Suppose you download Minecraft on a Windows 11 or re-download the software after upgrading your PC. In that case, you might have encountered the “Minecraft launcher installer not working” issue. Among PC gamers, Minecraft is one of the most played games. Although this software runs well, installing or reinstalling complications may occasionally occur.

If you’re having trouble installing Minecraft, you may want to allow Minecraft through your firewall or antivirus software and try again. Actions like restarting your computer or updating your Windows could be taken. And allow Minecraft through your firewall, then try again.

These are how you can counter the Minecraft installer not working on Windows 11 issue.

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Fix: Minecraft Launcher Installer Not Working

Here are some solutions if you need help getting the Minecraft Launcher installer to function.

Restart the system

Restarting your computer might seem pointless, but it might be beneficial. Restarting your computer allows it to continue in its default state by clearing the RAM and any temporary caches produced by background activities.system restart If your computer takes a long time to restart, check this out to solve it. Therefore, if your RAM is the cause of the Minecraft installation acting strangely, a simple restart should resolve the problem.

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PC matches the minimum requirements.

Although Minecraft is renowned for its ability to run on relatively basic technology, it does have a few minimum requirements, which may be a surprise. The game was initially released in 2011, and despite being over a decade old, it has undergone several improvements. Also, read the solutions to fix the avast firewall blocking Minecraft.

Hitting the minimum or suggested settings mark becomes increasingly crucial as game developers add additional features. The following is a list of what your computer must have to run Minecraft:

CPU: Intel Core i3 

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7000 series, Intel HD Graphics 4000, or NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series.

RAM: DDR3 memory of at least 4 gigabytes

OS: Windows 7 64-bit

There is a requirement for an Active WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Is the Minecraft launcher installer not working? Make sure the most recent Windows version is installed on your computer. Check your computer for updates by following these steps.

  1. To access Settings, press Win+I. Check Windows Update to check if any updates are
  2. Install it by downloading it. To test if it makes a distinction, rerun the minecraft

Force the Minecraft Installer to restart

Try forcing the Minecraft installer to restart itself if restarting your computer doesn’t work. Launching the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) would be best.

  1. Locate the Minecraft installer process in the Task Manager by switching to the detailed view and selecting the Details task manager
  2. Click End task from the context menu of the right-clicked Minecraft installer on end task
  3. End process. Once everything has finished, try launching the installer once more.launching the installer

Check To See If Firewall or Antivirus Software Is A Problem

Here is a  potential cause of the Minecraft Launcher installer not working.malware issue It’s conceivable that you’ll get the message “Launching the game failed!These Antivirus programs occasionally block access to specific apps, breaking connections. 

Be sure to allow the new Launcher or momentarily turn off your firewall and antivirus software.

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Launch Minecraft as the administrator

Minecraft launcher installer is not loading? A privilege issue could bring on this issue. Because Minecraft can use all of its capabilities with elevated access, try launching it as an administrator to see if that fixes your problem by following these steps:

  1. Run as administrator by right-clicking on Minecraft.mine craft run as admin
  2. Launch Minecraft and make sure everything is running smoothly.Launch Minecraft.

Utilize the Compatible mode.

Although they will still function with the latest version of Windows 10, certain games may run poorly or fail to launch. Compatibility mode allows applications to use Windows XP settings to resolve the Minecraft won’t tackle issue.

  1. To access properties, right-click on your Minecraft icon.mine craft properties
  2. Select the box next to Launch this software in compatibility mode on the Compatibility menu. Choose the operating system from the options. Click OK > Apply. Launch Minecraft. Launch Minecraft.

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Eliminate Mod Files

Is Minecraft Launcher not working on Windows 11? This technique can assist you in fixing the error if you already have Minecraft installed on your computer. Even if you uninstall and erase the game, the mod files are still on your computer and prevent you from installing it again. Before installing the more recent version of Minecraft, you must remove these mod files from your computer.

  1. Hit R on your keyboard while holding the Windows key, type “%appdata%,” then press Enter. In addition to the other folders, you will see one called app data
  2. Place your cursor there, select Delete, and then hit OK. After that, try installing Minecraft once more; it ought to work.inatall Minecraft

Get the latest Minecraft edition.

If the Minecraft launcher installer is not working, it’s a good idea to reinstall Minecraft if you need clarification. Many users have benefited from this popular but effective technique.

  1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft. To uninstall Minecraft, click uninstall twice. Download the latest Minecraft uninstall
  2. Start Minecraft.Minecraft

Update graphics drivers

Minecraft is not working on Windows 11? Your computer’s outdated graphics drivers may be the root of the Minecraft installer’s problems. There are a few methods you may check for updated graphics driver versions.

We are utilizing the dedicated GPU program to check for driver updates when using a dedicated graphics card

Alternatively, you can upgrade the graphics driver on Windows 11 using the Device Manager app. Additionally, in the Windows Update settings menu’s choices updates section, GPU driver updates can occasionally be spotted.

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The Minecraft installer is stalled; why?

Please try restarting Windows to re-initialize the operating system. Next, try installing Minecraft again. The Microsoft account you used to buy the game must also be used to sign in to the Microsoft shop.

Why won’t Minecraft install?

The outmoded Minecraft Game launcher is the main source as to why the Minecraft won’t install on Windows 11. To address bugs, the Launcher is frequently updated. To prevent these issues, make sure the Launcher is updated.

Why is the screen in my Minecraft launcher black?

A black screen in Minecraft may occur in case the graphics driver is corrupted or outdated. Make sure you're running the most recent graphics driver to solve it. You can use the website of the GPU manufacturer, such as NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel, to search for the most recent graphics driver before manually downloading and installing it.

How do I reinstall the Minecraft?

To reinstall Minecraft, start the Minecraft Launcher and follow the on-screen instructions to the end Launcher as soon as the procedure is finished. Take a copy of the 'saves' folder in a secure location.


Everyone is familiar with and has used Minecraft at some point. Even though this game operates very well, you could occasionally experience issues like the Minecraft installer not working. On a Windows 11 or 10 computer, fixes for the Minecraft installer’s malfunction were discussed. Restarting your computer and updating your operating system are simple fixes for errors. 

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