One of the most popular graphics cards these days is Nvidia. Not only does it enhance your experiences, but it helps to customize and organize a lot on your desktop. However, you won’t be able to do that if you face the NVidia control panel not opening. Not only do you miss various features, but this also points out that your system has some fault, drivers are crashing or the installation isn’t proper.

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nvidia control panel not opening
nvidia control panel not opening

How to open the NVidia control panel? Don’t worry, as by following the guide below, you will resolve the error completely.

Guide to resolve NVIDIA Control Panel Not Opening on Windows

Despite the reason for the error, the steps below will help you eradicate the error.

Restart the NVIDIA Control Panel

Sometimes the error can happen due to missing startup processes. To resolve this,

  1. Open the Task Manager
  2. After selecting it, look for the NVIDIA Control Panel and go to End task.
    restart the nvidia control panel
    Restart the NVIDIA Control Panel
  3. Wait for a few moments and re-open the NVidia control panel.

This should resolve the error.

Restart these NVIDIA services

Some users reported that the control panel wouldn’t open due to missing services on the system. To fix these,

  1. In the run search bar, enter “services. msc” and Enter.
  2. Under the Services tab, tap on “NVIDIA Display Container LS.” 
  3. Right-click and choose Restart from the drop-down menu.
    restart nvidia services
    restart nvidia services
  4. Similarly, check for the NVIDIA LocalSystem ContainerNVIDIA NetworkService Container, and NVIDIA Telemetry Container.

After this NVidia control panel doesn’t open will open and work properly.

Update your NVIDIA drivers

If your NVidia control panel misbehaves, like the NVidia control panel not opening, then one of the most common reasons for the error can be outdated drivers. To ensure updated drivers, 

  1. Press the Windows key or if it doesn’t work, go to the start menu and find the device manager.
  2. Find display drivers and expand the option by right-clicking
  3. In the list, look for update drivers
    update drivers
    update drivers
  4. Click on search automatically for drivers and click on ok.
  5. This will ensure your graphic drivers are the latest ones.

Or visit the official website to download the drivers to remove can’t open NVidia control panel windows 10.

Quit the NVIDIA Display Container process

Some utilities like the NVidia display container can hinder and prevent the NVidia control panel from opening. To remove this, 

  1. Start the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar or with the shortcut of ctrl+alt+delete.
  2. If a smaller window opens with just the running apps, click on more details on the bottom.
  3. Change the tab to details.
    quit the nvidia display container process
    quit the nvidia display container process
  4. Find the Nvidia display container process.
  5. Right-click on the process and go to the end task.

When it restarts again, then open the control panel to check can’t open NVidia control panel error.

Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10

If you have set your restart process to be fast, it might be missing some files or processes that can result in the error. To disable this,

  1. In the run search bar, enter control and open the control panel
  2. Select view as to category and go to hardware and sound
  3. Open the Choose what the power buttons do and tap on Change settings that are currently unavailable
    disable fast startup
    disable fast startup
  4. Ensure turn on fast startup is set to off and save and exit.

This would enable a normal startup system, and no missing files will exist.

Reinstall the driver of NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Unfortunately, if nothing works, you need to reinstall the NVidia GeForce experience. To do this,

  1. In the search bar, type GeForce and open the window.
  2. Go to drivers and choose more.
    reinstall the drivers
    reinstall the drivers
  3. Finally, select the reinstall driver option and let the process begin

Once done, check for the error NVidia control panel not opening again.


Where to find the NVidia Control Panel?

In the run search box, enter control.exe. In this old Control Panel, click on view by and choose small icons. You should see the NVidia control panel there.

How to resolve Nvidia driver not working?

To resolve this, ensure all Necessary Services Are Running, the drivers are updated, and no faulty or corrupted files are on the system.


With assistance from this guide, we hope you can solve the NVidia control panel not opening error. Now get back to organizing and customizing via the NVidia control panel. If the Nvidia control panel is missing, you should restart your system.