Hi, streamer! If you are upset about your Netflix not working on TV but working on a phone issue, you are at the right place. Within this realm, you’ll find your solutions readily.

If you want to make Netflix work on your TV as well; Fumble the Connectivity, Netflix’s latest version is a must, Checking the compatibility of Netflix with TV, Re-login Netflix, Configuring DNS setting, Solving problems with Smart TV settings and Reach Netflix Support.

There are many more ways to continue Netflix streaming on your TV. Finish this article, and you’ll learn why Netflix not working on tv but works on phone and how to fix it.

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Before finding out how to solve this issue of Netflix not working on tv but works on phone, you must learn the reasons behind it.


You must know the answer to “Why Netflix not working on my Tv ?”:

Reason1: Poor Quality of Internet

Reason2: Netflix is out of date

Reason3: Netflix is incompatible with TV

Reason4: Faulty DNS

Reason5: Geographical or VPN Restrictions

There are more than these five reasons that would be causing harm to the perfect execution of Netflix on your TV, leading to this issue. This might be the reason that Netflix won’t load on tv or Netflix not working on tv but works on phone.

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Methods to Solve

After covering all the aspects of the reasons that become the causes of Netflix not working on TV but working on phone issues, you must now know how to deal with this issue. Netflix not working on tv but works on phone, and this is a problem you must deal with.

There is a plethora of solutions to this issue, and they are as follows:

Ensure A Good Internet Connection

If you are looking for the most common answer to your problem of “Netflix not working on tv but works on phone,” the answer is your internet. It would help if you had connectivity fertile enough to let Netflix run smoothly on your television. The internet must be robust enough to support your OTT visuals on your mass medium screen.

internet speed test


To confirm a stable connectivity, go through this:

1. You must ensure proximity between your Wi-Fi router and the TV.

2. You may need to refresh the router and restart the connection to ensure a fresh start.

3. An ethernet cable provides a steady connection between the two.

4. Netflix has different requirements for different kinds of streaming. Ensure that you meet those criteria.

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Make your Platform Up-to-Date

You may not be an owner of Netflix’s latest version. Your older version may have gotten out of the operating cycle.

update netflix

You will have to come online and surf for the latest Netflix version. Then, you have to install it from the settings update option.

Checking the Compatibility of Television with Netflix

Your TV may have gone obsolete with the ever-changing technology, and you may need to find solutions to keep your TV updated. The TV can be updated in many ways. It can be done by either buying a new TV or conducting an update.

compatibility of tv with netflix

The updates are constantly rolling in, and you must keep your TV current.

Re-login Netflix

You need to restart your account by logging in again to the server. Firstly, sign out and then come back. Sign in to Netflix and stream as much as you want.

restart netflix

This would lead you to solve the issue of Netflix not working on TV but working on the phone. Restarting Netflix is a suitable solution that has already helped many Netflix users in the past.

Configuring DNS setting 

If you still want to say, “Netflix is not working on my TV,” we have another way out for you. You may try to configure the device’s DNS settings.

dns settings

The DNS can be found in the network settings menu. Decide between the two “Manual” and “Custom” options. Then, enter the DNS address of the server here. Ensure saving the settings for them to apply. Get your television to restart.

Solving problems with Smart TV settings

A Smart TV has a variety of settings that claim to protect the television but may hamper the processes in real. The locations like the economy mode, the energy saving mode, etc., may need fixing for running Netflix.

smart tv problems

You may need to alter the video setting to match the quality of the content you are streaming. Please turn off the VPN settings or any proxy you use, as they tend to interfere with streaming Netflix and other OTT.

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Reach Netflix Support 

Netflix not working on tv but works on phone after trying every method? or Why isn’t Netflix working on my tv? If you cannot solve your problem independently and have already tried all the methods provided here, you must go for a professional resolution.

netflix supports

You can contact any Netflix support helpline, and they will help you with your problems. They may even help you decode any error codes given on your TV. You can rely on them to pull you out of any dark pit regarding Netflix. You may contact them in the first place only, as it would save you time.

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After all these methods are explained to you, you have the answers to “Netflix not working on tv but works on phone?” or “Why is my Netflix not working on my tv?”


Why is my TV showing “Netflix Error 100”? How to get rid of this?

This error pertains to the users of iOS. It is only shown to users with an Apple device with Netflix installed. You may solve this error 100 by signing out of your account, restarting everything, and then trying to log back in again. This would get you past the issue. If it doesn’t, you must contact Netflix support, and they will take care of you.

What is Netflix error code 0041?

This code pertains to the connectivity issue. Or, your device may be facing an issue of data stuck and needing playback.

Are old TVs compatible with Netflix?

No. If you have an older device as your television, it may need to be fixed with your Netflix. It’s a subset of Digital Media that is not supported by the old media.

Is Netflix password sharing banned in the US?

It is not banned in the US. It is instead paid now. You must pay for those who use your account but don’t share your residence.


Now that you have learned how to solve Netflix not working on tv but works on phone issues, you are all set to go. You got to know what causes the problems in Netflix that hamper its working in your television.

You learned the primary methods to solve these Netflix issues. They include fumbling the internet to find out the network strength, ensuring the latest version of Netflix, restarting the Netflix account, finding out issues with the DNS server, closing all unnecessary and problem-causing settings of the TV, and if nothing helps, going for the Netflix Support.

You have now learned all about the issues, causes, and solutions of Netflix. You must try all the given methods to ensure that your Netflix is up and running again. This may happen to anyone without any specific reason. Now, all the best, and happy streaming!