How To Fix Netflix Loading Slowly? Complete Guide


Netflix shows movies and many TV shows like other streaming channels, Hotstar or Disney. Sometimes, people find Netflix loading slowly. Let’s try to find reasons behind it and ways to fix it. 

Netflix becomes slow for several reasons, like connection speed, slow device processing, broadband connectivity, and an outage map. To fix your slow loading or playing videos on Netflix, check your internet connection, update the browser, go through wireless connectivity, process the device, and close other apps. 

Hope this article will meet your expectations and inform you about Netflix loading and playing videos. Read thoroughly to get complete information. 

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Why Is Netflix Slow- A Brief Overview

Netflix is a platform to go through many movies, videos, and more. It requires proper internet connectivity to work smoothly and faster. Several more reasons badly hamper video playing speed on Netflix. To learn about it clearly and in an explanatory manner, read further thoroughly.

Connection speed

You need to check your internet connection while you play videos on Netflix. The connectivity should be strong enough or at least 5 megabits.speed test Check whether your device is getting a proper server connection or not

Slow Device

Netflix works according to the capability of your device. Your device’s faster processor will try to match the same speed.watching netflix slow A device with a slow processor leads to the slow working of Netflix.

Type of broadband connectivity

There are various types of broadband connectivity differing from router to WiFi. They require 1.5GB to 3GB to play the videos on tab In wireless connectivity, make sure to remain near the connecting device. In cable-type broadband, you should check thoroughly that the wire is inserted properly. 

Netflix outage map

Netflix outage issues lead mainly because of Netflix settings. You may face slow running or buffering of outage chart This may also be because you are facing connectivity or login issue. There is a variety of issues because of the freezing of the map. 

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Why Netflix Is Taking Too Long To Load

You are facing the issues of Netflix loading slowly because of several issues like internet connection problems, date, and time settings, slow working of your device, and many more.

Let’s try to learn about the problems you face while loading Netflix and their solutions to recover problems.  

Internet connectivity

Fix the internet connectivity properly to help the videos run smoothly. It should match at least the minimum speed required to load standard videos or at whatever quality you are downloading. Ensure that you keep a wireless connection near the device.speed test

Netflix streams slowly or shows slow loading also because of the server problem faced by the device. If you use a modem, unplug and plug in the modem.

Mobile hotspots are very slow networks to run Netflix. Unstable connectivity is improper for downloading your videos on Netflix. To fix them, you can reboot your internet connectivity device.

Date and time settings

The date and time of your device should match the actual time and date. With improper date and timing, the videos won’t get downloaded on and time Go to settings and change the time and date accordingly for smooth downloading. 

An updated version of the app

When you use the browser to run Netflix, ensure it is updated. It may be because of two reasons with each new version processor will run faster, and you may have full storage, so clear it.

To clear the storage, go to the settings of the device and the storage of Netflix clear storage. Check from the play store if the browser needs an updating

Let’s clarify this article’s main point: ways to fix the slow loading of Netflix. 

Ways To Fix Netflix Loading Slowly

Netflix is a platform like Hotstart, which runs with and without a subscription for entertainment. There remain many problems due to which Netflix is lagging.

You need first to learn the reason for your Netflix lagging. Then to solve the reason why is Netflix lagging, read further attentively. 

Update Your Browser

Sometimes, Netflix runs slowly because of an outdated version of the browser. With each new version, the processor of any app speeds up.updating chrome You need to check when your Netflix runs slowly whether your browser version is updated from the play store. It also may require freeing up the storage to download or play without lagging. 

Check The Connectivity Of Your Internet

If your browser is updated or you do not use the browser version, then go to check your internet settings Loading or playing videos on Netflix using a Mobile hotspot is quite a difficult option. See that your device gets a proper server connection to work smoothly. 

Check Your Wireless Connectivity

Check the connectivity of your wireless device after ensuring that you keep your device nearer to the wireless connectivity. If you have a modem, unplug and plug it in to see if the wire is tightly inserted.reboot router Internet stability is essential for running videos on Netflix. See if you have a minimum of 1.5 GB to run smoothly. 

Improve The Capability Of The Device

Why is my Netflix so slow? To answer this question capability of the device may also be the reason. Check the processing speed of your device.processor Your device’s processing speed should match Netflix’s minimum functioning capability. The device should have the capability to load the videos and run smoothly. 

Check What More You Are Running On Your Device

Check other apps running on your device. Many apps need the internet to run. This leads to slow internet connectivity and slows the playing of videos or movies.laptop apps Check to see if apps are running even in the background. 

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What is the minimum connectivity Netflix needs to run high-quality videos?

Network connectivity may not match the requirements of Netflix. Netflix requires minimum connectivity of 5 megabits to run high-quality videos smoothly.

How to reduce the usage of the internet by Netflix?

You should go to the settings of Netflix to reduce the need for the internet for the app. When you reduce the quality of the video, it will require less internet connectivity.

What is the minimum speed requirement for downloading videos on Netflix?

For downloading videos on Netflix, you need a minimum speed of 1.5 Mbps. With this speed connectivity, you can run and upload videos easily.

Do you have to charge immediately when the subscription ends?

No, it depends on you when you want a subscription. You can run until your account gets closed automatically. Until then, you can use your account as a subscriber.


Netflix loading slowly can be because of many reasons like internet connection, poor processing of your device, types and distancing of broadband, and many more. While running videos, they require proper internet connectivity. The videos play in high-quality on Netflix usually. 

You can manage the loading and playing of videos on Netflix by first recognizing and solving the problems. You should go through all the details responsibly to fix them. Hope the article matches all your requirements.

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