4 Ways to Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing in Windows 10


NVIDIA Driver Crashing is a general error in Windows 10. But don’t worry; we have 4 Ways to Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing in Windows 10. After following one of these ways, you can overcome this problem.

“Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master.”- Tim Shaw

Technology is not just a word but a powerful widget that can make a man a colossal or dull moron. Individuals’ perspectives make the difference, and each person’s adaptability is key to success. Delete the currently installed drivers and install the latest version. Stop automatic driver updates and download an older version of the Nvidia driver. Download display drivers from laptop manufacturers. Disable iGPU in BIOS.

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Nevertheless, technology has its merit and limitations. But we are here to provide you with all possible solutions to the dilemmas you face daily.

NVIDIA, the so-called Ultimate Dominator of GPUs, is highly acknowledged worldwide and made its reputation worthy of delivering quality services and inventing innovative products.

It has overtaken its competitors, such as AMD, Intel, etc. But, the breakthrough comes when the answerability of a corporation is not up to the mark. It is when technical bloggers and websites go into action to simplify your way to overcome errors and ease your well-being.

NVIDIA Driver Crashing on Windows 10 crops up primarily because newly installed drivers are irreconcilable with the current system one uses or the non-association of the new drivers with your PC.

These are the primary reasons for the problems of NVIDIA Installer Failing Windows 10 instances, but there are also other reasons for these errors.

GPUs provide an essential service by enhancing the quality of visuals we see rather than experience through our eyes. Hence, these errors and flaws must be detached as soon as possible. Learn how to resolve the NVIDIA control panel not opening an issue here.

How to Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing in Windows 10

These blunders can be appropriately treated by following these subsequent steps:

Method 1: Updating to Most Recent Graphics Drivers

This step solves most of the problems linked with NVIDIA driver crashing and is the most widely used solution. The success of this step is proof of the preference given to this step in solving the problems.

Follow these instructions carefully:

  1. First, open the Run dialog box and enter the “dxdiag” keyword.Type dxdiag
  2. Then note the Graphic details such as Model Name, Number, etc.Note Down Graphics Details
  3. Afterward, open your browser, go to NVIDIA Website, and fill out the GPU details we discovered.NVIDIA Driver Downloads
  4. Then press the Search key and Download the updated driver’s file, if available.Search
  5. Finally, open the downloaded file and complete the Installation to update drivers. I hope NVIDIA Drivers Update will resolve this issue.

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Method 2: Altering Power Management Functions

Since modern high-end Graphics Processors consume a remarkable amount of power, many operating systems are reluctant to proceed with their services and, thus, interfere with their working.

It is the cause of the problems occurring due to power management and causes NVIDIA drivers to crash. Pay attention to these rundowns to attain results:

  1. First, Press Windows Key+R from the keyboard and type Control Panel.
    Type Control Panel
    Type Control Panel
  2. Then, Select Power Options by choosing the option View by Small icons.Power Options
  3. Afterward, a list of Additional Power Plans is visible. Modify the current plan with High Performance.High Performance
  4. Then click on Change plan settings.
    Change Plan Settings
    Change Plan Settings
  5. Afterward, select Change Advanced power settings.Change advanced power settings
  6. Then under the high-performance drop-down, expand PCI Express & choose Link State Power Management. Now, make sure the settings are Off.Link State Power Management
  7. Afterward, right-click on Desktop & choose NVIDIA Control Panel.NVIDIA Control Panel
  8. Then select Manage 3D Settings in the left pane. From the right pane, select Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance.Prefer Maximum Performance
  9. Finally, click the Apply button to take the effect of the changes. Learn how to resolve the NVIDIA control panel not opening an issue here.

Method 3: Uninstalling NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

Follow these steps precisely for uninstalling Graphics Drivers to curb the display driver’s crashing issue on NVIDIA Windows 10. The Steam Disk Writer error in Windows 10 can sometimes appear due to graphics drivers. Uninstalling NVIDIA drivers can help you fix it as well.

  1. First, open Run by pressing Windows Key+R together.Run Box
  2. Then type “devmgmt. msc” in there.Type Devmgmt
  3. Afterward, Device Manager will open.
  4. Then expand the Display Adapters option and right-click on NVIDIA Device to Uninstall it.Uninstall NVIDIA Device
  5. Finally, Finish Uninstalling the process to achieve desired results.

NOTE: It is necessary to Restart your computer after this result to solve the problem, NVIDIA Driver Crashing.

Method 4: Halt Antivirus and Windows Firewall Momentarily

Sometimes, your Antivirus and Windows Firewall become an obstacle, due to which NVIDIA Driver crashing arise. One can check these steps if the above-mentioned technical steps do not work by halting Antivirus and Windows Firewall momentarily. You can also check for Kernel Security Check Failure in Windows 10. After this, follow these easy steps to implement the 4th method:

  1. First, on the Desktop, Right Click on your Antivirus icon, if any.
  2. Then from the options, tap on Disable.Disable Antivirus Protection
  3. Afterward, check these steps. If these steps do not work, then continue further.
  4. Later open Control Panel and click on System and Security.System and Security
  5. Next, click on Windows Firewall.Windows Firewall
  6. Look at the left window pane and select Turn on Windows Firewall.Turn Windows Firewall On or Off
  7. Finally, apply these changes to counter this difficulty successfully.

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NOTE: Always remember to Restart your system to pertain to these changes in the future. One of our readers has reported that his display driver stopped working apart from the NVIDIA Drivers. Also, this is an unorthodox method for fixing these kinds of problems. In addition, the abovementioned step guarantees a tremendous operational rate apart from being used for only some specific PCs.

Final Conclusion

Nowadays, Graphics Processors provide all possible services which a computer needs expertise in display quality and clarity. All GPU Manufacturing Units are trying to invent new technologies and outrace their competitors in the Short Run. In a manner, none of them are ready to give an ear to the problems faced by their users. Also, it might be rare, but the NVIDIA driver crashing error could be due to a hard disk problem. So you can check for any error in your drive if the problem persists.

If assistance is provided too shyly, in some cases like updating drivers, the users cannot obtain a proper solution for their problems. NVIDIA driver crashing needs to be more specifically explained by the developers to prove their services are worthy.

Hence, we tried our best to share every possible way to solve this problem. In the end, we hope that your quandary was addressed correctly. Do share your valuable feedback and comments below.

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