Are you sick of feeling frustrated when “Netflix won’t load past 20%” appears on your screen? We’ve all been there: preparing for a night of back-to-back movie watching only to be interrupted by a loading bar and find the Netflix stuck at 20

Try the following simple steps to address Netflix loading problems at 20%: Restart the program or device. Delete the cache for the program. Change DNS settings if required. Make sure your app is current. These troubleshooting techniques might assist in fixing the issue and enhancing your streaming experience.

In this thorough guide, we’ll examine the specifics of this widespread problem, look at possible offenders, and—most importantly—provide you with workable answers. The secret to uninterrupted watching joy is ensuring your Netflix loads without interruption after that annoying 20% mark. As we reveal the keys to seamless, continuous entertainment, bid the buffering blues farewell.

Common Reasons Why Netflix Gets Stuck at 20%

The first step to a flawless streaming experience is to comprehend the underlying causes of this frequent problem. Let’s examine the most common issues when your Netflix won’t load past 20%netflix not downloading

  • Temporary Bugs and Glitches: Netflix periodically has momentary faults and malfunctions, proving that the digital world is not impervious to hiccups. These unanticipated technological problems may interfere with the streaming process, so netflix stops loading at 20 percent. Fortunately, the issues are frequently transient and may be fixed with a few troubleshooting techniques.
  • Cache Issues: Cache data, intended to speed up loading times, can occasionally go rogue. Cache faulty or out-of-date data may prohibit Netflix from advancing more than 20%. This issue is frequently fixed by clearing the app’s cache, improving the streaming performance.
  • DNS Settings: Configuring your device’s Domain Name System (DNS) is essential for connecting it to Netflix’s servers. Slow or improperly configured DNS settings may bring on the 20% loading barrier. Changing your DNS settings to more dependable ones will frequently solve this problem.
  • Outdated App Version: The Netflix app needs regular upgrades to guarantee maximum performance, just like any other piece of software. Loading issues may occur while using an older version of the application. An easy way to prevent when Netflix won’t load past 20 is to update your Netflix app, resolving potential problems like Netflix error NSES-500.

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How Server Errors Can Cause One Show to Disappear

The worldwide streaming powerhouse Netflix is a veritable gold mine of entertainment, with an enormous collection of series and films. But did you realize that each Netflix title has its distinct ID space? The secret to your viewing experience lies within this complex network of identifiers.  how long do netflix downloads stay available

This guide will clarify this phenomenon and explain how server failures might mysteriously cause a single show to disappear from your queue. Let’s look into the digital landscape of Netflix’s ID system and identify the possible hazards that might interfere with your watching experience.

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Restarting Netflix

When Netflix won’t load past 20, and you get online to point the finger at your internet connection, consider the straightforward but sometimes disregarded fix: restarting the Netflix app

Fire Stick

  1. Go to the home page by navigating.  
  2. Emphasize the Netflix app. the netflix app
  3. On your remote, press the Options button (three horizontal lines).
  4. Choose “Exit.”
  5. Utilize the Fire Stick menu to restart Netflix.

Xbox One 

  1. To access the instructions, press the Xbox button on your controller.  xbox button on your controller
  2. Go to the Netflix mobile app.  
  3. The Menu button (three horizontal lines) should be pressed.
  4. Select “Quit.”
  5. Utilize the app library on your Xbox One to restart Netflix. the app library on your xbox one


  1. Your LG TV remote’s Home button should be pressed.  home button on lg tv remote
  2. Go to the Netflix mobile app.  
  3. Then, after highlighting it, push the down button.
  4. Choosing “App Settings.”
  5. Select “Close” or “Force Stop” to completely close the app.close or force stop
  6. Open Netflix again.

By following these simple steps, you can solve the issue when you come across Netflix stops at 20 percent. 

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Restarting your device

Your device gets a new start when you restart it by clearing the temporary data kept in RAM. Removing background programs that could create streaming issues might free up precious resources and stop your problem when Netflix won’t load past 20. 

Smart TVs

  1. Find the power button on the TV or remote control. power button on remote
  2. Disconnect the TV and wait a moment.
  3. Restart the television.  restart television


  1. Close any running programs and save any open work.
  2. The Windows Start button must be clicked.  start, restart and shut down
  3. Make the “Restart” or “Shut down” selection, then turn it back on. 

Tablets and Smartphones (Android):

  1. Press and hold the power button while holding it down.  restart and power button
  2. Tap “Restart” or “Power Off,” then switch it back on.

Tablets and Smartphones (iOS):

  1. Depending on your model, press and hold the power and home keys or the volume up and down buttons until the slider displays.  turn off the smartphone
  2. Turn it back on after sliding it to power off.

You can get a better, more pleasurable Netflix viewing experience by following these easy reset methods on your device. 

Modifying DNS Settings

Your device can locate the proper servers holding Netflix content thanks to DNS, which functions like the internet’s phonebook. Buffering, delayed loading, and content unavailability can result from slow or faulty DNS.

Starting with the Xbox One home screen:

  1. Make your way to “Settings.”
  2. Choose “Network.”  choosing network on xbox one
  3. Choose between wired and wireless for your network connection.
  4. Choosing “Advanced settings.”  the advanced settings
  5. Go to DNS settings and select “Manual.”    dns settings
  6. Type in the preferred and backup DNS server addresses your selected DNS service, or ISP has given.
  7. Save the modifications and restart your Xbox One to make the changes effective.

