SPA’s new launcher for Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft Expeditions is accessible through the Microsoft Store. Although the launcher is free, we must pay for each game separately to play them. But an error occurred while doing so: Minecraft launcher could not connect to the server.

Even if you have successfully signed in to your game, you may occasionally experience network or computer-to-server connectivity issues. Unplug your router,  then plug it back in after 30 seconds. Disconnect and reconnect Wi-Fi on your device. Verify your network connection’s status and ensure no applications prevent outbound links. Try to turn off any active firewall software or alter its setup. Restart your router and modem. You may need help connecting to the server to play Minecraft. Let’s discuss the solution.

  • A network connection check
  • Switch off your.
  • Updating the Minecraft server
  • Check the Minecraft server’s status.
  • Log back into Minecraft.
  • Examine your Firewall.
  • Get in touch with your network administrator
  • Uninstall the Minecraft modifications.

server error

An error message like “Can’t Connect to Minecraft Server” or “Cannot Reach Server” is always displayed when this problem occurs. Do you know how to remedy this issue if it bothers you? You can accomplish the things this article shows on fixing the Minecraft launcher that could not connect to the server.”

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How to Fix: You Can’t Connect to Minecraft Server

We have a list of some of the best ways to fix this issue so that you can enjoy this game without any problems and have a fantastic gaming experience.

A network connection check

We should check if the network connection is enabled and functioning smoothly and if we are sure the server IP is correct.

check network

Check if the connection is secured by clicking the Network & Internet button if connected to a Wi-Fi network. If the answer is affirmative, but Minecraft failed to connect, the server can still not connect to the Minecraft server. Try disabling and re-enabling it to see if the problem is resolved. You can also try the NordVPN Meshnet feature to play Minecraft.

We might switch to a wired network connection if your Minecraft couldn’t connect to the server, but the Wi-Fi connection worked.

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Switch off your router

After trying the previous solutions and the issue still exists, think about rebooting the router.

switch off your router

This is one of the ways to fix the Minecraft launcher that could not connect to the server. This is the standard way to fix network connection problems, which may cause Minecraft’s inability to connect to the server.

Updating the Minecraft server

The Java Edition of Minecraft users should use this approach. Click the Refresh button at the bottom of the servers list to update the page.

updating the minecraft server

Some server connection difficulties can be fixed using this technique.

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Check the Minecraft server’s status

After reloading the Minecraft server, we should ensure the server functions correctly if the Minecraft launcher cannot connect.

check server

How do we verify it? If the outcome indicates a problem with the Minecraft server, you must wait until the problem is fixed. We can ask the server owners for assistance if this problem lasts an extended period. To find out how it’s doing, visit this website.

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Log back into Minecraft

Some transitory problems in the game can be fixed by restarting it. Besides, we suggest logging out of your account and then re-logging in.

log back into minecraft

This solution works for many users. We can also have a try.

Examine your Firewall

Another option is to be aware of the Firewall blocking the Minecraft server.

check your firewall setting

Therefore, we should examine it. If your Firewall prevents the server from running on the computer, we must unblock it.

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Examine the system communicate

We connect to a public network, and the administrator can restrict Minecraft access.

contact server owners

As a result, we cannot start Minecraft as usual. We can ask your network administrator for assistance.

Remove the Minecraft mods

Third-party modifications for Minecraft are installed, so the launcher cannot connect to the server.

remove mod

To check if the server issue has been resolved, uninstall these mods and then relaunch the game.

Avoid using VPNs

Do the reverse of what was suggested above and cease using the VPN if you already used one when we encountered this issue to determine if that contributes to the problem, even temporarily.


Try using a separate VPN, proxy server, or service if you are trying to play Minecraft on a network that prohibits it.


Configure A Static IP Address

If we give the Windows computer a static IP address, we won’t need to change your IP address every time you restart the server.

static ip address

The system will prevent the IP address from changing if it can no longer communicate with the router.

Install the Minecraft Java version.

Players now utilize the game’s Bedrock Edition purchased from the Microsoft Store. This contemporary rendition of Minecraft is based on the game’s portable Pocket Edition. It is a new version of Minecraft that works on every platform, including iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and everything in between.


Before Microsoft purchased it, Mojang originally developed the game in Java. So, try the Java Edition on your PC if the Bedrock Edition isn’t working.  



Why does a copy of Minecraft claim it can't connect?

Occasionally, the friend list in Minecraft might be corrupted for some reason. We need to take the friends off the list and then add them back to remedy the issue. Before doing this, you can attempt to join a stranger's planet to see whether the problem is buddy list corruption.

How might the Minecraft launcher be relaunched?

The simplest way to relaunch the game's launcher is to hit the 'X' or cross-shaped button in the upper right corner of the screen to exit the program. The application will end as a result. Players may accomplish the same thing if they visit the task manager and seek the 'Minecraft Launcher' task or process.

How can I resolve the Minecraft launcher issue?

Trouble, use the Minecraft Launcher, to start the game. Activate the Start Menu. The Minecraft Launcher by performing a right click. Choose 'More' and then 'App Settings.' Click on and 'Reset 'in these settings.

Can't connect to Minecraft server with IP?

Click the Multiplayer button in the Minecraft client. Click the Add Server button on the Multiplayer screen. On the Edit Server Info screen, in the Server Name textbox, type the name you want to give your server. Put the address of your server in the Server Address textbox (IP and port)


A large number of players need help connecting to the Minecraft server. When this issue arises, the message “Minecraft Can’t Connect To Server” or “Cannot Reach Server” is frequently seen. Hence, Look at the short solutions we provided in this article.

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