{Solved} 11 Ways to Fix No Audio Output Device is Installed


The sound feature in Windows works only with the presence of an audio device in your system and its absence will prevent the sound from functioning. Sometimes users encounter the No audio output device is installed error when they scroll their mouse’s pointer at the sound icon which is located at the bottom right corner of your computer screens. Due to this error, the audio feature of your computer stops working. This error can occur in any version of Windows Operating System whether it is Windows 7, 8 or 10 whichever you are using.

no audio output device is installed
No Audio Output Device is Installed

The No audio output device is installed Windows 10 error occurs when your Windows get corrupted and faces trouble to identify with your Computer’s audio hardware device or if the Windows Sound Drivers are outdated or corrupted. It can also happen if your computer’s Sound Jack has acquired some fault. However, it is difficult to find out the exact reason behind the No audio output device is installed error that causes the sound problem in your system. The sound icon displays a red cross mark on your screen during the error which indicates that your PC can emit no sound at present.

How to Fix No Audio Output Device is Installed in Windows

Many users of Windows are frequently complaining about this problem. And if you are one of them whose Windows Sound System is not working and showing the No audio output device has installed error you can fix your audio output device. Many methods can help you to solve this problem so that your audio device feature will start working again as before.

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Method 1: Use Microsoft System Restore Feature

To fix the, No audio output device has installed error; you can use the Microsoft System Restore feature or the HP System Recovery method. This method is a great solution to rectify the sound problem on your computer to run the sound feature smoothly again.

  1. If you have no sound in your system and the sound icon still displays the, No audio output device is installed error, using Microsoft System Restore will restore your computer system to a time before the issue occurred. This method will enable you to check if restoring the time resolves the issue.
  2. You can also use HP Guided Solutions that makes use of HP System Recovery, and this will also restore the system to a time when the issue was not there troubling you.
  3. However, if you are still unfortunate to get the, No audio output device is installed error you might need to take it to a service center for checking the problem regarding the issue.
no audio device installed
no audio device installed

Also, the error might have to do something with your PC sound card as it can cause the sound system to stop working. In this case, you might need to remove or replace the card with a fresh one.

Method 2: Reinstall the Device Driver

It is one of the very effective and efficient solutions to fix the No audio output device that has installed error on Windows computer. In this solution, you have first to remove your current corrupted sound driver and then to reinstall it again from Microsoft website. Follow the steps:

1. AT First, open up the device manager and click on the same sound and game controllers option.

Sound Video & Game Controllers
Sound Video & Game Controllers

2. Then right-click on the installed driver present there. Click on Uninstall the device driver.

uninstall sound drivers
uninstall sound drivers

3. Now Restart your PC and then open the window device manager again.

4. Afterward, right click on the blank right side of this Window. After this click on ‘’Scan for hardware changes’’ button to detect the sound drivers available.

5. If there is an availability of the drivers, right click on it and click on install. If the drivers are not available here download a sound device driver from an official website.

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Method 3: Re-enable the Audio Device

By re-enabling the audio device feature you can get rid of the No audio output device is installed error so follow the steps:

1. At First, press Windows + R keys simultaneously to give a Run command to the system. Type ‘’devmgmt.msc’’ in the run Window and click on OK.


2. Then find out the ‘’Sound, video and game controllers’’ option in the displayed list and click on it to maximize it.

Sound Video & Game Controllers
Sound Video & Game Controllers

3. Now click on the Enable button when the pop- up Window appears to enable your audio device again.

Method 4: Use Scannow to Fix the Driver

This is another solution that many users tried, and up to a great extent, this method solves the installed error of the No audio output device.

1. At First, type cmd on the Cortana search menu. When Cortana search results show Command Prompt, right click on it. Then when the pop- up window opens on Cortana, click on Run as administrator there.

Command Prompt Run as Administrator
Command Prompt Run as Administrator

2. There will be a UAC prompt now and click Yes there to move further.

3. Write the command sfc/scannow and press Enter.

SFC Scannow
SFC Scannow

4. This command will start the scanning process, and it will detect if there are any issues with the driver or registry.

Method 5: Update Outdated Audio Device Drivers

The sound problem that displays the No audio device has installed error can also cause by the presence of outdated drivers in your computer system that needs to replace. For this method, you can use the tool Driver Easy that will automatically scan your system’s driver needs and will look for the suitable drivers for your system. As its name suggests, Driver Easy makes it very easy for you to escape the difficult task of finding the correct driver that will match up to the needs of your computer and then download it. With the help of Driver Easy you can update your obsolete drivers by following the steps:

  1. Firstly, download and install Driver Easy on your system.
  2. Then open Driver Easy and click on Scan Now option. Driver Easy will automatically scan your computer now, and it will detect the presence of any wrong drivers that are there.
    driver easy Scan Now
    driver easy Scan Now
  3. Afterward, click on the Update option located just below the Scan option to download and install the correct drivers for your system.
  4. You can also click on the Update All option to download the latest version of all the drivers that have become outdated or missing from your PC and are not compatible with the features of your system. (For the Update All option you need to have the Pro version of the Driver Easy tool for which you have to pay a smaller amount of money which will make your process more, more straightforward and efficient).

