{Solved} Fix MSVCR120.DLL is Missing from Your Computer


MSVCR120.DLL is a critical file for the Windows Operating System. This file extracts the valuable application resources which are required at the time of running of apps by the third-party installation program. This file is shared by different applications and services of the Windows Computer. Whenever the msvcr120.dll error occurs, this line is displayed on the screen “The program can’t start because MSVCR120.DLL is missing from your computer.

msvcr120.dll is missing from your computer
MSVCR120.DLL is Missing from Your Computer

Also, check if isn’t the MSVCP100.dll is Missing in Windows 10 Error. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” This issue usually occurs during the installation of games or while using some functions or programs and prevents their functioning on your computer. The missing files are .dll files, and some users can’t even find some files that are missing.

How to Fix MSVCR120.DLL is Missing from Your Computer

This article will show you a few ways to fix this commonly occurred error easily and quickly.

Method 1: Download missing msvcr120.dll from Microsoft

It is the best way to install the missing msvcr120.dll file manually from the website of Microsoft. There you can search your desired file and can download it if it suits your operating system. Though people who have very little knowledge of Windows can find it hard to fix the error through this.


Method 2: Update your Windows

Sometimes all you need to do is to update your current Windows to resolve this kind of errors. It is a straightforward process which will update your Operating System. During this process, your system will automatically download the files that are missing.

Method 3: Reinstall the program

Another way is to reinstall the program that is showing the msvcr120.dll error to fix it. The existing file might have got corrupted at the time of installation so you can reinstall it to have a clean and correct file. For this follow the steps:

1. First, Press the Windows key + R simultaneously on the keyboard.

2. Then type appwiz.cpl in the Run box and press Enter.


3. Afterward, Right-click on the program that shows the error and then clicks on Uninstall.

4. Then follow the instructions to confirm the un-installation.

uninstall msvcr120.dll
uninstall msvcr120.dll

5. Finally, Restart your PC, reinstall the program and open it to check if it works.

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Method 4: Update Driver Software on your Windows

If the drivers are obsolete or outdated, it can cause the msvcr120.dll missing error. So you can update the current drivers of your Windows manually or systematically. For manually updating the driver, go to the manufacturer’s website, where you can search for the latest and correct driver that matches with your current Windows. Install it on your PC. This method requires a lot of efforts and computer skills. Also, check for Windows Update Service Not Running Error before moving forward.

For automatically updating the drivers, you can use Driver Easy as it saves your time. Driver Easy will automatically choose the correct driver which will suit your computer.

Method 5: Scanning Virus in your Computer

A virus infected system can also stop the .dll file and can make it inaccessible to your system. Some errors are caused by malware like dll not found or is missing. To try out this method, you can scan your computer system for any viruses with your professional antivirus program. You should make sure to check all the parts of the system.

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antivirus program scan
antivirus program scan

After scanning, restart your computer and if it is infected by malware then follow the instructions as stated by the anti-virus program to fix the issue. Then restart your PC to check if the issue is solved or not. If you don’t have any anti-virus program in your system, go for Microsoft safety scanner and scan your system.

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Method 6: Re-install the Visual C++ Redistributable packages

If the msvcr120.dll file is missing on your PC, then reinstall the Visual C++ Redistributable package as the file belongs to this package for Visual Studio 2013. You can download this package from the Microsoft website. Make sure to download the file from the official website to avoid risks as the unofficial sites might be infected with viruses and can cause harm to your system.

Method 7: Fix the error with System File Checker

The System File Checker is a tool that allows you to scan for the corrupted files in your system and repairs it. So by using this method you can scan the files in your system and repair missing or corrupted files on your PC.

1. At First, Type cmd in the search bar.

2. Then Right click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.

Command Prompt Run as Administrator
Command Prompt Run as Administrator

3. Afterward, Type sfc/scannow in the window that appears and press enter. The process will take some time but will fix the issues after scanning.

Do not interrupt the system while the process takes place. After its completion run the program that was giving the error. Moreover, SFC Scan also helps you fix any Hard Disk Problem or any Unmountable Boot Volume.

SFC Scannow
SFC Scannow

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Method 8: Copy msvcr120.dll library to the Windows System Directory

1. There will be a file with .zip extension here. At First, Double click on .zip to open it. There will be a library named msvcr120.dll in the window that is opened. Install it.

2. Then Copy this library file.

3. Afterward, Paste this library link into C:\Windows\System32 directory.

4. Finally, Run the Command line.

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Method 9: Download MySQL Installer Community

If the msvcr120.dll is missing in Windows 10, you can install the MySQL Installer Community on your computer. It will detect if any Visual Studio components are missing from your computer and will launch a Visual Studio minimal components installer to fill the gaps. By downloading MySQL applications from its official website, you will get rid of those errors.

Download MySQL Installer
Download MySQL Installer

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Method 10: Copy msvcr120.dll library into program Installation Directory

First of all, find the installation directory of the program in which you will install the dynamic link library. For this:

1. First, Right click on your mouse and then click on Properties on the program’s shortcut.

program properties
program properties

2. Then Click on Open File Location button in the Properties box as it will open the program installation directory.

open file location
open file location

3. Afterward, Copy msvcr120.dll library into the directory that is opened.

4. Finally, Try to run the program now and check for any 0x8024a105 Error. You can also find its fix on our website.


We hope you were able to fix the MSVCR120.DLL is Missing from Your Computer error completely with the help of this guide.