How To Fix Netflix Error Code: m7111-1331-5059 [Step By Step Guide]


Everyone loves to watch different movies, different series, and different shows in different languages. Netflix is one of the best applications which provides us with different movies, different series, television shows, documentaries, anime, and many more. It is a streaming service. But definitely, it is not error-free. Sometimes Netflix stops working due to some errors. One of the most common errors that Netflix shows is “Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059”

“Netflix and Chill”, The most common phrase you must have heard everywhere. We all know it and it’s true. All of us love Netflix. You just require a subscription plan and can watch unlimited movies and series. But what if suddenly your Netflix starts showing an error? All the applications we run can show errors due to some cause and Netflix can be one of them. How will you feel if you open the Netflix to have a wonderful movie night and it starts showing some error and you don’t even know how to fix it. So this article will guide you to learn all  about “how to fix the Netflix error code: m7111-1331-5059.”

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Different Methods To Fix Netflix Error Code: m7111-1331-5059

As we have already discussed all the possible reasons behind this error. It is time to decode the best solution to solve our Netflix error code: m7111-1331-5059. Fortunately, there are very simple ways by which you can resolve your error and can keep enjoying your Netflix.

Method 1: Signing Up With VPN

Sign up using one of the VPNs and download the desired application according to that. Now open your application and connect it to your own country server which will help you to change your Internet Protocol(IP) address.

sign in vpn

Open your Netflix again. The Netflix error code: m7111-1331-5059 should no longer be visible and the content will be accessible to you.

Method 2: Try Using Another VPN

Now the question arises, what if doing all these does not help you to resolve your Netflix error code: m7111-1331-5059. You can try using another VPNs and applications, or connect to the other country’s server. 

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Method 3: Disable VPNs

You can also try disabling the VPNs for once. Restart your system, repeat the process of connecting it to the different server and open your Netflix again. Steps to be followed to disable VPNs are-

  1. Click on start and traverse to Control.
  2. Click on the module “Network and Internet”
  3. On new window, click on “network and sharing” center
  4. Choose adapter settings from the left side of the paneldisable vpn
  5. You will see a list of all network connections in next window. Select the active VPN and right click on it and then choose remove option.

Method 4: Clearing Cookies

Cookies are defined as a small text received by your browser from the site you are visiting. Clear all your cookies and try opening your Netflix again. Cookies contain the old information about your laptops and PCs which allows Netflix to detect your real IP address and changing VPNs does not work.

clearing cookies

Clear all the cookies and cache, Refresh your page and then open your Netflix again.

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Method 5: Disabling Proxy Server

You should try disabling your proxy server in order to fix the Netflix code error. Each browser has different steps to follow to change the settings and disable proxy server. Steps you should follow to disable the proxy server are

  1. Open chrome and click on the three dots present on the top right corner.
  2. Select settings and click on advanced
  3. Find open proxy settings under the system panel and click on it
  4. The Internet properties window will appeardisabling proxy
  5. Navigate to LAN(Local Area Network) settings and off the automatically detect setting

Method 5: Contact Internet Service Provider

Although signing up VPNs should resolve your issue, if not you should immediately contact your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

internet service provider

They will be able to detect the actual issue and can also provide you a solution to fix it.

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Method 6: Contact Netflix

Every application has its help center. If none of the solution works in your case.


You should contact to the Netflix and they will determine the next steps you should follow.

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What Leads To This Error?

It’s always important to know the root cause of an occurring error to find a proper solution to completely dissolve our error. Netflix error code: m7111-1331-5059 message occurs if Netflix pinpoints that you are using a VPN in order to try accessing the contents which are regionally restricted. VPN means Virtual Private Network and it is defined as the service which helps the user to stay private online.

netflix error code

It is an arrangement in which users attain a secure private network by using the encryption on the public network. Regionally restricted contents are the ones that are not accessible to the whole world due to some reasons. It can only be accessed by the regional users. Read this article, if you want to know how to fix Netflix Error M7703-1003.

Different VPNs We Can Use To Sign Up With Netflix

There are a lot of different VPNs available, but here is the list of the VPNs that work properly with our Netflix application.


It provides one of the best VPNs. The surf shark works with over 30libraries of Netflix and had no connection limits. It helps in increasing the speed of tests on VPN and can be one of the best choices for streams as it helps us to safely browse on all of our devices.


It is also cost-efficient and requires wifi routers for working efficiently.

Visit: Surfshark


It is considered as the best VPN anyone can use for Netflix. It has a huge network of 5000+ servers and works across 60 countries. NordVPN not only works efficiently with Netflix but is also a good option for an another famous application the Amazon Prime.

nord vpn

It follows a strict policy of no logs and has a chat support system that works for 24 hours and helps us in a very quick and effective manner.

Visit: NordVPN

Cyber Ghost

It has a large network of 7000+ servers that covers almost 90 countries of the world. Although it has a connection limit of seven devices at one time, still it comes under the category of famous and effective VPNs for Netflix.

cyber ghost

Like NordVPN it also provides us with the 24 hours chat option facility and along with that is it is the best VPN when it comes to the security purpose. It also provides us with the unlimited bandwidth.

Visit: Cyber Ghost

Express VPN

It also provides us with the unlimited bandwidth and works in 94 countries in total. It is the another example that is not only suitable for Netflix but also for the another streaming applications. Express VPN also provides us with the 24 hours chat option facility.

express vpn

It is one of the best app for the beginners as it is easy to understand about it.

Visit: Express VPN

How Does A VPN Work?

VPN helps you in establishing a secure connection with the internet which helps in disguising your IP address while using the internet. It helps you to hide the real IP(Internet Protocol) address. And also connect to different servers present within your country which temporarily changes your IP address. And that is how it prevents the detection of your real IP address from Netflix and you can access the regionally restricted content.

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Do all these VPN applications work for other streaming apps as well?

The above-mentioned applications are mainly for Netflix. Two of them can also work for other streaming applications. If you need more VPN applications for another streaming app just search on chrome and you will get a list.

Is this process cost-efficient?

Yes, the process is cost-efficient. You just need some money to access the VPN applications. Rest of the process you can do manually without money

Where is surfshark live chat option available?

The option is available on Android, Linux, Free TV and many more. Not only surfshark, the live chat option for rest of the VPN applications are also available on the same

How does this process avail a lot of IP address options?

The VPNs hide your real IP address and using the applications you can connect to different servers of your country. Every server has its own IP address and as soon you change your server your IP address will also change temporarily and this is how it provides you with a lot of IP address options.


Having an error while using Netflix is always frustrating. In these cases, it becomes important and a need to have a guide on how to remove this error without going anywhere. This article completely tells you all about the Netflix Error Code: m7111-1331-5059. Why it occurs and how can you resolve it following some simple methods.

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