Suppose you are trying to use Microsoft Word but are unable to. In that case, it is because the Microsoft Office, which includes a series of Microsoft programs, also consists of the Word program, is being interrupted by an error message that says’ background installation ran into a problem while installing. You can fix the ‘Microsoft Word background installation ran into a problem’ by fixing that.

One way to fix the error of the Microsoft word background installation running into a problem is to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Office program, as it includes all the Microsoft programs mentioned above. Microsoft Office is a whole package that includes necessary business programs or applications provided by Microsoft, such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, etc..



 Various software versions exist, like Microsoft Office 2013, 365, or 365 Preview. And one of the reasons for the users to face the ‘Microsoft Office background installation problem is either because the system doesn’t have enough updates or the office ran into a problem because its system service is disabled. This article will take you through the steps to do that and other ways that might prove helpful.

Methods To Fix ‘Microsoft Word Background Installation Ran Into A Problem

Users often come across ‘Microsoft background installation ran into a problem’ no matter which versions the user is installing. So here is a guide to fix the problem with various methods and get your Word and other Microsoft Office applications running again. 

Repair The Program

This method can fix any Microsoft Office program even with the ‘Microsoft Word background installation ran into a problem’ error. Let us skim through the simple steps.

  1. Search for the control panel option or just press the Windows key + x, where you come across a list of options and click on the control panel. You will see the Programs and feature option under Programs. Click on it.programs amd features
  2. Now go through the list of the programs before you. Choose the one you want to repair. You will see three options, uninstall, repair, or
  3. Click on repair and continue.

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If the program you are selecting doesn’t have a repair option, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Click on Start and look for Apps and features.apps-and-repair
  2. Then you will see a list of applications. Search for the app you want in the search bar. Click on the three dots.modify

Click on Modify.

Once you are done, you will have to restart your computer. This step applies to both ways.

Remember that repairing the Word or any other program separately will fix the whole Microsoft Office package.  

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A very basic method is to update the program. As mentioned, not having system updates is when the error of ‘Microsoft office background installation ran into a problem’ occurs. So follow these steps to update the word program, which will further fix the whole MS Office:

  1. Search for the Word Application. Open it and click on a blank document.blank-doc
  2. Then click on the file option. Account, Feedback, and Options are on the bottom left-hand side. Click on Account. Now click on the Update options and proceed to Update Now.update-now

The process will update the program and can be used to fix the Microsoft Word problem message even when you find the ‘Office 365 background installation ran into a problem’ statement. Click Here to speed up office applications.

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Uninstall the program. Uninstalling and reinstalling is a fix to many application problems. So it can be used to answer the ‘Microsoft background installation ran into a problem’ message. Read through to know-how:

You can follow the steps mentioned above to repair the program. You can use either of the two methods to uninstall an application. 

  1. By opening the apps and features option.
  2. By opening the control panel, programs, and features and then uninstalling them

Later you can reinstall the application from the Microsoft Store and enter the login information.

The Event Viewer Application

The event viewer application. This method lets you know what’s causing the ‘Microsoft Word background installation to run into a problem error. This method fixes Microsoft Office as a whole to fix Microsoft Word or other individual programs. So let us read through some simple steps:

  1. Go to start and look for the event viewer. Open it by clicking on the run as administrator.event viewer
  2. You will see four options, including Applications and service logs. Click on it and then select Microsoft Office

Now you can see the cause of the problem in the box under the general option. Search for the command prompt if it is system-related, and you can’t easily solve it.

On the black screen that appears before you, type sfc /scannow. Press enter, and it will fix the issue. 

Other Fixtures

If you are facing other Word program-related issues and find that it is not responding, then try out the below-given methods:

Safe Mode

You can open the application in safe mode. There are two ways:

Hold down the Ctrl button and double-click on the MS Word icon. The application will instantly open in Safe mode.

Secondly, you can use the run option. 

i. Search for the option or press the Windows key + dialog

ii. Now type ‘winword/safe’ and click okay.

Disable Add-ins

The installed add-ins can also be the cause of the problem. So here are a few steps you can follow to remove them. 

  1. Open the Word application and click on the file. Under file, click on options. Next, you will see the add-in options on the left-hand
  2. Click on it to find ‘manage‘ at the bottom. Now click on the arrow beside the box and select ‘COM add-ins and then ‘go.’COM-add-ins
  3. Select the add-ins and press okay.add-ins1

Now exit and restart the application.


How can you stop Microsoft Office from running in the background?

Select start and then go to settings. Under settings, click on privacy. And then select Background apps. Now under that, turn off 'let apps run in background.'

How do I know when the Microsoft Office subscription ends?

You will have to go to the service and subscription page. Enter your sign-in details given under the subscription. Under the service and subscription heading, you can view your details.

What is the difference between MS Office 2019 and MS Office 2021?

Microsoft released MS Office 2021 along with Windows 11 in October 2021 for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. The newer version reintroduced the Onenote application and included the MS Team messaging app. MS Office is now available in multiple languages supported by Microsoft itself. But both the versions let you import, export, save, open, and generally manage files in the same format.


One more thing you have to make sure of is proper action and running an internet connection. Also, here’s a tip, having a wired connection is better than having a wireless one. Since Microsoft Word comes under Microsoft Office, the background installation problem applies to both.

So the methods in this article can be used to fix Microsoft Word background installation ran into a problem, and Microsoft word background installation ran into a problem. The article tries to provide multiple solutions that can come in handy if one of them fails. I hope it was of use and worth your time. Tired of the Error Occurred While PowerPoint Was Saving The File? Click here and fix it!

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