It is easy to uninstall apps on a desktop or laptop, but this happens only when the system gives administrative rights to remove any application from the system securely. Other than this, the user needs to do something else to remove an app from the system. When the user no longer requires the need of Microsoft Teams in the system, they will uninstall it to make space in the system, but sometimes Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall.

Microsoft Teams is a software or computer application with different installation and uninstallation processes. It comes with multiple methods to install and uninstall. Specific processes are required to make Microsoft Teams install and uninstalled so that the system works smoothly. Learn to fix the Chromium when it won’t start. Try this: Start > Settings  > Apps > Search for Microsoft Teams > Highlight and click  Uninstall>Confirm the uninstallation>Grant permission to make changes to your device>Uninstall the Teams Machine-Wide Installer. Still not fixed? To fix the Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall error, try uninstalling via settings, PowerShell, or the control panel.

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Different apps are in a system through various processes, and that particular process decides how the same app will get uninstalled. There are portable apps that can easily be by simply deleting the app, and the user won’t need to take administrative permission to do the task. For other ones, the process might be quite different. 

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Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall

Microsoft Teams is software in a bundle with Microsoft 365 if the user is using the company’s or corporate accounts. Uninstalling Microsoft Teams is not as simple as other applications if the user uses a corporate or company-based account. These accounts have specific policies that disable the user to uninstall Microsoft Teams from the system. 

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Ways to Fix Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall

Below are a few steps in different options that might help users uninstall Microsoft Teams from the system.  

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Steps to uninstall Microsoft Teams from Settings

This is the first method to follow if Microsoft Teams won’t uninstall.

  1. The settings app should be open first. 
  2. Now the user needs to go to the Group of Apps settings.
  3. The user must select the option Apps and Features from the tab.
  4. Now click on the given two apps to uninstall them one by one. They are- Microsoft Teams and Machine-wide Teams Installer.  microsoft teams wont uninstall

Steps to uninstall via PowerShell

The second method to follow is if Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall.

  1. With admin rights by the user, the user needs to open PowerShell. powershell

3. Now, the user will have to run a script mentioned here so that the script of the execution policy can be different.

4. The moment the execution policy gets in the system, copy the script into the window of Power Shell so that the user can remove Microsoft Teams. 

Steps to Uninstall Microsoft Teams Application from Control Panel

The third method to follow is if Microsoft Teams Won’t Uninstall.

  1. The user needs to open the Control Panel by right-clicking on the Start button, which can be done by right-clicking on the Start menu. Then, choose Uninstall a program from the Programs tab. Suppose the user has many apps installed in the system. Then, they can use the search tab option to find the app they want to uninstall. 
  2. In the Uninstall or Change a program tab, the user needs to search for the ‘’Microsoft Teams’’ option in the search box. The user will find it as Microsoft Teams if installed as the per-user installer.


3. The user can now select Microsoft Teams and the uninstall option to remove the app from the system. 

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Can I reinstall Microsoft Teams after uninstalling?

Yes, you can reinstall Microsoft Teams after uninstalling it. Download the installer from the Microsoft website and follow the instructions for your specific version of Windows or Mac.

How do I force uninstall Microsoft Teams?

You can force uninstall Microsoft Teams using the command prompt or a third-party uninstaller app. Follow the instructions for your specific version of Windows or Mac.

Why is Microsoft Teams still running after uninstalling?

Microsoft Teams may still be running after uninstalling due to a process that did not correctly end. Try troubleshooting the issue by completing all Teams processes or using the task manager.

How do I remove Microsoft Teams from startup?

You can remove Microsoft Teams from startup using the settings app or the task manager on Windows or the login items in the Users & Groups preferences on Mac.

How to delete Microsoft Teams data after uninstalling?

After uninstalling, you can delete Microsoft Teams data by deleting the Teams folder in the AppData directory on Windows or the ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft folder on Mac.

How do I troubleshoot issues with uninstalling Microsoft Teams?

You can troubleshoot issues by uninstalling Microsoft Teams using the control panel, ending all Teams processes, or using a third-party uninstaller app.


The company or corporate-based systems come with licenses that create specific problems, while uninstalling Microsoft Teams needs care and proper precautions. Suppose the steps mentioned above do not help the problem. Then in that situation, the user may ask the system admin to help remove Microsoft Teams.

Uninstalling the Microsoft Teams application might have complications, unlike other applications in the system. So, if the user does not want to use that particular application in the future, they can uninstall it through the processes mentioned above. It might be a lengthy process to uninstall the Microsoft Teams application from the system and complicated too. Still, in difficult, complex situations, contact experts in the same field. Tired of the Errors occurring while PowerPoint Was Saving The File? Click here and fix it!


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