Configuring DNS on Other Devices 

Depending on your device and operating system, the procedure for updating your DNS settings may differ significantly. In most cases, you’ll need to locate the network settings in the settings menu of your device and search for DNS setup choices. For detailed instructions, visit your device’s user guide or online resources.

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Clearing Cache

To speed up how quickly Netflix’s content loads, cache caches temporary data like pictures and scripts. A bloated or outdated cache might have the reverse effect of what it was intended to, causing streaming problems.

Fire Stick

  1. Select “Settings” from the menu on your Fire Stick.
  2. Choosing “Applications.”
  3. Decide on “Manage Installed Applications.” manage the installed applications
  4. To locate the Netflix app, scroll down.
  5. Click on it, then select “Clear cache.”  clear cache on firestick


  1. Your LG TV remote’s Home button should be pressed.
  2. Make your way to “Settings.”
  3. Then select “All Settings.”
  4. Choose “General.”
  5. Deciding on “Storage & Reset.” 
  6. Toggle to “Storage.”
  7. Choose “Netflix” on your remote and click the “Options” button.  netflix button
  8. Choose “Delete” and then click “OK.”

 Android devices:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your smartphone.
  2. Head over to “Apps” or “Application Manager.”  apps screen on android device
  3. Locate and choose “Netflix.”locate netflix
  4. Choose “Storage.”
  5. Then select “Clear Cache.”  clear cache

When it comes to speeding up Netflix, clearing the cache on your device might make all the difference. It’s a straightforward yet efficient approach to guarantee that your streaming experiences are seamless and lag-free.

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Updating Netflix

Typically, app upgrades come with bug patches, performance improvements, and new features. An inferior streaming experience with problems like buffering and crashes might result from ignoring these updates.


  1. On your Fire Stick, go to the Amazon App Store.  amazon app store
  2. Search “Netflix.”
  3. You’ll see the “Update” option; choose it if one is available.

 Xbox One 

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to launch the Xbox One home screen.
  2. Visit “My Games & Apps.”
  3. In the list of installed apps, look for Netflix.
  4. Select the “Updates” option if you want to see whether there are any updates available.


  1. Your LG TV remote’s Home button should be pressed.
  2. Visit LG Content Store.
  3. Then, choose “Apps & Games.”
  4. Locate Netflix, look for upgrades, and update the app if necessary.   

You can have a smoother, more trouble-free streaming experience and make those movie nights even more delightful by ensuring your Netflix app is current.

Reinstalling the app

When you find Netflix stuck at 20% and the previous troubleshooting techniques cannot be fixed, reinstalling becomes essential. It gives you a new start by removing any damaged files or settings that may be the source of your issues.

Fire Stick

  1. Select “Settings” from the menu on your Fire Stick.
  2. Choosing “Applications.”
  3. Decide on “Manage Installed Applications.” 
  4. Choose the Netflix app after locating it.
  5. After selecting “Uninstall,” go back to the Amazon App Store and install it again.

Xbox One 

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to launch the Xbox One home screen.
  2. Visit “My Games & Apps.”
  3. In the list of installed apps, look for Netflix.
  4. After selecting it, select “Manage game & add-ons,” followed by “Uninstall.” From the Microsoft Store, reinstall.  the microsoft store


  1. Your LG TV remote’s Home button should be pressed. 
  2. Visit LG Content Store.
  3. Then, choose “Apps & Games.”
  4. Locate Netflix, remove it from your computer, and reinstall it via the LG Content Store. reinstall netflix

As a last option, reinstalling Netflix can fix persistent problems and give you a fresh start so you can enjoy uninterrupted watching.

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Why is netflix only loading to 20?

Netflix may only load 20% of the time for various reasons, such as slow internet connections or cache-related issues. Try troubleshooting techniques like deleting your cache, verifying your internet connection, or restarting the program to fix this problem.

How do I clear my Netflix cache?

Press and hold the Netflix application, and hit the App info. Click on storage & cache. Clear storage and press OK. Open the app again.

Why does my Netflix keep breaking up?

Verify that your internet speed is at most what Netflix recommends. Because of their slow speeds, Netflix may not operate well with connections like cellular, satellite, or mobile hotspots. Contact your internet service provider for support if you're having issues.

What does Netflix's 'load error' mean?

It indicates an error occurred when attempting to display the movie or television program you wanted to view. Usually, it's because your internet connection isn't working correctly, and your device can't connect to Netflix. Try again later when the problem could have been resolved.


Now that you have the information and troubleshooting techniques when Netflix will load up to 20, you are ready to handle frequent problems and guarantee uninterrupted pleasure.

You now possess a toolset to address various Netflix-related issues, including Netflix won’t load past 20, from comprehending the function of cache, DNS, and updates to becoming an expert at restarting, clearing cache, adjusting DNS settings, and even reinstalling the program.

To be sure, technology is constantly changing. Feel free to look into alternative tech solutions if you encounter issues beyond what we’ve addressed here. Several forums and services are available to support you in keeping up your Netflix happiness. So, continue watching Netflix, learning from it, and having fun!

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