How to Monitor Children using Real Free Keylogger?


A keylogger is a software or hardware that can log keystrokes typed on the keyboard. The hardware-based keylogger can be easily detected, requiring a constant connection between the USB port and the device. However, a software keylogger is hidden and cannot identify by a computer.

Why do Parents use Real Free Keylogger for Android?

Apart from spying, the keylogger has legitimate uses, such as monitoring your children to ensure they are safe in cyberspace. Parents need to keep a check on their children. When online, they are susceptible to child predators and people who misguide and influence kids on the path of something terrible.

mSpy is an actual keylogger for Android that helps keep an eye on a person. This keylogger can help parents know the location, chat logs, call data recording, take photos from the front camera, and check internet activity. The parents can review how long their kids are talking and to whom.

mSpy is one app that can help parents save their kids from drug abuse, sex offenders, substance abuse, bullying, and other potential threats.

What Types of Teen Control Exist?

Parents of teenagers are primarily concerned with who and how their kids are meeting new people. Parents take up the following methods to exert control over their teenage kids:

  • Monitoring their access to the internet.
  • Online behavior
  • Location tracking
  • Checking the chat logs on messengers
  • Checking the call logs

Features of mSpy Real Free Keylogger

mSpy offers the following features for parents to keep track of their children:

Call Log Recording

Records call data, and the app records a contact’s name, call duration, call time, etc.

Location tracking

The mSpy app allows users to keep a constant check of the location of a device.

Chat and messenger logs

The mSpy app can record the chats and text messages shared over WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.

The app also tracks the images, voice messages, and videos shared over this platform.

Camera Access

The users can access the target device’s front camera, enabling them to get a picture of the person whenever they unlock their device.

The method can also be used to record videos by the users. Thus, giving the user access to the target device’s camera.

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Microphone Access

mSpy gives its users access to the target device’s microphone, enabling them to record audio.

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Access to calendars and contact list

The app allows users to access the calendar on the target phone, allowing them to look at all the schedules the person must have. It also provides access to all the contacts on the target device.

Adaptable to various environments

The mSpy application is supported on Windows, MAC, and Android. The variety factor makes the tool a perfect option for parents to keep track of their children’s devices. The user can be a real spy since it remains invisible on the target device.

Geological Tracking

The users can also use the geological tracking feature to keep track of devices in case of theft. The device is tracked using Wi-Fi signals and cell tower signaling. This GPS locator does real-time tracking and can be used both in theft detection and movement tracking.

The phone locator version of mSpy works even when the SIM has changed. This helps track the device in case of theft, and the phone is located.

User notification and control of the device

The mSpy application allows for controlling the device for 24 hours in case of theft. Also, in case of theft, whenever the SIM card is removed from the cellphone, the user gets a notification and can still track the phone.

Not a battery drainer

All the features of the mSpy app do not drain the battery of the target user’s device, which is the issue with most of the other free keyloggers. Battery drainage is one of the most significant problems with a keylogger being traced in the target device by its user.

How to Monitor Children using Real Free Keylogger {mSpy}

The users can easily use this application without any specific computer knowledge. There are just three simple steps to use this application:

  1. Sign up for the app on their website, with an email address and a password.
  2. Download the app and install it on your device.
  3. Start monitoring the target device by entering the details.

Pricing Policy

There are two ways to use this application:

Free Version

The free version includes- Call tracking, SMS managing, internet tracking, and geolocation feature.


There are two packages- for one month ($9.95) and 12 months ($99.95). The app includes all the necessary features and recording calls, tracking messenger apps, screenshots, and all the other camera and microphone accesses.

Pros and Cons of Free Keylogger

The primary point of contemplation here is whether surveillance means loss of freedom. It is just the intention here; the companies and parents use it for safeguarding while the hackers use it maliciously. The keyloggers come with features used in both the good and evil light.


mSpy is an excellent keylogger app with positive geolocation tracking, and uses it for legitimate purposes. The most distinct feature of the app is that it is free, and like others, it does not drain the target device’s battery.

The app allows parents to check the online behavior of their kids. The users can try the accessible version of the app and put money into it later. We hope this helps you protect your children from the big evil world of cybercrimes.