7 Best Methods To Solve Netflix Error Code f77011003


“Netflix and Chill” are the words we all hear regularly. People love to watch Netflix with their friends and families or alone. But Netflix can face some errors like Netflix stuttering, Netflix not working, some error codes. And one of the most common errors Netflix shows is Netflix error code f77011003.

We all enjoy watching different movies and shows in different languages. Netflix is a platform that provides us with all these facilities in one place. It is a streaming service that gives us many options for different shows- the old, famous, award-winning, and any language. Not only movies and shows, but we can also watch documentaries, short web series, and anime on Netflix. Netflix is an American platform that was launched in the year 1997. Netflix is like a huge library with various shows and movies to watch in place of different books. If you are stressed, want to spend a lovely weekend, or enjoy a movie night with friends, Netflix is one of the best platforms. Buy a subscription, and you can watch unlimited shows and movies at any time suitable for you. Go to Preferences » Privacy & Security » History. If you have told Firefox to “Never remember history, ” you will get the F7701-1003 error. Change it to “Use custom settings for history,” then make sure all four checkboxes that appear underneath it are unchecked. Netflix should now work.

Despite all the fun Netflix provides us, Netflix also faces different errors. One of the famous errors is Netflix error code f77011003. In this article, we will see the reasons that cause the error f7701-1003 and how to solve the Netflix f7701-1003.

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What Causes The Netflix Error Code f77011003

Before finding the solutions to solve our error, we will look at the common reasons which lead to this error. The Netflix error code f77011003 is mainly associated with the Firefox browser.netflix error code

The Netflix error occurs when we try to access our Netflix using Firefox. Now, Firefox can have different issues causing this error, and the main reasons are-

Firefox Is Outdated

The first reason behind the Netflix f7701-1003 is the outdated Firefox browser. An outdated Firefox is incompatible with the Netflix platform and stops it from playing videos and accessing essential resources.

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Firefox Has A Disabled History

Another reason why Netflix is not working on Firefox is that Firefox has a history that is disabled.firefox

If Firefox cannot remember the history or works in a private mode, then you can face this error as essential cookies will not store on your device.

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Firefox Module

DRM is a Firefox module that helps it run different content on Firefox. It is possible your module is not updated, which can be the reason behind the Netflix error code f77011003.

Learn 7 Best Methods To Solve Netflix Error Code f77011003

How To Resolve Netflix Error Code f77011003

After discussing the leading causes behind this error and knowing that Firefox is the primary concern.how to fix error

We will now see different and easy methods to solve this error without much difficulty and hustle. Read this article if you also want to find ways to solve Netflix error code M7703-1003.

Updating Firefox

Commonly, the first solution we will try to solve the Netflix error code f77011003 will be by updating our Firefox. The steps are-

  1. Open Firefox and click on the menu hamburger resent in the top right corner.
  2. Click on the help option and then select About Firefox from it.update firefox
  3. Now check whether Firefox is updated. If not, update it, restart the application, and try running Netflix.

Reinstalling Firefox

Your Firefox may be not installed correctly or has some corruption stopping Netflix from running content. You can uninstall Firefox, install it from scratch, and try running Netflix on it again. The steps are-uninstall firefox

Search for Firefox on the start menu, right-click on it, and press the option saying uninstall. You must delete all the files, paths, and credentials related to Firefox from your device and install the latest version from scratch.

Firefox History

The Netflix error code f77011003 can disappear if you enable your Firefox history. Because a disabled history or no details about cookies can be the reason behind this error. The steps are –

  1. Open Firefox and select the menu on your PC.
  2. Click on the settings and then choose the Privacy and Security tab from it.
  3. Click on the option history and choose to remember history from the menu, which will open.remember history
  4. Relaunch your Firefox and check whether the Netflix code is still there.

Windows’ N- Version

If a user is using an n-version of Windows and has missing media technologies, then Netflix can show this error while running. You can solve this by installing the media feature pack on your device. The steps to install are –

  1. Open Settings on your device and choose apps from it.
  2. Select optional features and then view features.view feature
  3. You will see an option for the required media feature pack. Tick the option and press next.
  4. Wait for the process to complete, then restart your device, relaunch Firefox, and check whether the error is still there.

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Clearing Cookies

Cookies are essential for Firefox to run Netflix, but outdated or corrupted cookies can also cause the Netflix error code f77011003. So it becomes essential to clear all the cookies and the cache for ones. The steps are as follows-

  1. Again open the menu after launching Firefox.
  2. Select settings and then choose the option privacy and security.clearing cookies
  3. Choose the clear option data, tick cookies, site data, and cached web content.
  4. Press the clear button and restart your Firefox again

Refreshing Firefox For Removing Netflix Error Code f77011003

You can try another method of simply refreshing Firefox to resolve the error. Refreshing will help to remove the extensions and the customizations, which can be the reason behind this error. The steps are as follows-

  1. Open Firefox and then choose the hamburger menu.
  2. Click on help and select troubleshooting information.refresh firefox
  3. Click the refresh Firefox option in the window and confirm
  4. After relaunching your browser.

Enabling DRM

The last method we will discuss to remove the Netflix error code f77011003 is enabling the DRM. The steps are as follows –

  1. Open the menu in Firefox. Select settings and then Digital Right Management Content.
  2. Tick the box option available there- Digital Right Management Content.drm in firefox
  3. Relaunch your Firefox now.

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Is Netflix free to use?

No, you have to buy a subscription plan to enjoy movies or any other show or web series on Netflix.

Can multiple people stream on Netflix at the same time?

Netflix has different subscription plans, and according to it, the number of people differs. A basic plan allows only one person, whereas the premium allows four people at a time.

Can I download my videos on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix allows a user to download the movies or any episode they are watching to provide the users a benefit of watching Netflix, even offline.

Can I remove the Netflix error code by myself?

Yes, you can remove the error by yourself. Just follow the instructions and make the changes in your device setting. This method is not difficult, and you can remove this error.


To avoid a disturbance in your chill time while watching your Netflix, here are some methods that can help you remove the Netflix error code f77011003 without much hustle and are less time-consuming.

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