Mouse Keeps Freezing Issue in Windows 7/8/10 [Fix]


So, you are working peacefully on your computer and trying to meet the deadlines, but suddenly your cursor starts to betray you and stops moving from its position, and it feels like it’s the worst day of your life, and the stress settles in. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. There are a lot of other people who are facing the same problem as you. And we are here to provide a solution for this so you can finish your work as soon as possible and binge-watch your favorite web series. If your Mouse keeps freezing then you’re at the right place. In this article, you will learn how to fix this Mouse Freezing issue.

Why Your Mouse Keeps Freezing?

To solve the problem, first, we need to understand the problem. Do you know that mouse lagging is quite common in windows? Sometimes the cursor freezes for a moment and starts working again without any effort.

mouse keeps freezing
Mouse Keeps Freezing

But sometimes, it gets freezes like it is stuck to that place for an entire lifetime and refuses to take your order. The reason for this can be many: outdated or corrupt mouse drivers, virus, low batteries, connectivity issue, damaged cable, or any other technical issue.

How To Fix This Issue

Method #1: Check for Scroll Inactive Window

Your mouse may freeze due to a disabled scroll inactive window. You might have disabled it accidentally, so give it a look.

  • For this, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse > Scroll Inactive Windows when I hover over them.
    check for scroll inactive window
    Check for Scroll Inactive Window
  • Now, from here, turn it on.
    on scroll inactive window
    On Scroll Inactive Window

There must be a need to enable and disable and then enable it repeatedly, but don’t hesitate to do that a few times. But if your mouse is still lagging, then you can try other options as well.

Method #2: Check Your Touchpad Settings

If you are facing a mouse lagging problem on your laptop, then once check your touchpad settings. You might have disabled it. So, enable your touchpad, and boom, this will solve your issue.

  • You can go to Control Panel > Mouse > Touchpad Settings > Enable. The touchpad settings may have any other name based on your device, like device settings, ELAN, etc.
    enable touchpad setting
    Enable Touchpad Setting
  • Or you can simply use the keyboard shortcut Fn + F8 (F7, F5, or F9).

Also, you can check the sensitivity level. Set this to the highest; sometimes, this also helps to solve the problem.

Method #3: Check The Batteries/USB port

If not technical, then there must be some physical issues with your mouse. The first thing to do is check your mouse’s batteries, whether they are charged enough or not if you use a wireless or Bluetooth mouse. Check the wireless adapters and acess points too.

change usb port
Change USB port

If you are using a USB mouse, then check whether your cable is damaged or whether you have plugged it into the port properly or not.

Method #4: Check for Virus

If there is no issue with your mouse, then the problem can be with your PC. To detect the issue, you have to scan your PC to find any virus that is forcing your mouse to betray you. Although Windows has a build-in antivirus system, you know some viruses are made to break the laws.

check for virus
Check for Virus

So it’s better to check for it. For Windows 10, Windows own antivirus – Windows Defender – works amazingly but check whether its functioning. But for Windows 7 or 8, you have to download a good antivirus as Windows Defender does not work efficiently in that version.

Method #5: Check your Mouse Driver

If your PC is virus-free, then the problem may have arisen due to your mouse driver’s issues. Check if your mouse driver is up to date or not. If it’s outdated, then simply update it. Maybe your mouse driver gets corrupt, so once check for that also.

  • You can go to Device Manager (by pressing windows key + R) > (type) devmgmt.msc > Mice and other pointing devices > Update driver.
    windows + r
    Windows + R
  • Then follow the on-screen guide to finishing the update.
    update mouse driver if mouse keeps freezing
    Update Mouse Driver if mouse keeps freezing

Or you can also try reinstalling the mouse driver.

Method #6: Check for Enhance Point Precision

Your mouse is not always the defaulter. Sometimes your mouse settings may result in freezing the cursor. So check your mouse settings and disable the enhance point precision option.

  • For this go to Settings > Devices > Mouse > Additional Settings > Pointer Options.
    pointer options
    Pointer Options
  • From the pointer options, disable the enhanced pointer precision.
    disable pointer precision if mouse keeps freezing
    Disable pointer precision if mouse keeps freezing

By this method, any default mouse setting that may have been the cause for mouse freezing error can be eaily solved.

Method #7: Check for Cortana

It is said that Cortana if not functioning properly can be responsible for your occasional mouse freeze. So you can try to disable it from the settings and check after disabling it whether your mouse is working properly or not.

disable cortana if mouse keeps freezing
Disable Cortana if the mouse keeps freezing

If yes, then you have detected the problem, and if not, then try other options, you will be able to solve the problem. Don’t worry, have patience.

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Method #8: Check for Realtek HD Audio Manager

Sometimes Realtek Program may interfere with your Windows. This can be a reason for the freezing of your mouse. To overcome this problem, follow the following instructions:

  • Right-click on the Start icon and go to Task Manager.
    task manager
    Task Manager
  • Find Realtek HD Audio Manager, right-click on that, and select End Task.
    end task
    End Task

Remember that this won’t affect your audio system, so don’t hesitate to change this setting. However if you find your audio services not working properly you might want to reset the details.

Method #9: Update your system

Sometimes we get notified by our system that it needs to be updated but we think that it can be done later.

check for update if mouse keeps freezing
Check for Update if mouse keeps freezing

This may also cause the application to stop working faster causing the mouse to freeze. So ensure that you always keep your laptop or PC updated.

Method #10: Reboot your system

Sometimes we have opened a lot of tabs at once or we are downloading a movie or an application, the laptop might get hanged due to which mouse keeps freezing.

restart if mouse keeps freezing
Restart if mouse keeps freezing

To avoid this problem, try downloading things one by one, or even if the system doesn’t respond try rebooting it. If the mouse keeps on freezing, then use keys ALT + F4 which will later display a shutdown box, use up and down arrow keys in order to select restart.

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These are some of the reasons which can be the possible culprits for the freezing of your mouse. Try them, and your mouse will start functioning properly.

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