Switch the Profile

If both techniques don’t work, you can utilize another profile and check whether it works. Ensure that your profile settings are safe against your Gmail ID so you can generally log your shape back and load every one of your things without losing anything. Keep this arrangement if all else fails, as you will lose every one of your bookmarks and top choices in this procedure.

  1. On the taskbar in Chrome, go to the profile icon, which opens the settings for your profiles
  2. There is an option to Turn it off in front of Sync; click on it.sync
  3. After that, press the button prompting the Manager to other people. Select Add Person once a new window pops up.
  4. Log in as that user and close open and open it
  5. Remember to log out of the present profile to erase all the current settings.

Method #4 Try the Repair tool

What if none of the Methods have settled the issue for you? Utilize the Reimage Repair Tool.

reimage repair tool

It can examine the archives to revive all the missing documents. This finds out the root of where the issue might have started. Reimage will likewise improve your framework for the most effective execution.  

Method #5 Shut Down Everything and Restart

Shutting down the system and restarting everything again is one the most natural methods to solve any technical error without a deep Shut down the device you are using and wait for 10 minutes.

restart pc

Now, start the device again and launch Netflix. Check carefully whether you can play media again. Keep patience in the meantime.

Method #6 Install the Netflix App Again

Netflix is stuck if you can utilize different applications under the present system association. Possibly you can endeavor to reinstall the app. Before erasing the Netflix application, check for the updated data. Update the application to its most recent rendition to see if you have solved it. At the point when the update has no impact, evacuate the app and reinstall it once more.

  1. Click on the Netflix app icon on your device and hold it on your home screen until some commands pop up.reinstall netflix
  2. Delete the Netflix app, which needs to be here. Apart from this, It will also eliminate all the extra downloads.intall netflix
  3. Now Open App Store or Google Play Store on your device and search Netflix. You have to download its latest version and open it. As required, enter the Netflix user account very carefully to sign in.

Method #7 Check Network Settings

Since the system is essential to jump on the Internet, you should ensure the system association works ordinarily and efficiently for Netflix to cushion recordings.

You can change to another Wi-Fi association and open any application afterward to check whether the system works efficiently.

If the system’s association isn’t accessible to the Internet, you may attempt to reset organized settings on your gadget. Reset all the Settings and then go to the Network Settings.

In the Settings, choose the General option. Reset all the Network Settings to default. This standard process might help resolve other issues like the Netflix Error Code M7053 1803.


What does the Netflix error code M7703-1003 mean?

Netflix error code M7703-1003 usually indicates a problem with your browser's cache or outdated components. Clearing your browser cache, updating your browser to the latest version, or simply trying a different browser are standard solutions to resolve this error.

How do I fix the Netflix error M7703-1003?

To fix Netflix error M7703-1003, restart the app. Further, clear reservations, disable app extensions, and update the app. Restart the app and see if the error is resolved. Disable plugins to prevent Netflix viewing issues. Finally, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

Does the Netflix error M7703-1003 occur for a specific platform?

No, the Netflix error M7703-1003 can happen on different platforms, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

What if none of the solutions to fix Netflix error M7703-1003 work?

Assuming that none of the solutions work, attempt these steps: Use an alternate platform: Switch to an alternate platform and see if the error persists. Update your working framework: Make sure your working framework is up-to-date, as older operating system formats can cause compatibility issues.


For those users who have been Netflix clients, at that point, you may confront this issue once in your entire membership. Both Google Chrome understands, regardless of whether it’s on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

In any case, a few clients wind up getting the error code m7703 – 1003 and can not appreciate the experience of Netflix. Additionally, if you’re facing the challenge of Fixing Netflix Error Code 17377 or Fix Netflix Error Code M7053 1807, we’ve got solutions to help you navigate through and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.


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