Method 6: Change Your Sound card

Sometimes the No audio output device is installed error can occur due to any problem with the computer hardware which means the sound card in your system could be damaged. So, for trying this method, you can go to a computer professional or service center to get your sound card change as it may not be possible for you to do it on your own without proper knowledge of hardware.

Method 7: Repair Your Windows Corrupted Registry Database

Sometimes your Windows Registry Database can be corrupt due to the availability of any virus or some malware on your computer. These viruses or malware can actively harm your computer.

So, if your Windows Registry Database is infected due to this, it will cause you to have driver issues even with the latest sound drivers and will display such errors like No audio output device is installed error. So, you may opt for any third- party tools amongst many that are available in the market as it can completely remove your Registry issues. You can opt for the Registry cleaner tool as it will help you to repair it.

Method 8: Add a New Audio Device

For resolving the, No audio output device is installed error, go to the device manager window. Then click on the Sound, video and game controllers option to maximize it. If you are not able to find any audio device there. Then for adding an audio device follow the steps:

1. Open the Device Manager window by clicking on the menu button, then click on Action > Add Legacy hardware option.

add legacy hardware
add legacy hardware

2. Then click on Next in the Welcome to Add Hardware Wizard box and then select the option ‘’Search automatically for updated driver software’’ and again choose the Next option.

Search Automatically for Updated Driver
Search Automatically for Updated Driver

3. In this method, if there’s no audio device found the wizard will help you, to select the audio device that you want to add. Again select ‘’Sound, video and game controllers’’ option and click on Next button.

4. After this, the sound device will be there on your computer, and you can select the one and click on Next to finish this process.

Method 9: Use the Audio Troubleshooter

Microsoft Windows whether it is 7, 8 or 10 all have a unique feature that you can name as the audio troubleshooter. This feature has the specialty of automatically detecting issues that are concerned with audio and sound devices. You can follow the below steps to use this audio troubleshooter feature to fix the No audio output device is installed error:

  1. Right click on the sound icon of your system that is showing the red cross and the error. This icon is located at the bottom right side of your screen. Now click on Troubleshoot sound problems option.
    Troubleshoot sound problems
    Troubleshoot sound problems
  2. The audio troubleshooter feature will automatically scan the computer to check for the audio problems. Give some time to let the process complete as it will take up a few minutes.
  3. After you have done with the troubleshooting process. It will display the result and must have made some changes to your system.
  4. Now you can check if the sound system is working or not.
  5. You can click on the Explore Additional Options button on your Troubleshooting results box. You can move on to the other method of reinstalling the audio driver on your PC.

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Method 10: Have a look at Windows Audio Services

If your Windows computer is not able to play the audio services, then you might get the No audio output device is installed error. So for resolving the error, you need to check the sound system in your computer by following the steps:

  1. Go to the Cortana search menu and type services and click on it when it appears. Run it as administrator.
    Run Services as administrator
    Run Services as administrator
  2. Now the Services window will appear, there search for the two windows. They are Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder. (These Audio services are available on Windows 10 computer, so if you are using a different version of Windows you may look for other audio services as it depends on your hardware).
    Windows Audio Endpoint Builder
    Windows Audio Endpoint Builder
  3. When you see these windows, make sure that they are in running mode and also set to work Automatically.
  4. If they are performing and running well, then you can try another method to resolve the No audio output device has installed error.

Method 11: Reboot Your PC

Sometimes, No Audio Output Device is Installed error can be caused when your hardware configurations are changed at the time of loading of your Windows, as this creates issues with hardware such as audio devices. To prevent this issue from happening again, you need to stop attaching or removing any part of your PC like mouse, keyboard or printer, while your computer is booting. You may attach or remove them after the Windows has completed the process of loading.

So if you reboot your computer, it will help the Windows to restore the hardware configuration again and will fix the problem of No Audio Output Device is Installed.