The Middle Mouse Button Not Working is a common problem for mouse users. It is a third clickable button that can be used to open tabs, paste texts, and close applications. It is also useful for scrolling back and forth on long documents and web pages.

middle mouse button not working

Your middle mouse button may stop working for various reasons, including hardware problems, uninstalled drivers, wrong device settings, and incorrect Windows configuration. You can check the mouse, change the registry and mouse settings, or disable extensions. 

Since the middle mouse button performs so many functions, it can be frustrating when it malfunctions or stops working. These concise solutions address each of the potential issues.

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Reasons Behind Middle Mouse Button Not Working

Due to the added abilities of the Middle Mouse Button, everyone has become used to it. Imagine you are scrolling down the screen, and boom, your middle mouse button is not working. You will definitely feel frustrated. Lately, there have been numerous cases about the non-working of the middle mouse button. There can be many causes of this problem, and they can be summed up as :

  1. The problem with the Hardware device
  2. Device settings
  3. Faulty or outdated mouse driver
  4. Virus
  5. Improper window system arrangement

Ways To Fix The Middle Mouse Button Not Working

However, there are 5 ways to fix the middle mouse button, which are as follows :

Check Mouse Device

  1. Test your mouse on another computer to check whether the problem is in your mouse or there is something wrong with the computer.
  2. If the middle mouse button is not working on another computer, then dismantle the mouse to find the fault button and clean the dirt out. You can attempt to clean the mouse by watching various YouTube tutorials.mouse device
  3. If the middle mouse button is not working only on your computer, then check the assigned scroll wheel features in the Button settings.

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Change The Registry

If the first method did not help to fix the malfunction of the middle mouse button, then try this method to bring your mouse back on track.

  1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + R to open the run.
  2. Type regedit and hit the Enter key.
  3. Click on the second option, which says “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” and go to the Control Panel.change registry for middle mouse button not working
  4. Look for Desktop settings in the Control Panel and double-click on Wheel Scroll Lines.
  5. Change value data to 3 and click OK.

Then restart the computer to test the working of the middle mouse button.

Mouse Settings

Another method that can be implemented is changing mouse settings. Open mouse settings, step ahead into settings related to the mouse, and inside that, open settings related to the wheel.mouse

Update the scrolling to 3, both vertical and horizontal, and along with updating, also check the hardware according to your preference which you might look out for change. This is a fundamental thing by which you can take care of your mouse without any additional complications.

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Disabling Extensions

If your middle mouse button is not working only while using the browsers, there must be some problem present in the browsers. An extension is a plugin that extends the functionality of the browser. These extensions can be problematic; however, we can disable them and check if it fixes anything.

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NOTE: This solution is only for those users whose middle mouse button works outside the browser.

  1. Open a new tab and type “ chrome://extensions “ You can disable all the extensions listed there.removing extensions
  2. If the mouse starts functioning, then check the extensions one by one to know which one is creating the problem.

Manage Mouse Driver

An outdated mouse driver can be the reason for the middle mouse button not working. At times, the program may not support the new features of the middle mouse button.
Drivers are the main working force behind any hardware. Drivers facilitate the communication between the operating system and the hardware.

The best way is to uninstall the mouse and replug it after restarting the system. In this way, default drivers will be installed. If this doesn’t work, you can always download the proper mouse driver from your device

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  1. Press Windows + R , .type ‘ devmgmt.msc ‘ and press enter.
  2. Expand the section ‘ Mice and other pointing devices ‘ and right-click on the mouse to select ‘ Uninstall device’.
  3. Unplug your mouse from the computer and restart the computer. After the restart, plug the mouse back in then the drivers will be installed automatically.

manage mouse driver

If you feel impatient, you can automatically update your mouse driver by Driver Easy. Driver Easy will detect the driver’s condition and install the correct driver for you. This will tremendously save you time.

  1. Download and Install Driver Easy.
  2. Run Driver Easy and click on “ Scan Now “. It will scan your computer to find the problem drivers.
  3. Click the Update button to download the latest version of the driver
  4. Restart your computer and try using the middle mouse button.

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Hardware Troubleshooter

The Hardware and Device Troubleshooter can help in fixing this problem.

  1. Open the Control Panel on your computer, and select Trouble Shooting.
  2. Click “ Hardware and Sound “ and then “ Hardware and Devices “.hardware troubleshooter
  3. Click Start, and Troubleshooting will start. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish.
  4. Restart the computer and check whether the middle mouse button starts working or not.

Open The Mouse

Another way that you can work on fixing your mouse is to open up your mouse physically. Yes! Get ready to be the new Rancho!!! In many cases, there have been instances that the issue is not significant, but the button under the wheel stops responding when you press the wheel. So the fundamental thing you do is make the button responsive. For that, you need to take off the screws and remove the mouse

You will be able to see the wheel and the mechanism via which the wheel button is pressed. But again, the device is different for different models and brands of the mouse, but it’s easily identifiable. Once identified, clean up the dust inside the mouse and try pressing the button harder with some object, once or twice, or more, until the button is responsive. Good to go now; assemble all the parts, and your mouse is again smooth and efficient.


How can I get the center mouse click active?

Merely depress the scroll bar to turn on the second mouse click (middle mouse button) on most PCs. According to the program's configuration and settings, this should behave as a middle click, enabling you to start links in fresh tabs, shut tabs, and carry out additional tasks.

hat causes my mouse's center wheel to malfunction?

A malfunctioning central mouse wheel could have several distinct root causes, including driver issues, equipment wear and tear, mechanical harm, obstruction of the wheel mechanism by dirt or debris, and equipment deteriorating over time. Polishing the optical device, installing fresh hardware drivers, or purchasing afresh may all resolve the problem.

What does the middle mouse click for Ctrl do?

Left click and drag: Holding down the leftmost mouse button while dragging the cursor will pan a picture if it's zoomed larger than can fit in the frame. Ctrl - center pointer button click: Zoom up toward the selected point. Ctrl - Right mouse button click: Zoom down across the clicked point.

Why is my mouse acting up?

It may act up if your device exhibits unpredictable pointer motions, sluggish clicks, or a broken scroll wheel. Hardware faults, driver disputes, or software flaws are possibly the root of these difficulties. When troubleshooting, connections go over, the mouse is cleaned, drivers are updated, and the mouse is rebuilt if necessary.


These are the steps you can perform if your middle mouse button is not working. Even after completing these steps, if the middle button mouse is still not working, then get it checked by the professionals because these are all some of the measures which you can perform. However, it is recommendable to get your mouse checked by professionals.

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