[FIXED] Minecraft Keeps Crashing on Launch Windows 10


Minecraft is a product of Swedish video developer company that was made public in 2011. In this game, players can create their own fantasy world that can be modified and maintained depending on the mode and level of the game. Minecraft is loved and supported by users all around the world. However, like all other games, Minecraft also reflects some bugs and issues which is very common for any software or technical device.

minecraft keeps crashing on launch windows 10
Minecraft Keeps Crashing on Launch Windows 10

Many users have reported that after any module or Java update, Minecraft keeps crashing on launch which makes the situation frustrating. Here in this article, we will be discussing methods to resolve the issue. You can know about Updating Minecraft from here.

Causes of Minecraft Keeps Crashing on Launch

In this section, we will be discussing a few of the possible causes of Minecraft keeps crashing on launch. To resolve any issue it becomes very easy when we understand the cause behind it. No particular cause has been determined by the company as such only assumptions have been made and accordingly we suggest the methods to fix it. Following are some possible causes of the error Minecraft keeps crashing on launch:

  • System hangout.
  • Corrupted game files.
  • Running an old version of Minecraft.
  • Old or missing Graphics card driver.
  • Enabling VBO.

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How to fix Minecraft Keeps Crashing on Launch

As we have already discussed possible causes of the error, it would be quite easy for us to fix it. In this section, we have briefly discussed a few easy methods to fix the error Minecraft keeps crashing on launch. By going through these methods you can definitely eradicate the error. Following are the methods:

Method #1 Reboot Your System

This is one of the basic methods to resolve any issue in the computer. It may be possible that you are encountering the Minecraft keeps crashing on launch error due to your system hangout.

restart system
restart system

Sometimes, after longtime usage, the system starts misbehaving as a result of which many errors are spotted. Thus, it is suggested to reboot your system and game in order to refresh all the settings. This might eradicate the error and allow you to run the game smoothly.

Method #2 By Repairing The Corrupted Files

Corrupted files disrupt the proper functioning of any software. Thus, any software having a corrupted file won’t be able to run smoothly. It may be possible that your software has also got some corrupted file as a result of which Minecraft keeps crashing on launch.

To check for the corrupted files scan your system with SFC scan or use DISM command. DISM and SFC command detect and replace the corrupted files with correct copies. Following are the steps to do so:

1. Open Run command from the start button.


2. For DISM, enter DISM scan in the text box.


3. For SFC, enter SFC scan in the text box.

Thus, scan and detection will be initiated in your system. This will help you to eradicate the issue, but in case you are not satisfied then check out the next method.

Method #3 Update Minecraft

It is very important to regularly update any software as it helps in the smooth functioning of the software. A system update can be the cause due to which Minecraft keeps crashing on launch. If you have Win 32 version of the game then updates are visible in the game itself else you can follow the steps given below to update the game from play store or app store.

1. Go to the respective application from where you downloaded the Minecraft.

2. Check for the update option. It will be there in case there is a pending update.

3. Click on the update option.

This will update your game. In case your issue still persists try the next option as well.

Method #4 Update The Graphics Card Driver

Graphics drivers are very important software that plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of games in your system. It gives accessibility to the game to use the system’s graphics hardware.

update graphics driver
Update Graphics Driver

In case you are missing or having an old version of Graphics driver then you will be surely interrupted by the error  Minecraft keeps crashing on launch. Thus to counter it you need to install or update this software in your system.

To update the driver in a PC is quite technical, time taking and a hectic process. Thus, to avoid this process you can use Driver Easy software. This software once downloaded, automatically checks for driver updates and accordingly suggests the most suitable driver for the system. You can easily download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

Method #5 Disable the VBO

VBO stands for Vertex Buffer Object. This is an inbuilt feature of the Minecraft game itself. This feature is provided to improve the game performance of the player but instead of that, it ends up displaying the error message Minecraft Crashed. Thus, if you have enabled this feature in your game then it is obvious to encounter the situation that Minecraft keeps crashing on launch. To fight out the situation disable the feature. Following are the steps to do so:

1. Go to the game settings.

2. Select video settings.

3. Disable the VBO option.

4. Restart your system to see changes in action.

This will allow you to eradicate the error. In case you didn’t find it effective, switch to the next fix as well.

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These were a few methods to solve the error Minecraft keeps crashing on launch. Methods mentioned here are the most effective and positively reciprocated by the users. The steps mentioned in each method are clear and easy to conduct that if followed correctly will definitely eradicate the issue.